am fost medic la auschwitz – Căutare Google. Get this from a library! Am fost medic la Auschwitz: morți fără morminte: laboratorul și crematoriile dr-ului Mengele. [Miklós Nyiszli]. Dr. Mengele boncolóorvosa. I am writing this review not to comment on the story itself, but in response to some of the criticisms I have read about the book. Criticism #1: Dr Miklos Nyiszli was.

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Criminal Doctors Auschwitz () – IMDb

Eerste verslag van Vanelderen Kelly. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. I imagine there would be criticism for these prisoners for “aiding” the Nazis, but I was far from criticizing the author. See this year’s top trailers in under a minute, including Avengers: Jan 17, Ram rated it it was amazing Shelves: I finished the book feeling more informed, mourning the loss of the sheer numbers of people killed without thought but still detached enough to slowly process what I read without the heavy, somber feeling one would get with reading such a heavy and heart breaking topic.

To the Holocaust denier, Dr. He was almost killed numerous times. A doctor who became indispensable to the Nazis that is – for an allotted amount of time until they would find a replacement. Holocaust deniers use Nyiszli’s account to poke holes in his story and bolster their claims while others criticize the coldness with which he relates his experience.

Jun 23, Taylor added it Shelves: Having never lived through anything like this or really even being able to imagine the true scope of this evil I am unable to judge someone who did. My blood runs cold just thinking about it. This is not good literature, and does not offer or attempt to give any explanation for the behavio The story of Dr. He also worked as a pathologist for Mengele.


Not because you have nothing to say, but because there simply are no words to express how you feel about what you’ve read. Unfortunately, there are not so many happy endings. Refresh and try again. I realize that one probably needed to develop a shell or cocoon around oneself in order to not go insane, but I wanted some emotion to bubble to the surface which unfortunately I did not find.

Atrocitatile prin care au trecut milioane de suflete nu doar ca trebuie remunerate, ci cunoscute si studiate. It wasn’t pleasant, and it wasn’t meant to be. Oct 18, Rich Weiss rated it liked it. View all 6 comments. The only fact that might have saved him mentally was that he was used to dealing with dead bodies.

This was a short and gripping read, and tells a story that must never be forgotten. The demented doctors, who he fist calls criminals, the cruel and heartless SS soldiers, the helpless sonderkommandos, the crematoriums, the deaths, the cries for help, the sound of bullets ending lives all flash vividly in front of the reader.

Auschwitz: A Doctor’s Eyewitness Account

Staff pick — Auschwitz. How does one rate a book like this? For example, Nyiszli documents step by step how the Jews and others were butchered in the gas houses and crematoriums right before saying he had to take a nap.

That being said, whatever the auschwltz did certainly saved his life, and shocking readers with more details of gruesome medical experiments would have people shun the rest of the story. View all 25 comments. One would witness but perhaps not feel on the surface of one’s being but somewhere deep inside instead, where its hidden from view.

Immoral, amoral, who is to judge?

One mistake, and it’s certains. These are the individuals who were forced to run the crematoriums at the camps. I really hated rating a book such as this. The parts about his family must have been very emotional for him, of course.

We must never forget this horror perpetuated by the Nazi’s, yet today, many deny these things happened.

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I’m not sure why he felt the need to speak in the way he did but for what it’s worth he did. Feb 19, Megan rated it it was amazing Shelves: The book is very informative – I’ve read a decent number of Holocaust books, many memoirs by Aushwitz survivors and I’ve even read a few by survivors who were in some way in a “special” role there. Nyiszli’s story is remarkable, as a man who survived certain death by systematically aiding in the killing of his own people, bringing into question the true cost of survival.

The story of Dr. Staff pick — Auschwitz 1 12 Jun 23, The facts and numbers are so staggering that it sometimes fe I find it hard to write an accurate review of this book. Of course this being before war broke out.

Maybe going through such horrific events broke him so completely that all that remained was an empty shell. The accounts are so horrific, that for a person in the 21st century cribbing about internet freedom, it seems quite Orwellian. I have read several books relating to the holocaust mostly because it is a period of history that so many wish to forget about. Paperbackpages. Criminal Doctors Auschwitz It’s off the scale thinking numbers wise, but it didn’t in the least bit bother him to exterminate hundreds of screaming prisoners of all ages at a time.

Mar 31, Maureen Casey rated it it was amazing.

A human killing machine, the worse of his kind, who liked to put a bullet in the back of the neck of his victims, some not killed outright, left to suffer.

I only know that the atrocities were real.