FGU’s post-apocalyptic RPG Aftermath! is one such game. In my youth, Aftermath!, like most FGU games, was generally held to be an. Aftermath! EDITIONS: There’s an earlier edition () by Phoenix Games, with FGU stickers on top. The cover art is different: The man is drawn slightly. Aftermath! – The sun hangs low on the horizon illuminating the ruins of civilization with a bloody light. Is it the sunset of the e.

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Sometimes a risk worth taking, afterkath there is some reward involved, such as better gear or achievement some Game Master created quest type goal. However, after Gamma World, I too realized that I didn’t want to play goofy.

In a somewhat Mad Max-ish campaign, I devised an economy based upon drugs as currency. I couldn’t think of a better real world team. It was a very real motivation that every player could understand; it was survival at its core. Untitled periodical Articles needing additional references from November All articles needing additional references. Expecting to be fighting Extras or Afrermath and ending up fighting Average NPCs can be a deadly mistake for a player character.

In each mighty megacity, technology is an ideology that shapes the destiny of millions. Everything, from diseases to mass battles to mutations to the effects, physical and social, of cannibalism are discussed, along with many more topics of potential interest.

GROGNARDIA: Retrospective: Aftermath!

The website makes the game much easier to play. I often find myself drawn back to the game, though finding an audience is a bit tougher these days. Rules are provided for modern firearms, NBC weapons and protections, mutations, survival, high technology and more. However, if the character missed often, they may get a negative reputation as a “good shot”.


George From NY June 11, at 3: Each hit resolution could require three or four roles, two chart lookups and a bit of math to determine hits and damage. New players are often surprised by the reputation their characters develop, when the results of their actions in the game start to mold their characters reputation. We played it back in the day. However, I’m not sure it’s fair to judge Aftermath!

I never played any Aftermath! Large books with very little white space and small print.

The one area where NPCs are inferior to players is in the game play tactics. Post-apocalyptic role-playing games Science fiction role-playing games Fantasy Games Unlimited games Role-playing games introduced in It was a bit too much for my group. The program I developed to play Aftermath! I ran two lengthy Aftermath! Aftermxth vital seconds when you need to blow someone away and can’t find the critical hit tables.

Aftermath! by FGU, the good, the bad, and the ugly! : rpg

I have very fond memories of two campaigns run with Aftermath. The game assumes that players are already familiar with what a roleplaying game is and how such a game works.

Although part of a campaign set in Sydney, Australia, the information and ideas presented herein can easily be used in any campaign. However, I loved the toolkit approach of the game I’m in the market for a new Science Fiction game that takes that kind of approach at the moment. It made the game amazing and a lot of fun. I’ve since moved away from that level of crunch, but I still remember the game fondly.

It was a super fun game with wild weapons and mutations. I’d love to have a copy of that summary sheet! The same monsters they fought on day one would be very close to the monsters they fought after many weeks of play.



Well, the original DAT program was never really meant to happen. One thing I really like about Aftermath!

Naked and unarmed they must face a strange new world. Things that were impossible to roll and calculate because of time constraints, such as spraying a room full of enemies qftermath bullets, were now simple to calculate.

Firearms, on the other hand, use a fixed amount of damage dice regardless of a character’s stats, based on the caliber of the weapon. After the FGU box set went out of print, a combined paperback edition was released.

On average, it took about 4 hours fguu create a character the first time. The setting is the city of Aftermtah in New South Wales. The rulebooks range in length for pages each and, taken together, include everything you’d need to play. Notable to this system, skill advancement what might be considered “leveling-up” in other RPGs is a fluid and ongoing process, based on the application of a talent during gameplay.

They were even able to develop their first character themselves with little input from me using the character generator online. Although originally part of a campaign set in Australia the information and ideas herein can easily be used with any campaign.

Please refrain from personal attacks and discriminatory racist, homophobic, transphobic, etc. Role playing elements are added by the Game Master that the players can utilize in their game play, friends or enemies, quests or adventures that allow freedom from the hack-and-slash type adventures that were so aftermth in when the game was developed.