From a brilliant new talent comes a riveting novel of chance, fate, and numbers, and one man’s strange journey past the boundaries of the Cain. Adam Fawer (born in New York City) is an American Novelist. Improbable, his first novel, has been translated into more than five languages and won t. Read a review of Improbable by Adam Fawer at Mostly Fiction.

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The Discrete Charm of Charlie Monk. The Da Vinci Code. If you happen to click on one of links and make a purchase, we earn a fswer and we always appreciate your support.

Jasper shrugged his shoulders. The delusions seem real.

All he needs is one more ace and he has the second highest winning poker hand. But he also has all the signs that he is about to have a world-class seizure.

He just needs to hang in there long enough to win the pot. And luck is with him as he gets his ace. But wait, his opponent seems awfully sure of ipmrobable too.

The only hand that can beat four aces is a royal straight flush. The stakes go higher and higher as Caine convinces himself that his opponent is only bluffing and he ups the ante.

The odds are too jmprobable that his opponent has the adwm hand. His hand was not the sure bet that it should have been. He’s in real trouble. Caine wakes in the hospital with his twin brother, Joshua, patiently waiting for him. Well now, Joshua is home again and seemingly all right, if you discount that he tends to rhyme the last word of sentences, an odd tick apparently expressed by schizophrenics.


Tversky is conducting some experiments on his student intern, Julia. It seems that the government also has an interest in Dr. But Nava has her own problems. She sells top secret information to other governments but on her last deal, she inadvertently gives a bad disk lmprobable the Korean mafia and is unable to give back the cash from her offshore account. Not so easy, when she is improbabpe transferred to work under Forsyth and all her security is revoked.

Adam Fawer

So she needs another big secret, quickly. Turns out her new assignment is worth quite a bit more. Whatever these experiments are, the Koreans want the Alpha subject.

So Nava plans on kidnapping the student intern and getting out of the country as soon as she hands her over to the Korean Impribable. But, this plan, too, goes afoul when the Alpha subject suddenly dies — but not before revealing future events to first Dr.

Adam Fawer (Author of Improbable)

Tversky and then to Nava — which lead both to pursuing David Caine. It seems that Caine, unwittingly, is the Improbabl subject.

And now Nava must steal him for the Koreans — and for Forsyth. Though the solution of how Nava gets around this problem might be obvious, everything else about this novel is a surprise.

Add in the fact that Caine is now on a new seizure medication that has a slight chance of causing schizophrenia as a side effect. Eventually you will find your way back to reality. Despite all the action of which there is plenty and all of it tight without a single loose endthere is a serious scientific hypothesis underneath the layers of the various subplots. And of course, as the title implies, there is a lot impeobable talk about probability theory.

In fact, there a number of mathematic formulas and examples that are very interesting, if not outright fun, which is surprising for those of us who have a deep rooted fear of this subject matter. This is not “hard” science fiction like Gregory Benford writes.


This imrpobable more on par with The DaVinci Code or any other thrillers that are destined for the big screen. I would hope that even a hardcore sci-fi fan would find this book rewarding, though, that is hard for me to judge.

Also of interest, is the back story behind this novel. Adam Fawer is the person who challenged Stephanie Williams to write a novel before she died of breast cancer, thus we have Stephanie to thank for finally helping Fawer to realize faawer first novel of which I truly hope there improbabe more to come and to Fawer for inspiring Williams to write her one and only novel.

Both are talented authors and we the reader or lucky for their friendship. If you had immprobable me, the fact that they both had good novels within them, I would have said that’s improbable.

But that would have been a gut level answer without the math. Read an excerpt from Improbable at the author’s website.

During his corporate career, Fawer worked for a variety of companies including Sony Music, J. Morgan, and most recently, About.

Improbablehis first novel, has already been translated into five languages. Fawer lives in New York with his partner, Meredith, and far too many pet fish. Rainbows End Chuck Palahuniuk: Night Watch Alan Nayes: