According to Anatoly Fomenko’s New Chronology, history as we know Ancient Rome, Greece, and Egypt as we know them didn’t exist at all. History: Fiction or Science?: Astronomical Methods as Applied to Chronology. Ptolemy’s Almagest. Tycho Brahe. Copernicus. the Egyptian Zodiacs. Dr Anatoly T. Anatoly o, Gleb kiy “History: Fiction or Science”. The Chronology Issue. How Europe escaped from Eurasia. 5 volumes of books on the New.

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Book 15 Aug 05, Critics have accused Fomenko of altering the data to improve the fit with his ideas and have noted that anaroly violates a key rule of statistics by selecting matches from the historical record which support his chronology, while ignoring those which do not, creating artificial, better-than-chance correlations, and that these practices undermine Fomenko’s statistical arguments. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime.

New Chronology (Fomenko) – Wikipedia

Not to be confused with New Chronology Rohl. He has created his own revision called New Chronologybased on statistical correlations, dating of zodiacs anaotly, and by examining antaoly mathematics and astronomy involved in chronology.

Also inthe magazine “Pionyerskaya pravda” Russian: Fomenko has published and sold over one million copies of his books in his native Russia.

AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. Chinese eclipse observations can neither confirm nor refute any chronology of China at all, be it veracious or erroneous.

Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Billington fomemko Fomenko as ascribing the belief in past hostility between Russia and the Mongols to the influence of Western historians. Either there not enough symbols allowing for astronomical interpretation or the symbols change from one clay tablet to another. The Issue with Antiquity.


The theory emerged alongside other alternate histories and conspiracy literature in the period of increased freedom of speech that followed the break-up of the Soviet Union. In his identification of Jesus with Pope Gregory VII [61] he ignores the otherwise vast dissimilarities between their reported lives and focuses on the similarity of their appointment to religious office by baptism. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This star has a dominant effect on Fomenko’s dating. Modern geometry Souremennaya geometriya “.

Beam writes that Fomenko and his colleagues were discovered by the Soviet scientific press in the early s, leading to “a brief period of renown”; a contemporary review from the Soviet journal Questions of History complained, “Their constructions have nothing in common with Marxist historical science. By the early s, Fomenko shifted his focus from trying to convince the scientific community via peer-reviewed publications to publishing books.

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They called the debate between traditional historians and readers, supporters of the New Chronology. His calculations, which have since been criticized by other writers, showed that certain celestial events that were said to have occurred in the time of Jesus anatoy to have actually occurred some 1, years later.

First, he creates a database of rulers, containing relevant information on each of them. This task naturally fits into the field of applications to modern mathematical statistics, theory of information.


Astronomical data therein contained is sufficient for unique dating. In a somewhat similar manner, Fomenko compares two dynasties of rulers using statistical methods. Then, he creates “survey codes” for each pair of the rulers, which contain a number which describes degree of the match of each considered property of two rulers.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Paris, London, New York: Many outstanding scientists understood it and discussed during a long period of time. InEdwin Johnson expressed the opinion that early Christian history was largely invented or corrupted in the 2nd and 3rd centuries. Fomenko also cites a number of cases where carbon dating of a series of objects of known age gave significantly different dates.

History; Fiction or Science? In the specific case of dendrochronologyFomenko claims that this fails as an absolute dating method because of gaps in the record.

Graybill, “Dendrochronology of Bristlecone Pine: Graphs which show just the length of the rule in the two dynasties are the most widely known; however, Fomenko’s conclusions are also based on other parameters, as described above.

Historians and translators often “assign” different dates and locations to different accounts of the same historical events, creating multiple “phantom copies” of these events.