“Light on the Tantras” (Tantrāloka) is Abhinavagupta’s magnum opus, a masterly encyclopedic survey of the whole of Tantra at its peak (c. The Tantraloka of Abhinava Gupta, with commentary by Rajanaka Jayaratha. by Abhinavagupta, Rajanaka; Jayaratha, Rajanaka, son of Sringararatha; Shastri. Book: Tantraloka (All Volumes) with a s: 01 – 12 (Complete Set)Author: Shri Abhinava tator: Shri Rajanaka.

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Sri Tantraloka Set of Five Volumes. You will be informed as and when your card is viewed.

Tantraloka Program Overview

Tantraloka—to shed light on the knowledge of tantra. Those who have understood thus far will understand what is being revealed. From here we draw the divine life-giving nectar of the teachings of Kashmiri Shaivism directly from their source. Send as free online greeting card. Subscribe for Newsletters and Discounts. For privacy concerns, please view our Privacy Policy. You need to understand only the Self is capable of understanding Itself. Keep reading it then sleep on it. If you really want to understand this great work,your kundalini must be awake.

He laid bare the secrets of the monistic system know today as Kashmir Shaivism. To that end, we were inspired to identify those manuscripts that were worth editing because of their historical importance and their content. Notify me of new posts by email. Abhinavagupta presents his Tantraloka as an explanation of the teachings of the Malinivijayottara, the Trika Tantra he considers to be the most authoritative.


Tantraloka of Sri Abhinava Gupta (All Volumes)

I was very pleased with the meticulous method of shipping. Be the first to receive our thoughtfully written religious articles and product discounts. Sri Tantralokah Volume Five: Hundred of hours of streaming video, downloadable audio.

The Malinivijaya itself was extracted from a more ancient text called the Siddhayogeshvarimata- now extinct. I ordered a book for my mother and it came within a few days from India to NYC!! Here we penetrate and are penetrated into the Heart of non-dualist Kashmiri Shaivism, taught by the greatest of all Kashmiri masters.

And I will also let everyone that I know, at every opportunity, how great your business and service has been for me. Of all the philosophical system emanating from the east Tantraloks Shaivism stands alone in its subtle elucidation of the theory and practice of spirituality.

Tantraloka – Wikipedia

abhinavatupta Wonderful items and service! Despite its length, every word is saturated with meaning. Pages from the book. In shedding light on the Malinivijaya 4Abhinavagupta gave profound and detailed descriptions of both spiritual practice and theoretical philosophy; there is nothing to parallel these writings in existence today. I’m intrested in Yoga,Meditation,Vedanta ,Upanishads,so,i’m naturally happy i found many rare titles in your unique garden!


Please read our Privacy Policy for details. All lectures are by world-renowned expert on Kashmir Shaivism and Tantra, Dr. Abhinavagupta reveals an amazingly rich Trika Tantric vision of the oneness of the Great Light of Shiva consciousness overflowing with the astonishingly beautiful effulgence of its radiant manifestation.

He added that Tantraloka was essentially a book for masters. Abhinava thus intends his Anuttara Trika to be understood not as something new, but as the final development of the Tantarloka school of Shaivism—which is one of the oldest of the Bhairava current of Shaivite scriptural traditions—and the most explicit and detailed presentation of its essential teachings.

You won’t believe what some items have looked like when they’ve arrived!

Tantraloka of Abhinavagupta, Kashmir Shaivism

Invitations to private Facebook group discussion. Their delivery is prompt, packaging very secure and the price reasonable. I am grateful to be your customer.

I have never, ever, received such beautifully and carefully packed items from India in all my years of ordering.