Numerous kinds of content repositories are provided these days, some of them are Open source like Apache Jackrabbit while others are still closed source and. You could look also at Silverpeas code. It’s using Jackrabbit with some simple code to create nodes, browse them etc. For example take a look. Readers performing this tutorial have just finished an overview of Apache Jackrabbit and the JCR specifications and are looking for examples.

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Tags apache felix jackrabbit osgi sling video. The intent with this lab and the ones that follow jackrabibt to get everyone comfortable exploring Apache Jackrabbit.

A very good entry point for utilities related code examples is JcrUtils.

You’ll get a few tips jacjrabbit how to use it in a Web application. Working with content The main function of a content repository is allow applications to store and retrieve content.

This will help get us comfortable with Maven and building out your own project structures. The value of the property is the string “Hello, World! You can participate tutoriaal answering questions on the apaache list, filing bug reports for any problems or improvement ideas you come up with, contributing to the Jackrabbit Wiki, or writing documentation and code.

Repository represents a content repository stored in MongoDB. I am not going to use Apache Sling though, but is it still a good place to learn?

Creating a Content Repository Using Jackrabbit Oak and MongoDB

Now lets open up our IDE and import this project use whatever you like. You probably have an error in your classpath jackrabbiy if you get a ClassNotFoundException message when trying to compile or run the examples below. A Jackrabbit repository with a default configuration will create an admin user when it is first initialized. To get started with a basic quick start project lets use the following command line:.


Notice the results that stream by? You can either download a binary release or build Jackrabbit from sources.

The default Jackrabbit login mechanism accepts only username and password as valid credentials for known users. This will occur if the topmost element of the incoming XML has the same identifier as an existing node elsewhere in the workspace.

The actual implementation depends on the jar files available on the classpath and in this example is a TransientRepository. If you like, you could even split the example application into three pieces for respectively storing, retrieving, and removing the example content. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. See the Repository interface for a list of the standard repository descriptors. The end result is that the method returns a node instance that represents the same content node as the world instance created a few lines earlier.

Tugorial will be using jackrabvit more and more as time goes on.

When it finishes refresh the root of your project in your IDE and take a look now. A File node is a different type of node than the normal node that we created in the above step. The jackrabbit-core library is the actual Jackrabbit software itself and slf4j is a requirements of Jackrabbit and is used for logging.



Start with the Examples page. Running java classes or jar projects can be quite a chore when we are using Maven as our jackrabnit tool. Both the removal and the new addition will be dispatched on save. Apache Jackrabbit seems different from common server platforms in that using typical platforms you would download some packages and run them which would start up a server. Sign up using Facebook. Welcome to your first hops into the world of Jackrabbit!

In either case, identifier collisions will not occur. Apache Jackrabbit created a repository in your project root, set it up for you and ran it.

Apache Jackrabbit – Getting Started with Apache Jackrabbit

The SimpleCredentials class is a simple implementation of the Credentials interface used for passing explicit user credentials to the Repository. Alternatively, if you use the Apache Maven build system which we recommendyou can set up your first hops project with the following dependencies.

Creating Nodes Items or contents in node store are managed in nodes. Since we use the TransientRepository class as the Repository implementation, this step will also cause the repository to be initialized.

See the Mailing Lists page if you want to subscribe or unsubscribe the Jackrabbit mailing lists.