and Wind Farms with STATCOM. Michael Neutz, MV Power Converters, ABB Switzerland Ltd – Jornadas Técnicas ABB en Chile Technology Overview – SVC, SC, STATCOM, Series Compensat ion. The FirstEnergy SCs & SVCs. ➢ Auxiliary Syst ems –. Syst em & device. ABB Power Grids · @ABBPowerGrids. A global power technology leader and partner of choice for enabling a stronger, smarter and greener.

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By staying here you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Time savings Sattcom has ensured that the design concept of the modular container system reduces on site construction time to a minimum.

Installing a STATCOM at one or more suitable points in a grid will increase power transfer capability by enhancing voltage stability and maintaining a smooth voltage profile under different network conditions. Electrical loads both generate and absorb reactive power.

Please select country from the list below. I need service or support ABB Service. I need more information ABB Sales. It is based on a power electronics voltage source converter VSC and can act as either a source or sink of reactive AC stafcom. Rate this page General impression.


The equipment is typically installed in a pre-assembled container.

For stagcom operations and in order to optimize performance, thyristor-switched reactors and capacitors are operated in parallel to form hybrid solutions. No rotating parts in the energy path result in extremely high reliability, availability and low operational costs combined with long life expectancy. Furthermore, the high efficiency and low maintenance lead to low operational costs.

Learn more I agree. In general, STATCOM comes into the picture where available space in sub-stations is scarce, the reactive power output needs to be controllable more or less independent of the AC system shatcom, or a speed of response is desired one order of magnitude greater than what is possible with thyristors.

ABB’s STATCOM improves power quality for two major gold mines in Canada

For this country please use ABB’s partner contact details. An error occurred statco, your inquiry could not be sent. Article – ABB Review. The STATCOM system including controls, power electronics and cooling unit are tailor made for fulfilling the customer specific requirements.

Are you looking for support or purchase information? The power to change English – pdf – Article Application leaflet. Multilevel chain-link converter setup. Video SVC Light for electrical transmission grids. By staying here you are agreeing to our use of cookies.


Get to know more.

Go to myABB Logout. Contact information What would you like to do?

Static synchronous compensator (STATCOM)

TSR provides extension of the inductive range, whereas TSC provides extension of the capacitive range of the device. Rate this page General impression. An error occurred and your inquiry could not be sent.

Contact information What would you like to do? Thank you for your inquiry and interest in ABB. For sattcom voltages, a step-down transformer is used to connect SVC Light to the grid.

This is particularly useful, for instance, to support weak grids and to improve the performance of large wind farms under varying grid conditions, as well as of grids loaded by a large percentage of air conditioners in hot and humid climates. Please fill in required syatcom. Learn statcpm I agree. Are you looking for support or purchase information? Show on map Hide map. There was a problem with your request. Please select country from the list below.

On this bus the VSC is connected in series with a coupling reactor.