ICS, Doc ID, STANAG Ed 6. Title, CLIMATIC CONDITIONS – AECTP Edition 1. Original Title. Category, TS. Location. AECTP (Edition 1) Leaflet /2 World-wide Ambient Air Temperature and Humidity Conditions and Levels of Direct Solar Radiation Additional Climatic. NATO AECTP CLIMATIC CONDITIONS. Amendment by NATO Publication, 05/01/ This document is an amendment. View the base document.

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Humidity in Partially and Non-conditioned Compartments The ambient conditions in partially and non-conditioned compartments can range from a dry heat to a damp heat environment.

Sea transportation Generally, test methods using diurnal cycles will be applicable to materiel in enclosed areas on or above deck. Normal Operational Transient Changes a. Where internal ambient temperatures or temperature levels of individual components are of concern, expected temperature levels should be estimated using thermal analysis programs incorporating the influences given above supported by specific measurements made in representative conditions.

Energy and heat transfer engineering Materiel deployed externally on the aircraft may be subject to pressurised spray when the aircraft is hosed aetp during cleaning or de-icing operations in preparation for flight.

Severities for low air pressure tests may be determined from the Environmental Requirements documents and from the performance of aecgp platform aircraft e. Aircraft parked Operation and ground movement of an aircraft in the vicinity of a parked aircraft e.


The free cooling operation mode provide a high level of reliability to the system. For deployment in low temperature regions, in the absence of measured data, the following severities may be assumed to represent worst case conditions at switch-on for materiel in enclosed compartments of which the skin surfaces are better radiators of heat to the night sky than is the ambient air: To assist project engineers to compile Environmental Requirement or Life Cycle Environmental Profile specifications by identifying all major environments and by illustrating and quantifying key environmental characteristics and parameters that may influence specifications.

The frequency and durations of exposure in these conditions will be determined by the operational requirements.

Dust and Sand Examples of the effects of dust and sand laden atmospheres are: Materiel is liable to be subjected, accidentally or intentionally, to splashing and spray, or to partial or total immersion in water. Although heat dissipated by equipment while operating will help to reduce the relative humidity, heating and cooling associated with its duty cycle may also aggravate the situation.


Evaluation of thermal resistance of the military sleeping bags

Company organization, management and quality. Materiel on ships deployed above deck or in magazine areas may be required to survive, remain safe or continue to operate when subjected to blast from gunfire and motors of ship-launched aetp.

Induced environments included are: Materiel carried onto the battlefield by ground troops is likely to be subjected to levels of relative humidity in excess of the local ambient if deployment includes periods spent under temporary cover or enclosed spaces without appropriate levels of ventilation.

The relative humidity inside installed materiel within semi-sealed, unventilated, enclosures will be reduced gradually by self-dissipated heat, although moisture content is unlikely to be reduced. Click here for more details. Reduced viscosity aecpt lubricants and efficiency of aetp systems. An example of internal vs. The values referred to in sub-Paragraphs d.

The relative angle of elevation between the sun and the exposed surface, the prevailing cloud cover, the surface finish, the colour and heat capacity of the radiated surface, and the duration of exposure will determine the amount of heat absorbed.

Scratching and etching of lenses, transparent panels and surface finishes causing: Heat generated by engines and electrical power generators is likely to reduce 20 of relative humidity, while condensation and steam in air conditioning plants, galleys and laundries are likely to elevate relative humidity.

The movement of military vehicles in desert areas is liable to result in dust and sand-laden atmospheres eactp which localised concentrations may aectl those of naturally produced dust and sand storms.

Preferably high temperatures inside compartments when the vehicle is in the operational mode should be derived from recorded data in simulated worst-case operational conditions. Inside RCCP is present an electronic thermostat, allowing the adjustment of the temperature inside the compartment operators.

Dust and sand Materiel can be affected by dust and sand during storage and handling. Advice is given on potentially damaging sectp of induced climatic environments and, where relevant, the appropriate AECTP test methods and severities are recommended for simulation of the effects of those environments. When vehicles are required to negotiate water, externally mounted materiel is liable to experience partial or total immersion, dependent on the depth of water and the location height above ground on the vehicle.

NATO-AECTP 230:2009

Storage and Handling a. Temperature and humidity 4. The relative humidity inside installed equipment with semi-sealed, unventilated enclosures will be reduced gradually by selfdissipated heat, although moisture content is unlikely to be reduced. Where the capacity of the test facility allows, test severities representative of meteorological conditions, including radiative heating, may be applied to a aetcp structure or enclosure containing the test item s.

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Low humidity Examples of the effects of very low humidity are: Altitude above Sea Level a. While it may be assumed cockpit canopies, access doors and panels will have been open for a period sufficient to allow external ambient air to have an alleviating effect dissipating heat from operational equipmenttemperatures at switch-on should be assumed to prevail in nonconditioned areas.

Moisture is likely to be formed on external and internal surfaces of materiel during flight sorties as a result of the transfer between prevailing temperatures at ground level and flight altitude and vice-versa, especially when operating into and out of airfields in sub-tropic or tropic regions.

In the absence of a specified value, a level of 8 kPa 80 mbar over pressure should be assumed. Dust deposits inside materiel may cause short-circuiting of insulators, tracking and build-up of static electricity, interference between moving parts, and contamination of lubrication systems.

Pressure variations induce the breathing-in of moisture, some of which is retained when the high temperature is restored. Fluid systems and components for general use High temperatures inside vehicle compartments are liable to exceed external ambient due to indirect effect of solar radiation on the armoured structure or temporary covers. These conditions occur inside enclosures from a combination of inadequate ventilation and forced breathing of moisture.

Changes in characteristics of materials used in manufacture of electronic components causing: Paint and colour industries Domestic and commercial equipment.

Preferably, the enclosure should stand on a surface with the same reflective properties as those on which it will stand in Service. When cold aircraft surfaces meet warm damp air during descent and landing, moisture condenses out as the air temperatures are reduced below their respective dew points. The closer an unconditioned compartment above the water line is to the outside walls of the hull or the main deck, then the greater will be the indirect effects of solar heating of the ships structure on the ambient temperature in the compartment, particularly when operating in category A climatic areas.