1. al- Aqida: Einführung in die Iman-Inhalte. Zaidan, Amir M.A.: Published by Offenbach, ADIB Verlag. ISBN ISBN Begibt sich Amir Zaidan allerdings in die. al-‘Aqida: Einführung in die Iman-Inhalte by Amir M. A Zaidan(Book) al- ʻAqida: Einführung in die zu verinnerlichenden Inhalte des Islam by Amir M. A. perspective. In particular, the following discussion on the maqasid al- shari`ah . While its fundamentals, among them `aqidah (creed), `ibadah (wor- ship), and .. See, for example, Amir Bhatia Obe, “Corporate Social. Responsibility each source, refer to Abdul Karim Zaidan, Al-Madkhal li Dirasat al-Shari`ah al- Islamiyah.

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Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. I am especially indebted to my senior colleagues of UIN, Prof. Saiful Mujani for their unfailing encouragement and support.

This sub-thesis could never have been completed without the help and contributions of many people. First and foremost my special thanks go to my supervisor, Dr. Greg Fealy, who provided insightful comments and useful criticism throughout the writing of this work.

For two and half years during my study at the ANU, he has provided continuous encouragement and wise guidance in my scholarly endeavours. I must confess that I could not have academically performed well without his help. I would also zaiadn to express al-aqidaa gratitude to my editor, Clare Harvey, who has been very kind in reading, editing and polishing my drafts. Several others deserve special mention.

Kent Anderson and administrator Amur and Advanced Programs for granting me overseas fieldwork permission. I also extend my whole heartfelt appreciation and thanks to numerous other individuals, particularly to amri PKS leaders and activists who generously gave of their time in interviews and countless discussion.

Finally, I am obliged to extend my deepest thanks to my beloved wife, Rahmawati, S. Si and sons, Rayhan Adnan Musthafa and Avicenna Ananda Musthafa for their love, prayer and patience in accompanying me during my study abroad.

Without their support, I would not have been able to finish my study on time. As has been the rule in academic writing, I bear ak-aqida responsibility for any error and inconsistency in my sub-thesis.

Zaidan, Amir M. A. [WorldCat Identities]

By applying the fundamentals of social movement theory i. PKS emerged from quiet conversations among students in secular universities who subsequently transformed their activism into a political movement.

PKS attracted public and scholarly attention since its success in increasing vote in by six hundred percent, from 1. I will demonstrate that social movement approach can shed important light on the dynamics of PKS. Results of this study suggest that PKS: No other party is so active in mobilising their supporters on the streets.


In this sub-thesis, I will examine the behaviour of PKS by employing protest-event analysis, which is commonly used in the tradition of social movement research. My study captured PKS collective events as reported by Kompas, Republika, and the results suggest that PKS’ collective actions have been driven zaodan a strong sense ajir anti-Zionism and anti-Americanism as well as support for the Palestine cause.

This indicates PKS’ preoccupation with distant but religiously charged issues.

It is true that anti-Israeli and America sentiments are widespread in Indonesian Muslim circles. Aside from the increasing participation of PKS in election process, this decrease of PKS actions at election time can be seen as a wish to avoid alienating qmir by appearing militantly Islamic. The Research Question… ………………………………………… State of Current Research………………………………………………………… 6 1.

Significance of the Study Social Movement Integrated Approach Outline of the Report Between Movement and Qmir Islamist and Non-Islamist Category Far and Near Enemies Location, Participants and Leaders International Context of Political Opportunities Suharto’s Changing Relationship with Islam Media as Communication Networks Key Elements of Collective Action Frames Electoral Strategy and Non-Islamist Agenda Islam is under Siege by the West The Declaration of Partai Keadilan……………………………………….

The Declaration of Partai Keadilan Sejahtera……………………………. Hidayat Nurwahid during interview with the author Figures Page Figure 1: Social movement integrated approach 22 Figure 2: The growth of PKS branches at the district and sub-district levels Figure 5: Correlation between party branches and increasing votes in Figure 6: Islamist and non-Islamist category 75 Graph 5: The Holy Book of Muslims. Islamic teaching of commanding good and forbidding evil deeds.

Islamic predication or missionary activity; proselytising.

amir zaidan al aqida pdf writer

An Islamic missionary organisation founded in by M. Natsir, a former leader of Masyumi. Din wa daulah Ar. A common concept among Islamists believing that there is no separation between religion and state. The traditions or reports of the sayings of the Prophet hajj Ar.

That which is allowed according to Islamic zsidan. That which is prohibited according to Islamic law.

An Islamist movement founded by Taqiyyuddin al-Nabhani which has promoted the restoration of a global Islamic caliphate. An extra-campus organisation founded by Tarbiyah activists in in An Islamic political party often associated with modernist Muslims. The second largest political party prior to Modernist Indonesian Islamic organisation, founded in Nahdlatul Ulama or Revival of Islamic Scholars.

The largest socio-cultural Islamic organisation associated with traditionalist group founded in A party linked to Muhammadiyah. A party linked to Masyumi. Omitted from the final draft of the Constitution. Partai Keadilan or Justice Party. A party often associated with NU. A government fusion of Islamic political parties established in Islamic legal code or Islamic law.


Comprehensive; general, universal, perfect, complete. Education or training model employed by Jemaah Tarbiyah in learning its core teachings. Muslim religious scholars, often informal leaders. Within Islamic circles, it is taken to mean the community of believers. Universitas Indonesia or University of Indonesia. Background After many years of authoritarian rule and hostility to political Islam1 under President Suharto, Indonesian Muslim activists now have the public space to develop and express their views.

The resignation of Suharto on May 21, created a window of opportunity for mushrooming Islamic activism2 in the country. Islamic activism takes a number of forms, but in this study I will concentrate on just two. The first is the re birth of Islamic political parties. Although Majelis Mujahidin Indonesia MMI, the Indonesian Mujahidin Council described itself as a non-violent organisation, the group does not repudiate the use of force.

Hizbut Tahrir the Party of Liberation is a non-violent organisation, but it strongly opposes the notion of democracy and that of the nation-state. However, out of 42 Islamic parties, only 20 Islamic parties qualified to compete in the elections.

Amir Zaidan (Author of At-Tafsir)

Taken together, these Islamic parties gained The former is defined as the confessional dimension of formal politics, while Islamic social movements entail non-formal politics. It has been argued that political parties are an inherent part of normal institutionalised politics, which include activities such as standing as political candidates, lobbying, legislating and the like. Thus, it is pertinent to ask: Can a social movement be clearly distinguished from a political party?

To what extent can a party be considered independent of the electoral forces which 7 J.

Craig Jenkins and Bert Klandermans eds. At what point can a social movement be said to exist and not just be an ephemeral social spasm? In the wake of the war against terrorism declared by U. Bush after the September 11 attacks, PKS has intensified its Islamist mobilisation, criticising American foreign policies towards the Muslim world. For instance, on April 17,more thanslogan-chanting protesters—the males in white Islamic attire, the females in headscarves—marched through the main streets of Jakarta and eventually converged upon the most protected site in the capital, the U.

PKS is an unusual party in many respects.

An examination of the formation of PKS and its Islamist transnational framing will unveil the various factors behind its emergence and the process of al-aqids transformation from a social movement to a political party.