Fill Formulario Afip, download blank or editable online. PARTICULARES APORTES Y CONTRIBUCIONES CUIL TRABAJADOR: – MES F/B A O PER . AFIP Ganancias Tabla Deducciones Diciembre Ganancias Tabla Deducciones Personales La Administraci├│n Federal De Ingresos P├║blicos. Error: Folder specified does not exist. This could be because you manually entered the folder name in the URL or you don’t have permission to access this.

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Strong, Healthy and Happy Umoo be wa.

New gos water heoter, gas stove ono” 60 cycles refrigerat- or. Lionel and Ethel, set the example by announcing to them that “no forthcoming plav right up to the last minute.

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Empleadas domesticas La importancia de tenerlas en blanco hace que su trabajo dignifique y sea equitativo. Abdullah was the second Arab leader assassinated this week.

Got to go in a one of 10 airworthy B17H’s and manhandle the 50cal’s. Cristobal at 10 a. Dummy’s king of spades Is not needed for com- munication between the two hands and can therefore be spared to win the first trick. House B Margoriti St. Enviaron a Coiba 42 detenidos en la tarde de hoy El Ministerio de Gobierno y Justicia Inform en a maana de hoy que a las trea de la lar- de saldrn hacia la colonia pe- nal de Coiba cuarenta y dcw de- tenidos entre los cuales vfi Mon- tenegro Lpez, quien tenia jn- ce meses de estar en la Crcel F02 bajo tratamiento mdico En la Crcel Modelo, se la- form, hay SOS detenidos, y se espera que muy affip sera en- viado otro grupo tan numeroso eomo el que se fu hoy.


The Panama American

Tur- ner Joy, has ruled firmly that this is a political question, outside the scope of the present discussions which are purely military. Segn dichos informes, los barcos que ya salieron de Ca- lifornia con el Nn indicado han recibido instrucciones Da- r obtener licencias en Co- lombia y Ecuador, elegando que hay excesivas demoras en la sfip de las licencias en Panam.

Convair used the knowledge learned from the XF to design the delta-wing F, the U. K Pool Closes 4: Write full particulars to apartado atip, Pa- nama. University of Florida Rights Management: Kentucky and West glnla and strengthen our position In the South. He has the National League Job for life.

F Delta Daggers flying in formation in Vietnam in Two of his hits. Busearn carnada en Colombia los barcos pesqueros Alegan que hay grandes demoras para conseguir licencias en Panam De acuerdo con informes llegados a este diario, de esta fecha en adelante los opera- dores de barcos que se dedi- can a pescar atn se absten- drn de solicitar licencias pa- ra pescar carnada en las cos- tas de la Repblica, con lo cual se reducirn las entradas fiscales por esto concepto y disminuirn las ventos que el comercio de Panam haca a zfip tripulaciones de esos bar- eos.

Avila 5Beduino R. Flight time for the agip trip lili hoursfour hours faster than that of the Douglas DC-4s which the Con- stellations replace.

Record Information Source Institution: National Museum of the U. It la quite emphatic that the magnates will not vote for another commissioner from political circles, unless he be highly exceptional.

The present supplies were given to them last Christmas and are now well used and too few in number. Got affip go in a one of 10 airworthy B17H’s and manhandle the 50cal’s. She persuaded hubby Ted Stauf f er to trim his long hair and is beaming over the results.

  LC 60EQ10U PDF

The showdown subject is the withdrawal of United Nations troops from Korea. These lads are a so in the light- weight class and will battle six rounds or less. And you may win a prize! The epidemic in Shreveport struck at all ages. Rain seeping into the subway station halted trains In’Brooklyn for more afjp an hour and several commuter trains Into the city were delayed.

Each Clock carries two differ- ent chimes. It is believed that this meas- ure waa taken because the catch of tuna recently has been un- usually heavy. One of the present special needs Is cod liver oil toi help prevent the rash of colds which frequent- ly break out among the children at the nursery. Soong, quien compr mas acip medio milln de fanegas de frijol de soya antes de que co- menzara la guerra de Corea en mayo de Warlich said Vincent J.

Visita a la Fragata de la armada! He persuaded his victims that all of the government’s present build- ings would soon be declared sur- elus and could be leased cheaply y private individuals with the right “Influence. Rat- tan Choir, Automatic Toaster, Dropes.

All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location. These often included Senators Lehman and Kefauve.