The Ahiman Rezon Pennsylvania Grand Lodge AHIMAN REZON or. BOOK OF THE CONSTITUTION of. THE RIGHT WORSHIPFUL GRAND LODGE of the. Most Ancient And honorAble frAternity of free And. AHIMAN REZON or The Book of Constitutions of the Antient Grand Lodge of England by Laurence DERMOTT.

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Nevertheless, to avoid the like Inconveniency for the future, it was determined that thence forward they reezon bring their own Sons no more into the Senate; only young Papirius who was freely accepted, and his Secrecy and discreet Policy not only applauded, but himself with Titles of Honour dignified and rewarded.

General Ahiman Rezon

A Master-Mason only must be the Surveyor of Master of the Work, who shall undertake the Lord’s Work reasonably, shall truly dispend his Goods as if they were his own, and shall not give more Wages than just, to any Fellow or Apprentice. Behaviour at meeting without Strangers, but not in a formed Lodge. This satire continues the tradition of the Scald Miserable Masons who staged mock processions and disrupted the Grand Lodge’s annual procession.

Shewing who should fill the Chair in the Grand-Master’s Absence. But by Virtue of his Office, as Treasurer, without any other Qualification, he shall not vote in choosing a new Grand-Master and Grand-Wardens, tho’ in every other Transaction.

About this Time it happened that the Senators rezob in Consultation of a very important Cause, so that they stayed much longer than usual, and the Conclusion referred to the following Day, with express Charge of Secrecy in the mean Time. IN former times every Man at his Request was not admitted into the Craft, tho’ perhaps of a good and moral Reputation nor allowed to share the Benefits of our ancient and noble Institution, unless he was endued with such Skill in Masonry, as he might thereby be able to improve the Art, either in Plan or Workmanship; or had such an Affluence of Fortune as should enable reaon to employ, honour, and protect the Craftsmen.

The first edition of the Ahiman Rezon was published inrexon second one in This shall be duly considered, and answered in its proper Place hereafter.

A MASON, in regard to himself, is carefully to avoid all Manner of Intemperance, or Excess, which might obstruct him in the Performance of the necessary Duties of his laudable Profession, or lead him into any Crimes which would reflect Dishonour upon the ancient Fraternity. This site uses cookies.

Among the other Noblemens Sons who ayiman been at this weighty Business, was that faithful Youth the Son of the grave Papirius, whose Family was one of the most noble and illustrious in all Rome.

What is “Ahiman Rezon”?

THOSE whom I aim at, are the miserable Wretches of Low-Life, often introduced by excluded Men 1 [20] some of whom can neither read nor write; and when by the Assistance of Masonry they admitted to the Company of their Betters, they too often act beyond their Capacities; and under the Pretence of searching for Knowledge, they fall into Scenes of Gluttony or Drunkeness, and thereby neglect their necessary Occupation and injure their poor Families, who imagine they have a just Cause to pour out all their Exclamations and Invectives against the whole Body of Free-Masonry, without considering or knowing that our Constitutions and Principles are quite opposite to such base Proceedings.


They are generally charged to adhere to rezoon Religion in which all Men agree leaving each Brother to his own particular Opinion ; that is, to be good Men and true. Of Masters, Wardens, Fellows, and Apprentices. When Men of Quality, Eminence, Wealth, and Learning, apply rrzon be made, they are respectfully accepted, after due Examination; for such often prove good Lords or Founders of Work, and will not employ Cowans when true Masons can be had; they also make the best Officers of Lodges, and the best Designers, to the Honour and Strength of the Lodge; nay, from among them the Fraternity can have a Noble Grand Master; but those Brethren are equally subject to the Charges and Regulations, except in what more immediately concerns Operative Masons.

Full text of “Dermott L Ahiman Rezon “

IF so, the worthy Members of this great and most useful Society can never be too careful in the Election of Members; I mean, a thorough Knowledge of the Character and Circumstance of a Candidate that begs to be initiated into the Mystery of Free-Masonry.

And as I intended to give the [viii] World a History of Masonry for several Years before the Creation, I made no manner of Doubt but my Work should live as least two Thousand years after the general Conflagration. Behaviour towards a foreign Brother or Stranger YOU are cautiously to examine him, as Prudence shall direct you, that you may not be imposed on by [F] a Pretender, whom you are to reject with Derision, and beware of giving him any Hints; but if you discover him to be true and faithful, you are to respect him as a Brother, and if in Want you are to relieve him if you can, or else direct him how he may be relieved; you must employ him if you can, or else recommend him to be employed; but you are not charged to do beyond your Ability.

Nothing can prove more shocking to all faithful Masons, than to see any of their Brethren profane or break through the sacred Rules of their Order; and such as can do it, they wish had never been admitted. Details From June 5, until October 13, But Free and Accepted Masons shall not allow Cowans to work with them, nor shall they be employed by Cowans without an urgent Necessity; and even in that Case they must not teach Cowans, but must have a separate Communication; no Labourer shall be employed in the proper Work of Free-Masons.

BUT as Masonry hath at several Times felt the injurious Effects of War, Bloodshed, and Devastation, it was a stronger Engagement to the Craftsmen to act agreeable to the Rules of Peace and Loyalty, the many proofs of which Behaviour hath occasioned the ancient Kings and Powers to protect and defend them.

My next Step was to furnish myself with a sufficient Quantity of Pens, Ink, and Paper; This being done, I immediately fancied myself an Historian, and intended to trace Masonry not only to Adam in his sylvan Lodge in Paradise, but to give some Account of the Craft even before the Creation; and as a Foundation I placed the following Works round about me, so as to be convenient to have Recourse to them as Occasion should require, viz.

The original edition, written by Laurence Dermott, Grand Secretary of the Ancient Grand Lodge, contains a parody of the histories of Freemasonry such as that in Anderson’s ‘Constitutions’, in which Dermott resolves to write a history of the Craft by purchasing all the previous histories and then throwing them ‘under the table’.


Lastly, all who pleased of the common People were invited to enter, and Moses instructed them likewise in the same Manner as the rest; So that Aaron heard four Times what Moses had been taught by GOD upon Mount Sinai, Eleazar and Ithamar three times, the seventy elders twice, and the People once.

THEN the Grand-Master placing the Candidate on his Left-Hand, and having asked and obtained the unanimous Consent of the Brethren, shall say after some other Ceremonies and Expressions that cannot be writtenI constitute and form these good Brethren into a new regular Lodge, and appoint you, Brother A.

AND grant that we may understand, learn, and keep all the Statutes and Commandments of the Lord, and this holy Mystery, pure and undefiled unto our Lives End.

I shall not mention the Cause of the above new Regulation being made, but [56] certain it is that real Free-Masons have no Occasion for any such Regulation, they being able to distinguish a true Brother, let his Country or Language be ever so remote or obscure to us; nor is it in the Power of false Pretenders to deceive us.

Shewing who ought to preside in the Absence of the Master of a particular Lodge. THE Benefits arising from a strict Observance of the Principles of the Craft, are so apparent that I must believe every good Man would be fond to possess and practice the same; because those Principles tend to promote the Happiness of Life, as they are founded on the Basis of Ahi,an and Virtue. THEREFORE I am of the Opinion, that if Secrecy and Silence be duly considered, they will be found most necessary to qualify a Man, for any Business of Importance; If this be granted, I am confident that no [10] Man will dare to dispute that Free-Masons are superior to all other Men, in concealing their Secrets, from Times immemorial; which the Power of Gold, that often has betrayed Kings and Princes, and sometimes overturned whole Empires, nor the most cruel Punishments could never extort the Secret even from the weakest Member of the whole Fraternity.

Included in the display will be a auiman of first editions, the second edition of with the first official publication of the arms of the Antients Grand Lodge, a copy of the 4th edition rzeon a fine Masonic binding that was used by the Xhiman Lodge itself and a newly acquired copy of the 7th edition belonging to a military lodge attached to the 4th Battalion of the Royal Artillery. WHETHER such an Opinion be true, or false, it matters nought to me; for the World must allow, that tho’ no Man has yet found out the perpetual Motion all Men ever had, has now, and ever will have, a perpetual Notion; And furthermore, we read that the following Person, so much fam’d in History, were not only poor Men, but many of them of a very mean Extraction.