Carrom Rules. These rules are taken from the International Carrom Federation all of your pieces, using the heavier ‘striker’, in any of the pockets before your. Following are the shorter version of the rules followed by the Indian Carrom Federation. matches shall be decided on the basis of best of. ICF has many national affiliates such as the All-India Carrom Federation, Australian Carrom Federation, and.

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Queen shall have the value of two points. Order of play is determined by the process of “calling the carrom men” or “the toss”.

Carrom Rules, Rules of Carrom, Carrom Rules Books

After the tie breaker if the score remains equal the set will be decided by sudden idnia. Various parts of the maze include difficult-to-navigate federaion and traps in the form of visually distinguished areas in which the player’s carrom piece must not be caught when coming to rest or suffer a penalty of extra strokes or forced relocation of the player’s carrom to an earlier position. There will be a time limit of 25 minutes for completing each set of a match.

Winner of the toss has the option to choose side or to break. Rules of Wrestling Since ancient times, wrestling has been a popular sport in India. The Transogram Company made a version of Haskell’s game board in the s and called it Skooker.


It is considered to be one of the csrrom sports in the world. Retrieved 26 March If the winner selects the stroke, the loser shall have the right to select the side or vice versa.


All rules as per ‘Laws of Carrom’ except the following: A carrom set contains 19 pieces striker not included in three distinct colours. The pieces have a plain, rounded edge. The tules and pieces can be bought in Europe or the US and are usually imported from India.

On a due, the player has to return one previously pocketed carrom man to the board. This is applicable till pre-quarter final stage. A relatively rare type among Western carrom boards has on the reverse a variant referred to colloquially as a “carrom maze”, for an entirely different game. Boric acid powder is the most commonly used for this purpose.

The red disk is called the queen; it is the most valuable piece. Carrom is very commonly played by families, including children, and at social functions.

The game is usually played on a board made of plywood. Family-point carrom also known as simple-point carrom is an informal variant suitable for an odd number of caerom. Winner can either choose the stroke or the side.


NEW VERSION RULES – Indian Carrom Federation

In ruels four persons comprising two teams, the partners shall sit opposite to each other, occupying all four sides. This side of the board, perhaps inspired by miniature golffeatures a maze in the form of small plywood walls that restrict the carrom man to defined paths; the objective is to traverse the maze with alo single carrom man and reach the end of the maze the fewest number of strokes, or to be the first to finish the maze among competitors.

The Big Game Hunter. Haskell altered the game for Western tastes.

On boards with larger pockets, it is possible to pocket the striker, resulting in a ” scratch shot ” as in pool. Striker pieces are used to push the carrom men and the queen across the board to the pockets.

The formal rules for the Indian version of the game were published in Newer Post Older Post Home. Retrieved from ” https: The opponent can pocket the queen either in the beginning or in between or in the end. Recently Updated Articles in Traditional Sports.