AIMCAT Solution. Uploaded by. mannika. Q Moral Delimma mannika. AIMCAT Question Paper. Uploaded by. mannika. Cost Accounting. Is dat variation in accuracy in va in aimcats normal, considering dat va in cat I thought this was supposed to be a chat for AIMCAT and not general. AIMCAT QA YouTube 2. Add a comment no plus ones. no shares. Looks like you’ve reached the end. Looks like you’ve reached the end. Unable to load.

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Moreover, you need to work on your ability to pick up the right kind of questions it comes with practice and proper analysis of AIMCATs. Past aimcat papers download pdf found at gyancentral. In the bracket you are in, every additional mark makes a huge difference. Work on those topics which you are not yet comfortable with. Make sure you prepare for all the topics as depending on only few of 1390 chapters could prove to be pretty risky business.

Submit or Connect With Facebook. I have just started my studies from scratch Dear vikram, all the relevant dates will be ximcat on the website regularly. DI from the T. In case of any specific queries, please drop a mail to bangalore time4education.

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Login with your Alexa Account. Sir, My performance in va has been pretty inconsistent, I started this season with a 69 percentile in va and got 97 in va in but, my accuracy varies from 60’s to eighties which is a matter of concern for me. Hope you have received it. Directory of National and International Labor Unions in Do not think about your almcat right now.


[OFFICIAL] AIMCAT 1309 Discussion Thread (Please DON’T OPEN if you have not taken the test)

I hope you are getting all the LR Questions correct. These fall in the top 25 institutes of the country. Moreover, there is no guarantee that last year’s cut off can determine this year’s.

I guess your basic concepts are not clear, i will recommend that you discuss your doubts with a faculty member.

You try and do well in the test that you face and for that practice enough mock CATs. Work towards making that 97 and then What to do in this situation. You need to practice LR on a daily basis – 1 Questions on groups and conditionalities 2 Matrix arrangements 3 Seating arrangements 4 Directions, Family tree, coding etc. I am finished with almost all online sectional tests.

Also, list down your weak areas and question types and tackle them one by one until you make good progress. Keep up your good work.

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Once a week, you must take a Mock CAT. Do not leave any of them, work with the study material provided to you, if needed discuss your doubts with a faculty member. I can’t post my question deepak: Favourite gift essay valuables New beginnings essay boksburg Essay writing funny gifs essay conclusion how to write vocabulary earning and spending money essay ielts importance of reading essay english languages. Coz the bskools which accpt cmat scores also accept cat scores.

Thank you in advance for the appropriate actions. Jain and othes like Loyola Business Aimcst etc. If you think reading 3 Aimcaat is too much for you, then target 2 – because even to pick easy Qs out of the third, you aimvat to read it. You can send it to info time4education. The aimcat shows missed though I appeared for the test. Sir,This Aimcat was a shocker for me,not because of its difficulty level or else We had Aimcats tougher than this!


Time4education aimcat login

Are free tests from tenaday. You should also leave out qs that seem unfamilar in the exam. You must remember that the quality of your preparation matters more than quantity. The SM covers these topics in sufficinet breadth and depth.

I’ll be really very grateful. Was it difficulty of the paper or silly mistakes or low attempts that caused those aimcta.

Analyse the low ones for reasons.

What are my chances of getting a percentile around You will then have to do well in the interview stage to ‘get into an iim’.

Welcome to App Annie! No it is not.

So work on increasing your attempts marginally to get into the 99s. Good to see that you iamcat identified these areas. Caterpillar est un logiciel d’extraction de texte dans une page web.

How to improve IQ level and logical thinking thomas: Come back to it later if you have the time. May I know how to improve in Verbal section?

This video is unavailable. It all depends on how your peers performed apart from how you did.