_Brain-Washing: A Synthesis of the Russian Textbook on Psychopolitics_, believed to have been originally published sometime in the s, is a bizarre. Brain-Washing: A Synthesis of the Russian Textbook on Psychopolitics, sometimes referred to as The Brainwashing Manual, is a book published in Buy THE SOVIET ART OF BRAINWASHING: A synthesis of the Russian Textbook on Psychopolitics by Lavrent Beria (Paperback) online at.

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Thus, the putrescent illness of Capitalist States, spreading their puss and bacteria into the healthy countries of the world would not do otherwise than bring about the death of Earth, unless these ill organisms are brought into loyalty and obedience and made to function for the greater good of the world-wide State.

It is the bombardment of X-Rays, rather than the therapeutic value of X-Rays which causes some disaffected organ to once again turn its attention to the support of the general organism. The stimulus-response mechanisms of the body are such that the pain and the command subdivide so as to counter each other.

Brain-washing : a synthesis of the Russian textbook on psychopolitics

Rusaian the Capitalistic thirst for control, Capitalistic in-humanity and general public terror of insanity can be brought to guard against these things. Ever wonder what the Soviets actually had planed as far as tactics to conquer the United States of America.

Religion must become unfashionable by demonstrating broadly, through psychopolitical textbopk, that the soul is non-existent, and that Man is an animal. However, you labor under certain dangers. This places vacancies everywhere psychooolitics the z, in the offices of district attorneys, or police staffs which could then be filled with psychopolitical operators and these become the judges of the land by their influence and into their hands comes the total control of the criminal, without whose help a revolution cannot ever be accomplished.

It is obedient to its conqueror because its conqueror has exhibited more force. A population overridden, conquered by war, is obedient to its conqueror. In one portion of our studies we went thoroughly into the matter of psychopolitics. The actual simplicity of the subject of pain-drug hypnosis, the use of electric shock, pn, insanity-producing injections, and other material, should be masked entirely by technical nomenclature, the protest of benefit to the patient, by an authoritarian pose and position, and by carefully cultivating governmental positions in the country to be conquered.

While it may seem desirable to the surgeon to amputate one or another limb or organ in order to save the remainder, it must be pointed out that this expediency is not entirely possible of accomplishment where one considers entire nations. Usually when the party has no real interest in the activities of textboook of the important person, but merely wishes to remove him from effective action, the attention of the psychopolitical operator need not to be so intense, and the person need only be passed into the hands of some unwitting mental practitioner, who taught as he is by psychopolitical operators, will bring about sufficient embarrassment.


He should note particularly that a person given a command in a hypnotic ysnthesis, and then told when still in that condition to forget it, will execute it on a stimulus-response signal in the environment after he has “awakened” from his hypnotic trance.

When his allegiance is attacked, the psychopolitical operative should russisn his connection with Vienna on the grounds that Vienna is the place of study for all important matters of the mind.

In that parents are wont to be lenient with their children, they seldom psydhopolitics sufficient punishment to bring about entirely optimum obedience.

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Brain-Washing (book) – Wikipedia

If he has not done his work well, hostile feeling groups may expose an individual psychopolitician. The stupidity and narrowness of nations not blessed with Russian reasoning has caused them russin rely upon practices which are, today, too ancient and out-moded for the pzychopolitics and heroic pace of our time.

In juvenile courts there are always persons with strange appetites whether these be judges or police man or women. By our technologies, you can even bring about insanity itself when they seem to resistive. Thus, we find that hypnotism is entirely effective. The next is the use of drugs.

Brainwashing: A Synthesis Of The Russian Textbook On Psychopolitics

Because its stress is sex, it is, itself, adequate defamation of character, and serves the purposes of degradation well.

The rider, wishing to break it, mounts, and takes a flask of strong Vodka, and smashes it between the horse’s ears.

When a hostile group dedicated to mental health is discovered, the psychopolitician should have recourse to the mechanisms of peyote, mescaline, and later drugs which cause temporary insanity. This highly scientific and intensely workable mechanism cannot be over-estimated in the practice of psychopolitics.

Its true authorship is not clear, the three common hypotheses being: Most of the self-willed characteristics of the Capitalists come entirely from greed. Thus, it is necessary for a psychopolitician to be an expert in the administration of forces. These willful and unaligned forces are no more than illnesses which will bring about the disaffection, disunity, and at length the collapse of the group to which the individual is attached.

BRAINWASHING: Soviet Textbook on Psychopolitics – FHU

The end of a war is the control of a conquered people. Observation of workers in their factories or fields demonstrates that they easily grant loyalty to a foreman or a psychopoltiics, and then as easily abandon it and substitute another individual, revulsing, at the same time, toward the person to whom loyalty was primarily granted.


City officials, socialites, and other unknowing individuals, on the subject of mental health, should be invited to full co-operation in the activity of mental health groups.

In the field of Psychopolitics, loyalty means simply ‘alignment. This, even though the basic law of the United States forbade it and even though Communism at that time had been active only a few years in America.

Continual and constant degradation of national leaders, national institutions, national practices, and national heroes must be systematically carried out, but this is the chief function of the Communist Party Members, in general, not the psychopolitician. Please note that you will be liable for damages including costs and attorneys’ fees if you materially misrepresent that the material is infringing your copyright.

The tenets of rugged individualism, personal determinism, self-will, imagination, and personal creativeness are alike in the masses antipathetic to the good of the Greater State. We have o hand no less an example to our great Communist Leaders, who, in moments of duress and trial, when faced by Czarist rule, continued over the heads of an enslaved populace, yet displayed sufficient courage never to stay their hands in the execution of the conversion of the Russian State to Communist rule.

We were taught that the degradation of the populace is less inhuman than their destruction by bombs, for to an animal lives only once, any life is sweeter than death.

In moments of expediency, of which there are many, the personality itself can be rearranged by shock, surgery, duress, privation, and in particular, that best of psychopolitical techniques, implantation, with the technologies of neo-hypnotism.

The liability of any act must be markedly increased if a populace is to be obedient. This modern outgrowth of old practice is called Psychopolitics.

The psychopolitical operative, in his program of degradation, should at all times bring into question any family which is deeply religious, and, should any neurosis or insanity be occasioned in that family, to blame and hold responsible their religious connections for the neurotic or psychopolihics condition. The second loyalty is to his family unit, his parents and brothers and sisters.