AFI 63-501 PDF

Instruction (AFI) _IP, Management Of Aviation Critical Safety Items; Air Force Policy. Directive , AFMC Quality Assurance; and. Find the most up-to-date version of AFI at Engineering Additionally, this AF Instruction (AFI) implements the policies in management is contained in AFI , Air Force Acquisition Quality.

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Establish mechanisms for collecting, reviewing and acting upon data related to product operations and support e. Baselines provide a stable basis for continuing evolution of configuration items. Establish a threshold for risk acceptance. Describe the anticipated approach for producing the end-item, including purchasing material, parts, and subassemblies and in-house fabrication, assembly, and test.

All milestones and tasks are linked logically to provide a fully integrated schedule demonstrating a critical path to each event as well as towards the completion of the program. Identify required manpower quantity and type and personnel 63-51 education, training, skills and experience.


Document unknowns or assumptions made about the solution, including observations that support or disprove those assumptions. Document plans and processes for technical baseline management in appropriate documents. Iteratively decompose the high level requirement into lower level requirements.

Design for Manufacturing DFM is an activity accomplished through the collaboration of many disciplines including design and manufacturing engineers and technicians. Describe the metrics and predictive indicators that will be used to assess manufacturing cost, schedule, and quality performance, including the performance of key suppliers.

A repeatable criteria-based decision-making process is especially important, both while making the aif decisions that define and guide the acquisition process itself and later when critical decisions are made with the selected suppliers.

RAM needs to address consideration of fault detection and isolation, false alarms, redundancy, degraded system management, modularity, instrumentation and monitoring, mitigation of failure modes, maintenance procedures and training, and manufacturing and quality assurance as applicable.

A peer review is a method for conducting verification of work products during their development that has had great success in detecting defects, especially in documents for requirements and design. Quantify the risk probability and consequence in terms of cost and schedule.

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The purpose of Validation is to demonstrate that a product or product component fulfills its intended use when placed xfi its intended environment. As the self assessors complete the self-assessment, Engineering home office personnel will be available to answer questions and provide assistance as required. Establish a supplier management program to: Page 12 Share Cite.

Define validation procedures and criteria to ensure that the product will fulfill its intended use when placed in its intended environment. The make-or-buy analysis begins early in the project during the first iteration of design, continues during the design process, and is completed 63–501 the decision to develop, acquire, or reuse the product. This greater demand has created obstacles and dilemmas with regard to trade-offs between meeting the.

Not a MyNAP member yet? However, if leadership determines that a validation assessment is required, the Engineering home offices or others designated as responsible are notified. Conduct analysis to identify trends and process improvement opportunities.

Plan for how technical data, test results, project milestone events, etc, will be evaluated for release to the public or outside the project. This is due to the fact that the quality of a System or Product is highly influenced by the quality of the process used to develop and maintain it.

Subject the first article to a formal examination e. All planned modeling, simulation, ground and flight test activities to validate performance, safety, suitability, survivability, and effectiveness in the intended operational environment is documented. Develop and document procedures and adi to support military utility assessments by afii operational test activity.

Many product integration problems arise from unknown or uncontrolled aspects of both internal and 6-501 interfaces. In cases of low risk it is possible that no processes are formally monitored. Process areas, goals and associated practices described in this model were derived from a number afii sources, including those listed below.

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Perform validation activities and collect resulting data according to the approved methods, procedures, and criteria. Statement of Task 51 Appendix B: Product validation activities can be applied to all aspects of the product in any of its intended environments, such as operation, training, manufacturing, maintenance, and support services.


Additionally, independent assessments and feedback are an effective means of ensuring compliance and aci process improvement. Develop mechanisms to ensure conformity to the OBD i.

Test and analysis techniques should be implemented as early as possible to identify deficiencies that ai corrective action to meet system requirements. Although there is flexibility in recording tool usage, results reporting is standardized.

Plan for and obtain certifications required for validation activities before relevant need date. A specific goal is a fai model component and is helpful in the grouping of associated practices and is used in assessments to improve clarity of understanding.

Typical life cycle choices include single-step acquisition, evolutionary incremental, or evolutionary spiral. This only applies to programs that have actually disposed products, components, etc. Congressional and Department of Defense guidance emphasizes the need for sustained disciplined processes and process improvement including the measurement of process performance. Air Force Chapter: Establish a method to periodically review each risk and provide current status to stakeholders.

Identify all stakeholders with interest in the product. Detailed design fully defines the structure and capabilities of the product components. Ensure that impacts to external environment e. First and foremost AF SEAM is a process improvement tool that is intended to be employed by process owners, those working within these processes, and those directly overseeing them. Tailoring is accomplished in one of two ways. The system should be able to retrieve documentation of any baseline and status of all CM actions CMG2P3 Create or release technical baselines.

Those recurring topics, contained in Box 1. Document the interaction of the product with the environment, other systems, and operational users. Maintain bi-directional traceability between system and allocated requirements.