PDF | On Jan 1, , Piotr Gąsiorowski and others published Review of Katamba, Francis. An introduction to phonology. An Introduction to Phonology has 29 ratings and 3 reviews. This is a practical introduction to generative phonology for the novice, reflecting the trends. An introduction to phonological theory placed within the framework of recent mainstream generative phonology. The book is divided into two.

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The dozen or so features which it allowed were insufficient to account for all phono- logical contrasts found in the languages of the world.

In this section:

The data is reproduced below for convenience. In addition to intro- ducing you to transcription, this section is intended to familiarise you with aspects of the consonant system of English.

Books by Francis Katamba. Goodreads introduuction the world’s largest site for readers with over 50 million reviews. Clicks are velar suction sounds; other sounds are not.

However, the reasons for assuming that there are rules which underlie speakers’ knowledge of the sound system of their language are perhaps less obvious, given the fact that a language only uses a finite set of sounds to form words.

An Introduction to Phonology by Francis Katamba

The section should also serve as a practical demonstration of the use of phoneme theory which was introduced in Chapter 2. As we saw in the last chapter the speaker changes the position of the vocal cords as the utterance progresses; at the same time the soft palate is raised and lowered; the shape and position of the tongue and of the lips is also modified while all that is going on. Before attempting this question read [5. Phon- ology attempts to make explicit the nature of the knowl- edge that underlies their subconscious linguistic behaviour.


However, the case for formally recog- nising a class of glides which includes [w j h ‘] is not altogether overwhelming. These 19 locations in All: These online bookshops told us they have this item: The resulting sound is a click.

All other sounds are nonconstricted. As w e shall see in the coming chapters correct inferences can often be made about a segment if the context in which it occurs is k n o w n. The same segment types turn up in similar processes found in diverse languages. Find t w o more examples of assimilation similar to those in [5.

A B pull bull ten den cot got fast vast sink zinc chew Jew The initial consonant of the words in column A is voiceless while the initial consonant of the words in column B is voiced. This is because, typically, velar consonants preceding front vowels tend to be made with contact farther forward on the soft palate than velar consonants preceding relatively back vowels section 2.

Firstly, even a cursory inspection of the phonology of any language will reveal that the phonological behaviour of phonemes is largely determined by the phonetic features which they are made up of. A User’s Guide Graham Pointon.


The implicit knowledge of linguistic rules that speakers have is probably modular. O v e r the years, various ab have been made regarding the precise organisation and content of a gener- ative grammar.

An introduction to phonological theory placed within the framework of recent mainstream generative phonology. Courses Introduction to Linguistics Linguistics. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies. The phoneme is an abstraction.

An Introduction to Phonology Francis Katamba | Hikmat Ahmed –

Skip to main content. A few examples should clarify this point.

This is because it is virtually imposisble to repeat an utterance consistently from one time to the next. Besides being concerned with general patterns of language structure, linguistic theory must ibtroduction us with the tools for describing those idiosyncratic properties which are peculiar to frwncis particular language. Robert Kirui rated it it was ok Sep 15, Before you proceed, rank the vowels on a scale indicating the relative height of the highest point of the tongue during the production of each one of these vowels.