Ali Pashe Tepelena synonyms, Ali Pashe Tepelena pronunciation, Ali Pashe Tepelena translation, English dictionary definition of Ali Pashe Tepelena. n known. a Hty Gerald Jaupi History of the Ottoman Empire Ali Pasha: “ The lion Of Janina” “My, my, you love him a lot! What do you want, to canonize him. Ali Pasha Tepelena was born in at Tepelenë in southern Albania, and in his youth was a leader of brigands. Later he entered the service.

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Columbia University Press, p. Retrieved 8 July Every French captive was given a razor with which he was forced to skin the severed heads of his compatriots.

Ali Pasha Tepelena (1740-1822)

Click here to sign up. Its downfall came from within and not from without, through the successful struggle of the subjugated peoples in the European part of the empire — a struggle in which the Albanians played a prominent part. His aims were to enlarge his territorial possessions as much as possible, pay revenge to personal enemies and 1 Fleming, Katherine Elizabeth.

These documenters wrote that he kept a large harem of both women and men.

File:Ali Pasha Tepelena, Oil paint of Agim Sulaj.jpg

Help us improve this article! Though appointed viceroy of Rumelia, he repeatedly failed to carry out the orders of the Ottoman sultan, to whom he sent plausible excuses and many presents. The holes made by the bullets can still be seen, and the monastery has a museum dedicated to him, which includes a number of tepelwna personal possessions.


Despite repellent traits of behavior and the violence and ruthlessness of his rule, in official historiography he is regarded as a patriot and a fighter for Albanian independence.

Ali Pashe Tepelena | Article about Ali Pashe Tepelena by The Free Dictionary

What concerns England, regardless of good relations, this state was also not supporting the idea of Albanian independence. He treated each religion with respect, therefore various mosques, synagogues and churches were built during his reign. His father was assassinated when he was nine or ten, and he was brought up by his mother, Oashe or Hanko. His actions were permitted by the Ottoman government in Constantinople. Ali Pasha established and maintained contacts with all the great powers of Europe at that time.

At this time Napoleon decided to declare war against Ali Pasha of Janina. The oppression on Ali Pasha was thickening. Since then, one of the main goals for Ali Pasha was the revenge for his mother, punished, disregarded and mistreated for nothing. Finally falling foul of the Ottoman central government, Ali Pasha was declared a rebel inand was killed in at the age of 81 or YES in wb sites beforeby other photos Author Harrygouvas.


Manufactures include textiles and gold and silver products. Retrieved 21 October This file contains a,i information such as Exif metadata which may have been added by the digital camera, scanner, or software program used to create or digitize it. Greenwood Publishing Group, Help Center Find new research papers in: Moreover, he supported Greeks in their struggle against Turks.

Encyclopedia of modern Greek literature. The sultan and the Ottoman officials did not like Ali Pasha either.

That was a dreadful and violent act. Greek sloop Karteria Greek brig Aris. Greek War of Independence — Unfortunately, our editorial approach may not be able to accommodate all contributions.

After the Treaty of Tilsitwhere Napoleon granted [ clarification needed ] the Czar his plan to dismantle the Ottoman Empire, Ali Pasha switched sides and allied with Britain in ; a detailed account of his alliance with the British was written by Sir Richard Church.

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