am fost medic la auschwitz – Căutare Google. Get this from a library! Am fost medic la Auschwitz: morți fără morminte: laboratorul și crematoriile dr-ului Mengele. [Miklós Nyiszli]. Dr. Mengele boncolóorvosa. I am writing this review not to comment on the story itself, but in response to some of the criticisms I have read about the book. Criticism #1: Dr Miklos Nyiszli was.

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It is hard to feel sorry for so Great personal account of the horrible atrocities that took place at Auschwitz. It’s a telling that needs to be told but it’s not a comfortable read. I thought that it was a book worth reading – one that made you think and ask questions. I’ve read many books about the holocaust, but this is the first personal account of life directly within a death camp that I’ve read.

The man who wrote this was not a poet, and he was not trying to write a novel. Apr 28, Paige rated it it was amazing Shelves: But I suppose, having been written in a logical, no nonsense fashion by a doctor, the abrupt ending made sense.

A careful analysis of the book reveals certain discrepancies in what has been written by Dr. However, the part that makes this redeeming and a great read is that he is constantly living in fear of being killed himself for making a mistake in his work or trying to save his family from the fate that he has seen first hand. This book gave me chills and creeps throughout the book. He was almost killed numerous times.

We must never forget this horror perpetuated by the Nazi’s, yet today, many deny these things happened. Audible Download Audio Books.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. This time by a Jewish doctor who worked directly under Mengele. He explains all the horrifying things that he is required to do in this place and the toll that it takes on him as well as the three asisstants he is given. And for a long time his account of the day to running of Auschwitz was virtually the only record of what really happened behind the gates of hell.


It’s written in a way that shows self-control rather than an out pouring of grief and pain. One still can’t wrap their arms around what man’s inhumanity could and did do. All of that being said, on a purely objective note – it is clearly a fascinating subject full of details that blew my mind, and it is written in a simple, concise way that’s disturbingly easy to read.

I’m not sure why he felt the need to speak in the way he did but for what it’s worth he did. Immoral, amoral, who is to judge?

Apr 09, Natalie rated it docctor was amazing Shelves: I think he was meant to live so that he could tell his story about what really ocurred in Doxtor when everyone else from his camp had either died or been killed.

It’s off the scale thinking numbers wise, but it didn’t in the least bit bother him to exterminate hundreds of screaming prisoners of all ages at a time. Fpst because you have nothing to say, but because there simply are no words to express pa you feel about what you’ve read. First off, Nyiszli states right off that he is writing as a doctor and not for literary acclaim.

Maybe going through such horrific events broke him so completely that all that remained was an empty shell. Doctlr Cast Credited cast: Nyiszli was near death constantly, and very close to be killed two times. The things the author had to do as doctor Mengele’s assistant were horrible, of course, but sometimes, I wonder if he tells the whole truth. This was the only book from the perspective of a “prisoner” who received special treatment because he was selected to assist Dr.

The characters who obviously are based on real people were described in such a way that, especially in the case of Dr. There was just no let-up, the Nazi conveyor belt of death moving continually twenty-four-seven.

Am fost medic la Auschwitz – Dr. Nyiszli Miklos

Doctr particular, the descriptions of the autopsies on twins, the constant mass killings, and – the worst for me – the story of the 16 year old girl who docyor the gas chamber, albeit only briefly. He writes as a doctor, or in other words, as a dispassionate clinical observer, perhaps this was the only way of escaping his torment, and the numbing horrors that were carried out not far from his room.


Despite the incredibly difficult subject matter, this book was a surprisingly fast read.

It was one thing to shock those memories back to life; but quite another thing to read a first hand account. We had learned that nothing lasts and that no value is absolute.

I think the phrase “lost in translation” may describe the feeling some readers have expressed. The children’s eyes were heavy with sleep and they clung to their mothers’ clothes. I do not know the truth either and I do not know whether after decades of aschwitz horrendous past it would be feasible for the Auscjwitz truth to be uncovered. How does one rate a book like this?

I don’t believe I’ve ever felt such pure unabashed hatred for someone than I felt about Mengele and Hitler while reading this book.

My uncle reccommeded this book to me because my fot liberated this camp when he was in the war. Atrocitatile prin care au trecut milioane de suflete nu doar ca trebuie remunerate, ci cunoscute si studiate.

In KZ Auschwitz, infamous Nazi doctors as Mengele and Schumann performed horrible and mostly fatal experiments “in vivo” on thousands of deportees, women, men and children, in order to find ways dovtor fast and massive sterilization of “inferior races”, and methods to promote the fertility of the German “Herrenvolk”.

Editions of Auschwitz: A Doctor’s Eyewitness Account by Miklós Nyiszli

At the end asuchwitz this book it tells about how a US light tank comes in to set them all free and my grandpa was in that tank. It doesn’t tell a story, it’s a memoir and an account of witness. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. His eyes lingered for what seemed like an eternity, through the barbed wire fence of the camp, the rows of barracks stood out against the night sky. It’s a pretty damn noble reason to fight for survival. Pana la urma sange nevinovat, de martiri a curs pe pamantul celui de-al Treilea Reich.