Using a special ”overmolded” technique, Will Chapman is able to hand-inject these special two-color BrickArms weapons. These weapons are NOT painted, but. This is a list of minor characters from The Matrix franchise universe. Many of the characters Apoc drives Neo to his meeting with Morpheus, and assists Tank in locating Neo In The Matrix Reloaded, Arahanga can be seen in one of the first . Apoc is a crew member on the Zion hovercraft Nebuchadnezzar. Apoc serves in various roles, from running the tracing equipment for ejecting new redpills from.

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She much preferred the more pragmatic approach of Jason Lockrelying on the resources apo abilities of the people of Zion to save themselves, without waiting for a Savior. Because of this, many hovercraft crews and even some captains derisively refer to him as “Deadbolt” behind his back.

Hamann holds a disdain for Commander Lock’s strictly militia-minded policies and secretly supports Morpheus’ belief that Neo is the One. The setting is a heavily romanticized rock’n’roll reloadedd in a vein similar to the Fallout games and all those immortal action movies from the 80s.

Shimada is voiced by Kit Harris.

These names would appear to be inspired by French language; “Choi” and “DuJour” resembles the French phrase ” Choix du jour ,” meaning “Choice of the day”. As a result, their bodies were not fitted with the jacks and connections carried by humans who once lived within the Matrix.

Finally, Brown is ordered by Smith to check Neo for life signs after Smith shoots him and confirms Neo’s death. Charra is killed while attempting to flee from a pack of Sentinels, which Zee narrowly manages to escape.

From this, it can be deduced Jones perceives the human race much as Smith does, though with less unbridled revulsion. Although Cypher admits that he believed he was in love with Trinity, he still attempts to kill her and Neo to further the plan he concocted with Smith.


Zee is also the sister-in-law of Caswho was Dozer’s wife. Switch and Apoc her lover are portrayed as front-line soldiers while inside the Matrix, acting rreloaded “point” and “rear guard” in their escape from the Agents and police and providing covering fire as they make their way into the sewers.

Retrieved from ” https: He is the only member of Morpheus’ crew who wears sunglasses with oblong lenses, similar to those used by Agents, rather than rounded ones while connected to reloaced Matrix.

Now present in the real world, Smith walked among the citizens of Zion. As the Machines tunneled toward Zion, Lock devised a strategy where the hovercrafts would be scattered in an attempt to use the ship EMP devices in a combined attack to disable most, if not all, of the digging machines and Sentinels all at once.

She served capably during the War, working her way up to a senior position, but retired from field duty in the aftermath of an accident that rendered her unable to jack into the Matrix safely any longer.

Link is very competent and skilled as an Operator, but can be very cautious and uneasy. He operates a “construct” waiting areastyled as a subway station platform, where programs await the arrival of his train.

AK-APOC Reloaded | Just a handful of the AK-Apoc Reloads bro… | Flickr

She also spends time with her sister-in-law Zeeand maintains friendly rapport with Zee’s husband Link. Bane’s mind was overwritten by Smith; when the Caduceus operator called to take Bane out of the Matrix, Smith came instead. Zee plays an integral part in the battle, by providing Kid with cover while he opened the gate to Zion. Before letting himself fall, Kid spoke under his breath, “Neo, I believe.

List of minor characters in the Matrix series – Wikipedia

In Revolutionsbefore he leads the corps into battle against the Sentinels, he boosts the troops’ morale by saying, “If it’s our time to die, it’s our time. Being an exile himself, the Merovingian’s services are not condoned by either the free humans or the Machines, but they are overlooked unless in direct conflict with either of their goals.


One boy is reading a Chinese book, a girl is playing chess and another girl is working on her computer. Want a headstart on our latest Deals and promos? She was to send the warning to Zion of the approaching Sentinel Army, but died seconds after completing this mission when the Osiris was destroyed.

This behavior annoys Morpheus, prompting him to ask Link to instill more trust in what Morpheus asks of him. His name could be a reference to the empiricist philosopher John Lockethough the derogatory nickname given to him by the captains and crews under his command, “Deadbolt”, refers to physical locks.

His wife Persephone is named after the Greek goddess of renewal and companion of HadesGreek god of the Underworld. BrickArms Lego Minifigures Dealer: As of repoaded beginning of ReloadedLock was romantically involved with Captain Niobe of the hovercraft Logosbut loses her to Morpheus who had been her captain and her lover for some years during Revolutions.

AK-APOC Reloaded

Pause I know you’re both listening to me as much as you’re listening to this Two girls are floating toy blocks. There is no spoon. Although he does not directly voice these beliefs, Hamann allows the Nebuchadnezzar to leave Zion to contact the Oracle — Hamann explains this to Lock with the statement that he “believes their reloader depends on more than how many ships they have”, openly demonstrating his disagreement with Lock’s reliance on brute force.