Anestesia geral inalatoria – endoscopia. See more of Dr. André Henrique Ananias – Anestesiologia Veterinária on Facebook. Log In. Forgot account? or. Unifran – Hospital Veterinário – Anestesia Inalatória | by Unifran – Universidade de Franca. → →. ⤡. 0. 0. Unifran – A Universidade de Franca Ensino Unifran By. (Doutorado em Ciências) – Faculdade de Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia, submetidos à anestesia inalatória e relacionar as alterações encontradas na.

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Anestesia Geral Injetável e Inalatória

Cardiopulmonary effects of sevoflurane in cats: Osdois novos anestesicos inalatorios sevoflurano e desflurano e onovo gas anestesico xenonio tem sido usados em seres humanosja ha algum tempo.

Services on Demand Journal. Haemodynamic and respiratory changes in 12 bitches, being six of natural birth and six caesarean using sevoflurane as an anaesthetic maintenance agent, were studied. Clarke 12 Estimated H-index: Cited 20 Source Add To Collection. The bitches, submitted to the caesarean sections showed lower values of cardiac frequency, arterial pressure, respiratory frequency, time of capilar reperfusion and arterial blood pH when compared to the bitches which underwent natural birth, showing the cardiorespiratoy depression induced by the anestesa procedure.

Anestesia Inalatória Veterinária by Fernanda Bandiera on Prezi

vwterinaria How to cite this article. Em medicina veterinaria, ainda existe anecessidade de mais investigacao e literatura publicada comrelacao ao uso clinico e a seguranca do uso desses novosfarmacos em animais.


Cardiopulmonary effects of sevoflurane, compared with halothane, enflurane, and isoflurane, in dogs. Yoshiaki Hikasa 18 Estimated H-index: The informationavailable on the use of these new agents in animals is revised inthis article.


New inhalation anesthetics that present less untowardeffects, are more potent and produce a safe and easily veterinarria plane are desirable over the older agents presentlyavailable. Collins 1 Estimated H-index: In spite of the anaesthetic depression, the anaesthetic protocol employed had no effect on the viability and health of the bitches and the puppies, and can be safely recommend for caesarean sections.

Cardiovascular and pulmonary effects of sevoflurane anesthesia in horses. Cited Source Add To Collection. All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. Jones Ny 1 Estimated H-index: Cardiopulmonary effects anestrsia desflurane in the dog during spontaneous and artificial ventilation. The two new inhalation anesthetics sevofluraneand desflurane, and the new anesthetic gas xenon have been usedin human beings for some time.

Are you looking for Johnson Ra 1 Estimated H-index: Neste artigo de revisao, osaspectos fisicos e quimicos da anestesia inalatoria foram revistos. During natural birth, as each puppy was being delivered, the bitches were evaluated rectal temperature, non-invasive arterial blood pressure respiratory and cardiac rate, capillary time reperfusion and blood gas values.

In veterinary medicine there is alack of investigation and reports that assure the safety andclinical aspects of using them in animals. During the caesarean, the same parameters mentioned for the natural birth were measured, in addition to the esophagus temperature and invasive arterial blood pressure throughout the anaesthetic period, besides the anaesthetic recovery quality.


Hiroko Aida 1 Estimated H-index: Desflurane anaesthesia in the horse: Tatsushi Mutoh 21 Estimated H-index: The caesarean sections were performed using general anaesthesia, employing acepromazine maleate, propofol and sevoflurane. Physiologic and pharmacologic bases of anesthesia. Because the agentsused in inhalation anesthesia are gases or vapors, the physics ofvaporization, delivery and administration of these agents shouldbe understood. Hammond 8 Estimated H-index: Novos anestesicos inalatorios queapresentem menos efeitos indesejaveis, que sejam mais potentes eque favorecam a rapida modificacao do plano anestesico comampla margem de seguranca, sao desejaveis sobre os farmacosmais antigos disponiveis atualmente.

A literatura disponivel sobre o uso dessesanestesicos em animais esta revisada neste artigo. Desflurane in the dog; Minimum alveolar concentration MAC alone and in combination with nitrous oxide.

Cited 57 Source Add To Collection. In this review some of the physical and chemicalaspects of inhalation anesthesia is revisited.

Como, em geral, os farmacos anestesicos inalatorios sao gasesou vapores, os aspectos fisicos da volatizacao desses anestesicos,assim como os de sua administracao devem ser entendidos.