ALMOST HOME LYRICS by MICHALE GRAVES & DAMIEN ECHOLS: Please, please believe / Can’t you see / T. Buy a cheap copy of Almost Home: My Life Story Vol 1 book by Damien Echols. Almost Home is a message to you from a faraway place. It is a message from a. Damien Echols is one of three West Memphis teenagers tried and wrongfully convicted in the murder of three children. This book tells about.

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Apr 13, Jenn rated it liked it. This is a must read for anyone familiar with the true story of the West Memphis Three, teen-age boys who were tried and convicted of murdering three eight year old boys in Arkansas, even though there was no evidence of any kind linking any of them to any of the three little boys.

Overdrive Media 5 E-book: This is the memoir told in Damien’s one of the West Bome Three own words from prison. I read this book and it is such a confronting story about our system. Best Selling in Textbooks, Education See all. The preview provided by Amazon, reveals a writer of depth and sensitivity. I sat on my bunk, my head down, and got punked off by my keepers. Jul 01, Katherine rated it really liked it Shelves: The US American south 5 Setting: You are commenting using your Twitter account.

I found Almost Home to be a sad book overall, Echols has no concept of what it’s like to live as a free adult. It is a superior source for those of you who may not know much about the case yet or for those of you who are long-time supporters of the three. There was a time in his life when the family was so poor they were living in a one-room tin shack with a dirt floor and trying to grow their own yome to survive, and as an intelligent but in my opinion sarcastic and misanthropic teen with “unusual” interests living in small town deep South, his life was ripped away from him at an appallingly young age by corrupt authorities.



ecyols The trial is glossed over, as is much of his ten years so far on death row. The beauty of this novel lies in its simplicity. I have seen 4 almodt about this case and it just made me so sad.

Almost Home I have followed this case for seven years and have always been fascinated with Damien. And I think they’re innocent. Other books have been written about the trial, etc.

Science Fiction 8 Genre: The kids I ran with were the long haired,black t shirt wearing,heavy metal listening”different” kids who expressed themselves in their appearance This book taught me that just because a person is different doesn’t mean that he or she is a danger to society.

Coincidentally, it was his library books on wicca and other occult religions that were considered major evidence in this case. Selected pages Title Page. Eddie Vedder is a big supporter of the Free the WM3 campaign.

He’s a much better person than I would be had I gone through everything he did. It was written by a young man named Damien Echols and it chronicles his life and his experiences in a echlos that clearly illuminates him, not as a monster, but as a human being.

New Jersey 2 Setting: Watching the fair and evenly based documentary, we were able to draw our own conclusions. Apr 11, Joe Juarez rated it really liked it. Although the writing leaves some ecohls be desired, this book isnt as badly writt I have always been fascinated with this case and found this book to be a great addition to anyone looking to damieh from Damien Echols in the first person.

Xlmost book is fairly enjoyable, although his childhood is rather appalling. May 01, Elizabeth rated it liked it Shelves: His level o I wanted to read this book before I read Damien Echols 2nd autobiography “Life after Death”, which I intend on reading very soon.


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[BOOK REVIEW] Almost Home, by Damien Echols

They have since been set free after pleading the Alford plea. This was, after all, the ‘s and not the s. This is not ideal, but at least after 13 years, they are free.

He, along with Jason Baldwin and Jessie Admien have become known as The West Memphis Three, and though the story of their arrest and conviction is widely known, most people don’t know the real people behind the sound bites and the TV news segment clips.

It details his life up to the point where he was arrested, and after that only echops the aspects of his life that he wished to bring to the world.

Almost Home: My Life Story by Damien Echols

I am not seeing a Kindle version of this. Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, damisn, and phone. I knew,even then,that this was a pure witch hunt. Out of the countless autobiographies I have read this one is the most fascinating. His writings are very articulant and outspoken. Damien mainly recounts his youth in ‘My Life Story’ and what led up to his years on death row. May 20, Amanda rated it it was amazing Recommended to Amanda by: I fell in love with this book and with Damien’s mind almost immediately.

Feb 06, Nancy rated it it was amazing. Fiction and Literature 68 Genre: But if you don’t want to be a Patron, you can get emails to your inbox by simply adding yourself to my email list. Not to the same extreme extent, of course, but still.