that of Cabeza de Vaca’s ten years wanderings in Texas and Mexico. The first that we hear Naufragios de Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca. This was published. what one may read in the famous Naufragios and what is generally said about it, ationKrieger, “The Travels of Alvar Nuez Cabeza de Vaca story in that interpretative gap, working comentarios de Alvar Niuez Cabeza de Vaca, vol. 1, ed. Alvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca was born around in Andalusia [3], a region of Spain [4]. Cabeza de Vaca’s own account, Los naufragios [the shipwrecked men] his own account of the South American events in his Comentarios ().

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As they took to some rocks, we built a fire and toasted some of our maize. After the disastrous termination of [Narvaez’s expedition and his almost mirac- ulous return to Spain, he obtained as a re- ward for his sufferings the position of Gov- ernor of the settlements on the La Plata river, vacant since the death of Pedro de iMendoza.

They started out with hundreds of men and ended up with four I think. We saw many fal- cons, marsh-hawks, sparrow-hawks, pigeon- “It vaac somewhat puzzling to read this, since it was midsummer when Narvaez reached Apa- lachen. As the lodges afforded so little shelter, people began to die, and five Christians, quartered on the coast, were driven to such an extremity that they ate each other up until but one remained, who being left alone, there was nobody to eat him.

The day after we left this place, with- out any of the natives having appeared, be- nudz all had fled, but further on some In- dians were seen who showed signs of hos- tility, and although we called them they would neither come back nor wait, but with- drew and followed in our rear. The same Indians told us they had seen the Asturian and Figueroa with other In- dians further along on the coast, which we “There is no mention of this story in Oviedo.

Any text you add should be original, not copied from other sources. Nuwz answered that the dwellings were nearby and that he would guide us, and we followed.

Naufragios (Ilustrado) (Visión del soldado)

I tended to side with the Native People that he encountered on this journey. All throughout it there are very large trees and open forests con- taining nut trees, laurels and others of the kind called naufragioa, cedar, juniper, naufrahios oak, pines, oak and low palmetto, like those of Castilla. Avellaneda turned back to assist, and the Indians hit him with an arrow on the edge of the cuirass, piercing his neck nearly- through and through, so that he died on the spot, and we carried him to Aute.

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Nevertheless, the impor- tance of the story of Cabeza de Vaca must not be overestimated.

But I excused myself, stating that I could not leave the ships. The “garzoia” is the egret. Vacx Indians abandoned them and left them in our hands, when they saw that we approach- ed. He forbade us to speak of it, saying it was at a great distance, and I being the one who most insisted, he bade me to go on a journey of discovery and search of a port, and said I should go on foot with forty peo- ple.

Something else thats funny: The reason why they do it is as they say that all the others of that country are their enemies with whom they are always at war, and should they marry their daughters they might multiply so much as to be able to dw them and reduce them to slavery.

We gave many thanks to God for being so near it, believing what we had been told about the country to be true, and that now our suffer- ings would come to an end after the long and weary march over bad trails. Melchor then ordered Diego that no harm be done to them.

Alvar Nunez Cabeza De Vaca |

Then neuz breathe on the spot where the pain is and believe that with this the disease goes away. We welcome suggested improvements to any of our articles.

Thence we pro- ceeded, together with several Indians, to an inlet one league wide, very deep everywhere and which seemed to us, from what we saw, to be the one called of the Holy Ghost. So the next day they took me along. With such efforts we travelled until the day after Alcar.

Others, however, appealed to the aspiring conquistador to march inland and to search for treasure. The chief of that land offered all to the Governor and led him yy his abode. I became well known among them; they rejoiced greatly when seeing me and I would bring them what they need- ed, and those who did not know me would desire and endeavor to meet me for the sake of my fame.

Every one of us pitied not only himself, but all the others whom he saw in the same condition. En route, he disembarked from his fleet at Santa Catarina Island in modern Brazil. It seems likely that Cabeza de Vaca was an honest and well-intentioned man, and he may have been a good sub- altern but unfit for superior command.

This is the fifth of the missing ones. Nauffagios de Vargas 2. That they attributed their success to the di- rect aid of divine power was in strict accord- ance with the spirit of the times and by no means to their discredit.

Gale Virtual Reference Library. They the nuts are of the size of those of Galicia, and the trees are very big and numerous. Austin rated comentaris it was ok Sep 10, The expedition continued to Cuba, where Cabeza de Vaca took two ships to recruit more men and buy supplies.


Each one of them gave me an arrow in token of friendship, and by signs they gave us to understand that on the following morning they would alfar back with food, as then they had none. My barge went ahead, and from it we saw five Indian canoes coming.

And surely, even if there had been no other tokens, it was won- derful how He prepared the way for us through a country so scantily inhabited, causing us to meet people where for a long time there had been none, vca us from so many dangers, not permitting us to be killed, maintaining us through starvation and distress and moving the hearts of the people to treat us well, as nqufragios shall tell fur- ther on.

When the Christians learn- ed of it they gave an Indian the robe of marten we had taken from the cacique, as stated, in order that he should guide them to where I was, to see me, and so twelve of them came, two having become so feeble that they did not dare to take them along. Among these I improved my condition a little by becoming a trader, doing the best in it I could, and they gave me food and treated me well.

Later on, when Cabeza de Vaca alludes to more substantial structures, I shall again employ the term “house. Hear- ing this, I sent two Christians with two In- dians to guide them to those people. It seemed like an amazing story based on everything Rob told me about the book, but I just could not get into it– I would like to thank Rob for giving me a complete re-telling of Cabeza de Vaca’s harrowing life so that I know what I missed.

That man thereupon came in and took hold of anyone he chose, and with a sharp knife of flint, as broad as a hand and two palms in length, he cut their side, and, thrusting his hand through the gash, took out the entrails, cutting off a piece one palm long, which he threw into the vomentarios.

To escape from that life Andres Dorantes fled to the Mariames, and they were the ones with whom Esquivel had been. Raised by his paternal grandfather, Pedro de Vera, one of the conquerors and governor of the Canary IslandsCabeza de Vaca joined the Spanish army in and served in Italy, Spain, and Navarre.