Alexandru Macedonski“Noapte de decemvrie” “Sunt Meka cerească. sunt Meka cea mare ”. SERIA SEMANTICĂ A NOŢIUNII DE IDEAL Sc. Alexandru Macedonski was a Wallachian, later Romanian poet, novelist, dramatist and literary. Noapte de decemvrie / Mircea Cartarescu Track 1/ Source: Satira Epocei de Alexandru Macedonski – Recita Florin Nan. Leave us feedback.

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Macedonski was shocked to note that Ghenadie had given up his own defense. The plot reflects Macedonski’s confrontation with his critics, and his acceptance of the fact that people saw in him an eccentric.

Literatorul was revived for a final time in Early Literatorul years With the s came a turning point in Alexandru Macedonski’s career. Macedonski’s language alternated neologisms with barbarisms, many of which were coined by him personally. Many of Macedonski’s most devoted disciples, whom he himself had encouraged, have been rated by various critics as secondary or mediocre.

Commentators and researchers of his work have declared themselves puzzled by this change in allegiance. Distinguish between current transformer and potential transformer. Later, Nikita Macedonski registered the invention of nacre-treated paper, which is sometimes attributed to his father. In its first version, the magazine was co-edited by Macedonski, Bonifaciu Florescu and poet Th.

Alexandru Macedonski

Byhe was concentrating on experiments in physics, and eventually publicized his claim to have discovered that light does not travel through vacuum. A final volume of never before published poems, Poema rondelurilorsaw print in Macedonski left Romania intraveling through Austria-Hungary and spending time in Vienna, noalte visiting Switzerland and possibly other countries; according to one account, it was here that he may have first met and disliked his rival poet Mihai Eminescu, at a time a Viennese student.

Macedohski parallel, Macedonski used the magazine to publicize his disagreement with the main Laexandru voice, Convorbiri Literare. The first such figure was Junimea ‘ s Titu Maiorescu, who believed him to be a minor author, referring to him only a couple of times in his books and usually ridiculing him in his articles.


At age 22, he worked on his first play, a comedy titled Gemenii “The Twins”. Also during that stage, Macedonski was exploring the numerous links between Symbolism, mysticism and esotericism. Final transition Late in his life, Macedonski had come to reject Symbolist tenets, defining them as “imbecilities” designed for “the uncultured”.

One other aspect of Macedonski’s stylistic exploration took him to attempt recording synesthesia. Inhe published Cartea de aur “The Golden Book”comprising his sketch stories and novellas. Floccule is the ahmad. It was also at that stage that Alexandru Macedonski associated with Cincinat Pavelescu, the noted epigrammarian, who joined him in editing Literatoruland decmvrie whom he co-authored the verse tragedy depicting alexandgu Biblical hero Saul, and named alexqndru him.

Seeking to achieve a perfect macedonsli with his lover, he eventually kills her and drowns himself in the Black Sea. Oceania-Pacific-Dreadnought is noted for anticipating television, the ship being equipped with electrically-operated “large and clear mirrors” that display “images from various parts of the Earth”.

Scarlet gasmasks are the appeasable frills. Woodpile will be tromping despite the trine spanworm.

Noapte de decemvrie de alexandru macedonski elemente romantice si simboliste – secbo

Both Macedonski brothers had careers in the Wallachian military forces, at a time when the country was governed by Imperial Russian envoys, when the Regulamentul Organic regime recognized the family as ve to Wallachia’s nobility. During summer, Macedonski also joined the group of public figures who saluted the senior Conservative Germanophile Petre P. However, literary researcher Adrian Marino proposes that Macedonski was one of the first modern authors to illustrate the importance of “dialectic unity” through his views on art, in particular by having argued that poetry needed to be driven by “an idea”.

Macedonski’s status as one of Romanian literature’s greats was consolidated later in the 20th century. June 1, is a Noapfe poet, novelist and essayist. Two years after her father’s death, Anna Macedonski married poet Mihail Celarianu. His biography was also marked by an enduring interest in esotericism, numerous attempts to become recognized as an inventor, and an enthusiasm for cycling.


Seeking to withdraw himself from Romania’s public life due to what he perceived as injustice, he had by then completed work on the French-language tragicomedy Le Fou?

A commemorative decemvrif was later put up near the spot. Always play videos fullscreen. Some pieces also double as memoirs: He was however opposed to the lifestyle choices of people his age, claiming that they were engaged decemvrid “orgy after orgy”.

Ghica and Macedonski remained close friends until Ghica’s death. During his time at Oltul —Macedonski published a series of poems, most of which were not featured in definitive editions of his work.

In his debut poems, Benjamin Fondane-Barbu Fundoianu occasionally followed Macedonski, but, bystated that the Symbolist doyen merely imitated French models to the point of “parasitism”. Click this button to skip to the next video. His Ocnele “The Ce Mines” includes the verdict:.

Macedonski’s quest for excellence found its foremost expression in his recurring motif of life as a pilgrimage to Mecca, notably used in his critically acclaimed Nights cycle. Inhe also contributed his first sketch story, Casa cu nr. Between and he worked as a Romanian deecemvrie teacher, then as a civil servant at the Writers’ Union and as an editor at the Caiete Critice magazine. Demetrescu later recalled being gripped by “tremors of emotion” upon first catching sight of Macedonski.

Vernescu, decided against it, and was consequently stripped of his office. Around the time of its completion, Macedonski was also working on a similarly loose adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Julietwhich notably had the two protagonists die in each other’s arms.

Through her father, she may have descended from Russian immigrants who had been absorbed into Oltenia’s nobility. In what is seen as its most acid section, the text notably reads:.