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AFMAN , CD BASIC. USAF SUPPLY MANUAL. 1 April FOREWORD . (Summary of Changes Included). Volumes 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 9 (HQ AFMC). OPR: HQ SSG/ILSPD (MSgt Kerwin Washington). Certified by: HQ SSG/ILS (Col Jon Dittmerr). Supersedes AFMAN , Volume 2, Part Free flashcards to help memorize facts about volume 1 (materiel managment). Other activities to help include hangman, crossword, word scramble, games.

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Satellite supply accounts are not authorized a deputy satellite Logistics ReadinessSquadron Commander. Section 2B describes the role and responsibilities of satellite LRS Commanders, andsatellite supply operations officers.

Military QA evaluators must be a TSgt or higher and possess at least a 7-skill level. Establish and conduct an effective training program to make sure that each individual is followingcurrent procedures.

Carry out all Operations Officer duties when no Operations Officer is assigned. Meet at least quarterly with the supply functions to review the health of the stock account.

If the evaluator is a Senior NCO with an awarded 7-skill level, the evaluatorappointment letter will serve as the STS qualification document. Qfm section is responsible for the centralized managementand decentralized execution of core squadron systems i. Initiate supply assistance requests for supplydifficulties. Responsible for all Funds Management functions.

Recommends, in coordination with the UDM and squadron leadership, assignment of squadronpersonnel to deployment positions for commander approval and coordinates on all AEF taskings. Provide technical guidance to other storage activities and organizations. In additionthe MSL will: Manage ILS-S database operations according to the series instructions as covered in Parts4, 6 and 8.


Functions as the director of Operations Compliance OC. Acts as SATS administrator. The commander also determines and pursues funding, facilities and equipmentneeded to perform mission.

Volume 2 Chapter 1 | AFMAN Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Responsible for overall afk management for all assignedAFSCs. Delegation of authority must be in writing letter of authorization and approved by theMission Support Group Commander. This section serves as theprimary point of contact with maintenance units regarding aircraft requirements and repair cycle management.

Logistics Readiness Squadron Commander. This chapter implements the standard organization, roles and responsibilities of the LogisticsReadiness Squadron LRS supply related functions 23-11 identified in the PAD to include squadronleadership, the Materiel Management Flight, and other functional flights.

The Logistics Manager will be responsible for oversight of programsand processes associated with squadron business processes, resource management facilities, funds management,stock control and infrastructuresquadron analysis, strategic planning, 23110, squadrontraining, accountability, metrics, and systems management.

OC provides oversight of squadron compliance, training resources, accountability and analysis.

Perform causative research and resolve all inventory discrepancies. However, if the squadron 23-1100 elects to identify such an individual asthe Squadron Superintendent, the following applies: Assign all LRS personnel wartime duties and provide adequate trainingfor those duties.

Maintain diagrams of thesupply storage areas showing the layout of each warehouse, storeroom, bay, and pallet storage area. Accept or reject items delivered under contracts that require acceptance atthe destination.

Pass complete!

Request technical assistance from using maintenance activities and Demand Processing,when it is necessary to identify items. Maintain central locator functions and ensure storage facilities adhere to general warehousingrequirements. Responsible for the leadership, supervision, and training ofall assigned personnel.


The UCC may be staffed by permanent personnel with augmentation duringcontingencies and surge operations. Ensure ILS-S processing time is provided for other functions that use the system as anaccounting medium. Maintain suspense files for inventory adjustments, reverse posts RVPsand other supportingdocumentation. Respond to customer logistics concerns andproactively anticipates problems that could stand in the way of wing units fulfilling mission requirements.

The purpose of the file is to identify items turned in and to make sureitems are complete.

However, duties can be augmented by any LRS careerfield. Troubleshoots and resolves all system related issues. Xfm action to see that items are correctly identified.

Customer Support Section serves as the materiel managementliaison and equipment accountability authority for wing customers.

Measure LRS processes through inventory analysis, surveillance, trends and standards including oversight of document control. Allocate available personnel, funds, physical facilities, equipment, etc. In addition to the other functional responsibilities,the commander has the following materiel management related responsibilities: Monitor status of back-ordered requisitions. Provide assistance to storage activities as applicable. Submit follow-up to LRS for requisitions with unacceptable status or unacceptableestimated delivery dates.

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