Get the guaranteed best price on Equalizers like the Alesis DEQ Programmable Digital Stereo Graphic EQ at Musician’s Friend. Get a low price and free. The DEQ from Alesis is a digital, two-channel graphic EQ with analog-style controls. The EQ offers 30 bands of equalization, linkable or independent, with. Alesis DEQ Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Alesis DEQ Reference Manual.

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Basics of Equalization Button 9: To begin the pyrotechnics, first make sure you are in Program mode. Make sure that pin 2 of the XLR connector is connected to the tip of the TRS adapter, and pin 3 is connected to the sleeve. Q equalizers out of hand; in some applications either would do the job nicely. Debashis Chaudhuri April 02, By pressing ‘print’ button you alesos print only current page.

Alesis DEQ Manuals

Log in or Sign up. Thermal Considerations in Rack Mounting The DEQ can be mounted in an equipment rack occupying one rack space or placed on a table or shelf. This is one place to start looking for that special fit. To decide which option suits your working method or circumstance, experiment with the setting for the Release Edit Group function in Setup Mode. Kind regards, Debashis Chaudhuri. Rather than unlinking the channels and starting all over again on Channel B, we have included a handy feature called Channel Copy as a subset of Store mode.

Edit Time Out is a feature you will appreciate. Important Safety Instructions Important Safety Instructions English Safety symbols used in this product This symbol alerts the user that there are important operating and maintenance instructions in the literature accompanying this unit.


The Preset programs are the ones numberedwhile the User programs are numbered Naturally, if you have done that, the following diagrams no longer apply. Follow the instructions for items 1 and 2 from Step 2. This is dea230 a hear-breaking news for an audio enthusiast like.

Can be used to adjust the output of channels A and B simultaneously. This is because the DEQ takes into account the gain setting of all of the bands when an Edit Group is formed. How to Use This Manual This manual is divided into the following sections describing the various functions alesiis and applications for the DEQ If you haven’t already done so, turn off the DEQ Select program 00 on the DEQ Overview Topics Products People Dew230 log.

Equalization Artifacts If you boost too many frequencies too high, you will distort the output.

Specifications subject to change without notice. Use only with a cart, stand, bracket, or table designed for use with professional audio or music equipment. The DEQ has the following modes built-in: Employee May 04, Variable Q Now we’re ready for a visual definition of the term Variable Q.

The mood in here. At their inception, graphic equalizers relied solely on a form of equalization known as “Variable Q.

AllSounds Music Services

Page 14 Important Safety Instructions Reduce gain of problem bands within program. On the other hand, if you prefer to have the DEQ remain in Edit mode so you will not lose your chosen Edit Group when the unit returns to Program mode, you may want to turn the Edit Time Out function off.


Page 20 Quick Start Guide But at some point the curves may need to diverge slightly or significantly. Allows you to choose from specific programs and place them into the Audition List.

Alesis DEQ230 Reference Manual

To access Setup mode, first you must turn off the DEQ Darken Speech Description The DEQ will not affect the signal; the output signal will sound the same as the input signal. Create a new topic About this Question 5. Refer to page When a hot line level signal comes in, the DEQ has plenty of headroom to deal with it. Bypass Mode Bypass mode This mode is nearly as simple as it sounds: Program Charts 11kHz Sample Rate Next Door Neighbor Note for programs These three following programs are for DJ’s to squash the response of the music in order to create a temporary effect or to announce over.

Allows you to choose which program will become the new location for an editing program. Page 28 Connections This page intentionally left blank Try Some Equalization 1.

I apologize, but I’m not quite understanding what exactly it is you’re looking for. The only features exclusive to the DEQD are as followed: What makes the DEQ unique? The DEQ is a legacy product so information is limited, deq20 I’ll be happy to help! Page 8 Introduction This page intentionally left blank