Ahmet Bican Ercilasun – Başlangıçtan Yirminci Yüzyıla Türk Dili Tarihi SÖZ BAŞI relating Korean to Japanese adlı makalesi (Language) Japoncanın bir Altay. The Place of Turkish among The World Languages Ahmet Bican Ercilasun* 1 .. Ercilasun, Ahmet B., “Askerlikte Onlu Sisteme Türklerin Katkıları”, Makaleler. 23 Ahmet Rasim, Muhtasar Sarf-ı Türkî, Artin Asaduryan Matbaası, İstanbul, , s. ERCİLASUN Ahmet Bican, Türk Gramerinin Sorunları Toplantısı, TDK.

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In these compounds the main element is placed at the end in Turkish, and the secondary element is in the beginning. In this paper, I used the term Turkish with its wide meaning. Ancient Chinese also has this makalleri. This family mainly composed of an Ural branch and an Altay branch.

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Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. There are some of criteria in this classification. There are a lot of languages which are unrelated with each other and are classified as agglutinating languages. This can be explained as internal change.

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In genetic classification Altay, Ural-Altay, Nostratic and Eurasiatic theories are consid- ered and the relationship between the Turkish and other languag- es are analyzed. It is obvious that Greenberg considered Japanese and Korean as a distinct language family from Altay family.


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Indian, Persian, Armenian and some other Indo-European languages, as well as some ancient languages such as Sumerian, Hittite and Elam have the same word order. In this theory, Korean is considered inside the Makalelwri family whereas Japanese considered outside of it.

There are also some other characteristics. Generally eight and even nine blcan some dialects. These families are considered as the members of the Nostratic macro-family. Typological According to genetic classification, Turkish belongs to Altay languages.

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These languages also include Mongolian and Manchu-Tungus languages. According to this theory which was formulated by Vladimir Illich-Svitich there are 6 language families which are related to each other genetically and they comprise one macro-family.

Merritt Ruhlen, student of Greenberg and John D. On the contrary, the secondary element is at the end in the Indo-European and Semitic languages. There are many consonants that cannot be found in the beginning: This wide meaning denotes a population close to million people. Yet, we should note that the languages which belong to the same family have the same characteristics.


Those I mentioned above are the most important and distinct ones.

Syllables cannot end with a consonant in some languages such as Chinese, Japanese and some Native American languages. Bengston published a large paper named Global Etymologies.

They found 27 common words in various languages which are belong to different language families.

In —he served as Director of the Turkish Linguistic Society. Akcag, Ankara, ; In Turkish noun and verb roots are different words. Relations between the words are made by the word endings or post-positional words. In he was appointed Head of the department of Turkish language and literature of the Faculty of Education of Gazi University. According to this theory, Turkish was a far relative to Ural languages such as Hungarian and Finnish.

Grammar, Stanford, ; Volume 2.