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The ACI Code ACI for modifications of some of the detailing;. (vi) The China Code GB in some respects of detailing. Find the most up-to-date version of ACI at Engineering ACI Details and Detailing of Concrete Reinforcement (ACI ) Reported by ACI Committee Ronald D. Flach Chairman Michael.

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This added degree of sophistication has resulted in more complex structures being designed and built with structural members that have long spans, shallow depths, and contain a high percentage of reinforcing steel. LeJeune Road Miami, Fla.

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Bundled bars shall be enclosed within ties. Column verticals can be spliced by lap splices, mechanical splices, or welded splices. Hooks at the ends of the bars can be desirable to resist tension, but the hook may not be considered in determining the embedment provided for compression. The straight bar size and length 2. Zinc-coated galvanized bars are identified with a suffix G and a note stating that all bars marked as such are to be zinc-coated galvanized.

Much information can 315-880 shown by schematic equal to the diameter of the stirrup but not less than a No. Tie patterns shown may accomodate additional single bars between tied 4.

See Table 1 and Fig. The detailer must show the quantity, used for bars occurring in the same relative position in cul- size, and length or mark of all bars, including dowels, prin- verts.

Construction joints in footings, walls, and slabs; through 18 No. The reinforcing bar placing drawings need only STEEL show, and the fabricator will only be responsible to supply, 5. Drawings must show 2. These details must be supports are detailed for shrinkage-temperature reinforcing outlined or referenced to a generally accepted document that steel in top slabs of reinforced concrete joist construction only shows such arrangements. Vertical bars shown at hooks only.

Bars shown as open circles may be accommodated provided clear spaces between bars do not exceed 6 in. Where a mechanical splice is used, both ends of the bar can be either square cut, flame cut, or standard shear cut, depending on the type of splice used.

In designing the anchorage, allowance must be made to ensure that the ends of the stirrup hook are fully encased in concrete, as when hooks turn outward into shallow slabs.

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Contract documents—Documents, including the project drawings and project specifications, covering the required work. The placing drawings must include all infor- mation necessary for complete fabrication and placing of all reinforcing steel. Public Private login e. Minimum lap shall be 12 in. In a column with a capital, the spiral shall ex- weights mass computed from the values given in the tend to the plane at which the diameter or width of the capital ASTM specifications, as calculated from the detailed placing is twice that of the column.

Bends with inside diameter of less than 8db shall not be less than 4db from the nearest welded intersection. Where more restrictive tolerances are required than those shown in the referenced figures, they shall be indicated in the contract documents.

SP-066(04): ACI Detailing Manual-2004

It should be noted that the general term fabricator, as used 3. When multiple layers of unusually heavy reinforc- ceed an average spacing of 4 ft mm in each direction. Outside this region, hoops shall be as required for nonseismic columns, including requirements for shear, and 3158-0 shall not exceed six times the diameter of the longitudinal column bars or 6 in mm.

All tolerances single plane as shown. This system gives the detailer speed, accuracy, and an expeditious way of making changes when necessary. Where beams frame into only one side of a column, as at exterior columns, top and bottom beam reinforcing steel must have a 90 degree hook that extends to the far face of the confined region core and bends into the joint.?

The list of bars dards in accordance with the Association for Information and must show the number of pieces, size, length, mark of bars, Image Management formerly the 3155-80 Microfilm Asso- and bending details of all bent bars.

When the offset is 3 in. General arrangements of vertical bars and all tie requirements shall be established by the structural drawings. The reinforcement ratio in vey specific complete instructions in the project specifica- each direction shall be equal to or 3315-80 than 0. Work is the result of performing services, furnishing labor, and furnishing zci incorporating 315-0 and equipment into the construction, as required by the contract documents.

ACI 99 Details Detailing of Concrete Reinforcement | Ayman Hosny –

When multiple layers of avi heavy reinforcing bars are to be supported on wire bar supports, the number of wire bar supports may need to be increased xci prevent penetration of support legs into the form material, especially where the surface is exposed to view or corrosion. Regions of high earthquake risk correspond to Zones 3 and 4, regions of moderate earthquake risk to Zone 2, and low or no risk in Zone 1 in the Uniform Building Code.


For straight portions of the bar, the distance is measured to the theoretical intersection of the outside edge line extended to the outside edge line of the adjacent straight portion, or to The inside diameter of bends of welded-wire fabric plain the point of tangency to a curve, from which point the length or deformed 3315-80 stirrups and ties, as specified by ACI Mshall not be less than 4db for deformed wire larger of the latter is tabulated, as in Types 10 and 11 in Fig.

Schedule—Table on placing drawings to give the size, shape, and arrangement of similar acci. A rectan- inforcement for beams.

Overlength bars, and overwidth bars, or both; and The minimum diameters of bend specified by ACI M for reinforcing bars, measured 3158-0 the 315-8 of the bar, are: The regular tag is often consumed in the galvanizing process, leaving the metal tag for permanent identification. Special preparation of the ends of the vertical bars is usually required for butt splices.

Mechanical splices—Specify requirements for repair of damaged coating after installation of mechanical splices. These standard of reinforcing steel in two-way symmetrical columns shall be tolerances are shown in Fig.

The designa- schedules, material lists, and bending details. Interior and spandrel beams narrower than column. Schedules of reinforcing bars are used to divide a structure into parts enabling the fabricator to make it more convenient for the placer by delivering the bars in lots as required.

Special bending—All bending to special tolerances 2. Except for spe- flexural members shall not be spaced transversely more than cial cases, separate splice bars dowels should be the same the smaller of one-fifth the length of lap and 6 in.

Preassembly is preferred only for the common designs employing one-story-length vertical bars all lap spliced at or near one point above the floor line.

Vertical bars from the column below, terminated for any reason, are cut off within 3 in.