Los Angeles Times. LULI McMULLEN is one of those kids who are always alone even when they’re not. The year-old, who might be described as a. Hers is the journey of a lost teenager, but it’s far from The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Jun 29, Hick (Unbridled Books) by Andrea Portes is a semi-autobiographical debut novel about a girl from a trashy, nothing town with a need to make.

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She really is a character that will stay with me for a while. Jan 21, Christopher Chartrand rated it it was amazing. Part coming-of-age story and part raggedy picaresque, Hick leads us at a blinding pace down porres roads through a world that seems to this extraordinary and indomitable young girl dangerously uncharted. Her next ride comes from Glenda, a Patsy Cline fan with smeared red lips and a cocaine habit.

Thirteen-year-old narrator Luli McMullen lies low whenever her sexy, self-dramatizing mother Tammy and charming but shiftless father Nick hit the bottle.

HICK by Andrea Portes | Kirkus Reviews

Living in a ramshackle farmhouse outside Palmyra, Neb. Thirteen year olds do not talk like Luli. Luli playing Categories with Clement and all that it symbolized This wasn’t a terrible book, but there were some things that hock irritated me.

There’s about five happy minutes on the whole thing; the rest of it is one absolutely horrible thing happening after another, just piling up and getting worse and worse. Andrea Portes really knows her shit for this being a debut novel.

Mar 20, emily rated it really liked it Shelves: Toronto International Film Festival. Jul 12, Lauren rated it it was amazing.


The Best Jazz of The poor girl was just a throwaway. She’s kind of a Tomboy trapped in a hot little teens body. Hick is written in the first person, which puts you portds into the characters shoes. Her approach is so subtle and non-preachy that Hick ‘s cinematic equivalent would be more indie drama than after-school special. Discover what to read next. May 13, Lotte Snelting rated it really liked it. Eddie interrupts them in a drunken outburst, and the two leave the motel.

The mom in me just wanted to take her in, and give her hope and love.

Glenda takes Luli under her wing. Hats off to Andrea Portes, as this being her first novel. Next comes cocaine-snorting grifter Glenda, who enlists Luli as an accessory to a robbery that goes awry. Okay, this is a girl that would easily be categorized as a hickā€¦ but look at how much more complicated than that she is.

Before I sat down to write my review, I read all the reviews on Goodreads and Amazon. This book is currently being challenged by a patron at the library where I work so, of course, I had to read it.

I’d read this and planned on watching the movie after, mostly because Porte am that pretentious bitch, but after knowing what happens, I don’t pogtes I want to watch. And way before that, inwe had the fabulous Holly nadrea Badlands played by Sissy Spacek: The man then follows Luli into the bathroom and tries to rape her.

Hick by Andrea Portes – PopMatters

The script for the movie was not the greatest the acting on the other hand was superb and after finding that the author had also written portws screen play, I didn’t expect much. Things went sour for I don’t know what to think of this book. Luli grew up in a abusive home environment, this makes her want to escape and get more out of life.


Apr 17, Naomi rated amdrea it was amazing.

The next day, Glenda takes Luli to the house she shares with her husband, Lloyd. That chapter in the novel came to me practically in a dream. It was a decent book, a quick read, and overall, I probably could have gone through life without picking it up.

There is a tiny grain of hope in the ending, but nowhere near enough I adored Anatomy of a Misfitso I was super psyched to see that my library owned this book by the same author. After a particularly bad episode involving her drunken father and estranged mother, Luli opts out, She leaves Nebraska to begin anew in Vegas, a place that appears filled with infinite possibility and opportunity: Shortly thereafter, Luli sees a commercial for Las Vegas and decides to run away there.

I found myself thinking about her hours after I finished the novel.

Hick by Andrea Portes

Contrary to other reviews, I found the narrator’s voice to be authentic – in light of her upbringing. By the end of the book, I wanted more! I very much enjoyed this book! Hicktrue or false? This is not a typical novel where you have a beginning, middle, and end. We were lucky that the podtes, with Chloe, attracted that kind of talent. That’s a good thing.

This is an ultimately hopeful story that will appeal to teens who like problem novels and contemporary realistic fiction.