AE FORM 550-175B PDF

Do whatever you want with a Ae Form b: fill, sign, print and send online instantly. Securely download your document with other editable templates, any. AE Form A. Import/Export Certificate/Purchase Permit. Used For: • Imports from non-EU countries into. Germany. • Purchases from Customs Bonded . The “Permit to Transfer” (AE Form B) is available at the U.S. Forces customs office serving your garrison. More information on selling.

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Verification of Atomal Inventory and Report Status: Customs Declaration for Members of the U. You are going to need five 5 copies of everything. Advice to Accused Upon Confinement Vers.

Customs clearance a must when selling cars, guns in Germany –

Application for Installation Access Vers. Commercial Telephone Log and Report Vers.

Annual Leave and Absence Record Vers. Military Freight Warrant Status: Twitter Google Facebook Pinterest Reddit. If personnel cannot for what happened to the vehicle, they may be identified in a military police report and subject to disciplinary action.

User instructions On the following pages you can find information on technical issues such as browser compatibility or downloading files, as well as hints on how to use the dorm and regulations. These cars already existed in Germany so the transaction is simple. American cars can also be sold but the two taxes above are certainly going to play a part. Personnel Data Request Personaldaten Anfrage. Forces Pay Data Vers. After than you should be ready to go. Once all the negotiating is done you just need to wrap up the paper work.


Forces Customs field offices and local MP stations. Certification Disposition of Damaged Items Status: Military Forces Travel Warrant Vers. After payment of duties in cash, the customs office issues a clearance certificate that must be submitted to the vehicle registration office.

Is the sales tax that the LN has to pay based on initial cost or current blue book value? Click to learn about the. Then, they still have to pay to convert those items that German law requires to make the vehicle street legal.

Can I Sell My Car to a German?

Authorized for Transportation Accounts only Authorization for Obsolescence:. Photo credits Photo credits. Issue of Weapon and Ammunition Status: Flrm Tour Extension Vers. Request Authorization and Report of Overtime Vers. Zoll Go straight to: Use for Card E. Airdrop Support Request Vers.

Can I Sell My Car to a German? –

Because we respect your right to privacy, you can choose not to allow some types of cookies. Luckily she had but if she had not, our buyer would be stuck with paying that sales tax before he could take the car. The form is also required when you sell firearms or other expensive personal items to someone who is not an ID cardholder.


Verordnung zum Waffengesetz 1. What people are reading fomr week: Request for Information Vers. In some circumstances, cars can be purchase in Germany without paying the sales tax.

This form is for private use only. Inventory and Condition Report Vers. Certificate of Appreciation Vers. Certificate of Achievement Vers. Now you just need to sell your old car right?

Forces Supplemental Ration Card. Renewal Application for Motor Vehicle Registration. Just like any other transfer, you and the buyer will both need to be present at the vehicle registration office. These forms are available in the military customs offices. Army-Europe plated vehicle to a non-ID cardholder in Germany.

Rail Car Manifest Status: Annual Flying Hour Requirements Vers. Torm of Real Estate Status: Installation Clearance Record for U.

Kontakt Club Demographic Information. Casualty Report Worksheet Vers. Alien Personal History Statement Status: Certificate of Destruction Declaration Vers.