Every precaution has been taken in the preparation of this manual. Never- . 3G3JV,AB to 3G3JV,AB ( to kW) Single,phase ,VAC. Input. View and Download OMRON 3G3JV manual online. Simple Speed Control Compact Inverters with Easy-to-use Functions. 3G3JV Inverter pdf manual download. Manuals and User Guides for OMRON SYSDRIVE 3G3JV. We have 4 OMRON SYSDRIVE 3G3JV manuals available for free PDF download: User Manual.

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Other Functions Chapter 6 Advanced Operation Other Functions The following description provides information on the other functions and parameter set- tings of the Inverter. When the Inverter detects a fault, the fault code will be displayed on the Digital Operator, the fault contact output will operate, and the Inverter output will be shut off causing the motor to coast to a stop.

In addition, cooling effects also decline the low-speed range, resulting in an increase in the motor tem- perature. Using the Inverter for a Manuaal Torque Compensation Gain Changes during operation Setting 0. IE1 to gain sufficient knowledge of the devices, safety in- formation, and precautions before actual use. Doing so may result in injury. Make sure that the jump width settings in n49 through n50 for jump frequencies 1 and 2 and jump width in n51 are appropriate.

There are parameters that cannot be changed while the Inverter is in operation. Communications Chapter 3g33jv Communications Error Codes The Inverter will detect a communications error if normal communications fail or a mes- sage data error occurs. Output Noise Filter Note Make sure that the wire size is 0.

  ISO 11193-2 PDF

First, make these basic settings, then skip to the explanations of those special functions, even when your application requires special functions, such as stall prevention, carrier frequency setting, overtorque detection, torque compensation, slip compensation. Frequently opening and closing the magnetic contactor, however, may cause the Inverter to break down.

Preparing For Operation And Monitoring Removing And Mounting The Covers Communications Error Codes There- fore, there is no need to write a ladder program for the communications protocol when the function is used.


Page 48 Chapter 2 Design The following frequencies are harmonics of a or Hz commercial power supply. Be- cause of this, if the baseblock is cleared during deceleration while the motor is free running, a large discrepancy between the motor speed at that moment and the Inverter output frequency may result in a main circuit overvoltage OV or overcurrent OC.

Use the Increment or Decrement Key to set the frequency reference. Because the power factor of the input power supply changes, the power factor will improve if an AC reactor is inserted. Communication Sequence The label name of the sequence. The Inverter either decelerates or coasts to a nanual according to the amnual mode selection. About This Manual This manual also for: Msnual Names And Functions Alternatively, install it in a totally en- closed panel that is completely protected from floating dust.


Using the S-shape characteris- tic function for acceleration and deceleration can reduce shock to the machinery when stopping or starting. Chapter 8 Maintenance Operations Troubleshooting Due to parameter setting errors, faulty wiring, and so on, the Inverter and motor may not operate as expected when the system is started up.


Motor noise, however, becomes louder when the motor is operated at a speed higher than the rated speed 60 Hz. Specifications Of Accessories Page Chapter 7 Communications Register No. Data Slave address Function code 83 Hex. Used to reset the Inverter when an error occurs.

Conforming To Ec Directive Up to 32 Inverters can be connected to the Unit to enable easy creation of networks. The AC Reactor suppresses harmonic current generated from the Inverter and improves the power factor of the Inverter.

Press the left and right sides of the fan cover located on the lower part of the radiation fin in the arrow 1 directions.

This braking is used for stopping and starting the motor rotating by inertia with no regen- erative processing.

Page 25 Chapter 1 Overview Appearance Name Function Enter Key Enters multi-function monitor numbers, parameter numbers, and internal data values after they are set or changed.