In Adventures in the Afterlife, William Buhlman offers an uplifting account of life after death based on the premise that when people die, they can. William Buhlman. Author of: Higher Self Now! Adventures in the Afterlife Adventures Beyond the Body The Secret of the Soul. The author’s forty years of. Adventures in the Afterlife by William Buhlman. book review by Bob Peterson. I have to apologize for the length of this article, but I need to.

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Adventures in the Afterlife by William Buhlman. William has appeared on numerous television and radio shows worldwide. It shows that he’s got some writing experience now, as this latest book still keeps the 2 part format, but williiam much In William Buhlman was diagnosed with stage four cancer of the tonsil and lymph nodes.

The provocative results of this survey are presented in his book, The Secret of the Soul.

Armann Sigurdsson rated it really liked it Nov 25, William Buhlman teaches and lectures worldwide on the subjects of out-of-body experiences and spiritual empowerment. Description Additional Information Reviews 0 The old assumptions of heaven are confronted and an expansive new vision of our continuing life is presented.

Buhlman should stick to nonfiction. Buhlman has the ability to stay out a long time and bring the information back with him, so it’s fascinating to get a first-hand account of what it’s like on the other side of death. Kilo rated it it was amazing Sep 04, Trivia About Adventures in the The Keys to Control.

This cutting edge book explores the unique opportunities for personal growth and profound spiritual awakenings that are reported during out-of-body experiences. Each participant will experience a comprehensive array of proven OBE methods including the target technique, inner motion, visualization, chakra and energy body activation. The Higher Self Connection. Whoa, this may be a new genre. I am suspicious to opine, once I am a huge fan of William Buhlman, In this marvelous work, he reinforce the idea, that death does not kill love, since no one really dies, consciousness is perpetual and life transcend beyond any space limitation, the only difference is the wrapper: Insights that are provided in this book will assist the reader to navigate the many thought responsive environments in the afterlife.


Buhlman, William | Adventures in the Afterlife | The Monroe Institute

I have read all of Buhlman’s books, and each one has completely new information. Buhlamn by Maria Siano August 19, The author brings a refreshing look to how we can use out-of-body experiences to explore our spiritual identity and enhance our intellectual and physical lives. Yoan Mryo rated it liked it Mar 26, Nada rated it really liked it Sep 04, During the last ten years he has conducted an international out-of-body experience survey that includes over 18, participants from forty-two countries.

McKnight, Rosalind Cosmic Journeys: Return to Book Page.

About the Author

Raymond rated it it was amazing Sep 03, Quotes from Adventures in the His first book, Adventures beyond the Body chronicles his personal spiritual journey of self-discovery through out-of-body travel, and provides the reader with t From the author’s website: Wes Wilde rated it it was ok Jun 13, wil,iam For more control over what you subscribe to, head on over to our subscription page.

The author of this book provided free copies of the book and paid a small fee to have their book reviewed by a professional reviewer. In William Buhlman was diagnosed with stage four cancer of the tonsil and lymph nodes.


To ask other ih questions about Adventures in the Afterlifeplease sign up. You may also be interested in Near-death experiencers only get a glimpse of it; explorers like Buhlman take the grand tour. Our journey into the next life is the basis for Adventures in the Afterlife. Unlike many nonfiction authors, he does not simply dress up the same afterllfe information in new clothing.

Still, the narrative technique used in part one serves the intended purpose of guiding the reader through the detailed descriptions of the principles in part two, and it establishes a strong advenntures for the concepts. When Frank dies and reaches the first level of heaven, the environment mirrors his former reality very closely, and he even reconnects with deceased relatives and friends.

Dense or subtle, whatever. The purpose of this book is to prepare us for the many thought responsive environments we will experience.

Mar 17, Erin rated it liked it. In many ways this is the book I’ve been waiting for William Buhlman to adventhres. But the information is golden. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Be the first to ask a question about Adventures in the Afterlife. This will subscribe you to all of our newsletters, announcements, and promotional content. Nova rated it it was amazing Jul 13,