ANSYS, Inc. June 21, 2. • ANSYS Icepak Overview. • Sample Problem: Thermal analysis of electronics in downhole equipment. I want to learn ansys icepak, where can I get video help me if anyone knows. reliability and PCB performance by using CFD thermal simulation tool (Ansys Icepak). I. INTRODUCTION. Designing a cost competitive power electronics system.

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Simplification into Icepak Objects — Level 3 CAD Model Import Examine the Results High Density Datacenter Cooling See how our customers are using our software: Modeling an Airborne Electronics System at Altitude Loading the Model Zoom-In Physical and Numerical Settings Minimizing Thermal Resistance Creating a New Project Add Shortcuts to the Toolbar Automotive electronics system manufacturer Kyungshin improved the thermal management of its smart junction blocks while cutting production time by 80 percent and costs by tutoriwl 50 percent.


Inline and Staggered Heat Sinks Comparison Calculate a Solution 9.

where can i get video tutorials for Ansys Icepak ? | GrabCAD Questions

Examine the Results 4. Create a Separately Meshed Assembly 5. Use of Parameterization to Optimize Fan Location 4.

Component Filtration Alternatives Generating the Mesh Finned Heat Sink 2. Edit the Zoom-in Model Physical and Numerical Anwys 9. Build the Model 3.

where can i get video tutorials for Ansys Icepak ?

Define Design Variables Suppress Non-Essential Bodies Creating Monitor Points 4. Modeling the effects of Altitudes Keeping the Block Cool As cars become more complex, companies ansjs manufacture the supporting electronic systems must make them reliable and safe. Loss Coefficient for a Hexa-Grille 9.

Modeling CAD Geometry Physical and Numerical Setting 4. Examine the Results 7. Calculate a Solution 3.

ANSYS Icepack: Electronics Cooling Simulation

Examine the Results 5. Physical and Numerical Settings Physical and Numerical Settings 2.

Define Primary, Compound, and Objective Functions Non-Conformal Mesh for the hi-flux-comps Cluster 8. Examine the Results 2.


Using This Manual 1. Save the Model 2. Save the Model 9.