Apples [Richard Milward] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. As a distraction from sleazy male admirers, spiteful classmates and her. Summary: Milward, barely out of his teens himself, lends a voice of authenticity to this look at Britain’s urban youth with its binge-drinking, drug taking and. Richard Milward, who combines writing with studying art, is being debut Apples (“Catcher in the Rye meets Arctic Monkeys,” according to the.

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Riichard, here they are folks, in all their glory. In th An interesting book, but not a nice one. This does not have to be this way.

I’ve sampled that delicacy, for the buzz, like”. You graduated in painting and drawing, and are currently writing a screenplay — is this your future direction?

Jun 21, Anthony Wood rated it did not appoes it. Very enjoyable, a funny modern North-East take on contemporary life and pop culture. But of course, it’s not all good times.

You’ve read the headlines, you’ve seen the shock-horror news footage of teenagers staggering and puking all over Britain’s city centres. The book is written as one continuous paragraph, a device that allows Milward to slip into the heads of multiple characters, including Bobby’s girlfriend Georgie, local hard man Johnnie and the pitiable figure of year-old Alan Blunt.

Okay, so I didn’t finish it. I enjoyed the narrative from a few perspectives, though found the butterfly and one other fairly pointless, but the whole deadness of the tone hit me, especially in relation to her mothers illness, and later in the story the casual way everyone accepted rape Jul 14, Emma rated it did not like it Recommends it for: I don’t remember girls like that from my own teenage times though I certainly can remember quite a few similar, let’s say events, even if a couple of years down the line from 16but I worked with girls like that when I was an office slave in Citybank, and it was just dreadful.


Me entretuvo, por ello, le otorgo las dos estrellas. But y’know, even these moments of stylistic hubris fit in with the book and its atmosphere of the here and now, of living for the moment.

This was most of all a book read at the right place at the right time. They are the people who believe everyone lives the perfect life and every child or young person lives in a kind and stable upbringing. But it’s weird how there is that stigma attached to writing.

Apples by Richard Milward – book review

We mostly hear from Adam and Eve throughout the story, there are chapters where we hear information from other characters, Claire, Gaz and even a streetlamp and a butterfly at one stage! This book is shite and I learned absolutely nothing except to avoid Milward like the plague. But it opened my eyes to what books could be about, that you can write whatever you want.

Sin embargo, ni la serie appless este libro son buenos.

Bookslut | Apples by Richard Milward

I would strongly recommend this to anyone looking for a good and funny read. He thinks he has control over everyone and thinks he has the right to take advantage of them. Parts of this book really appealed to me. Most of milwar characters seemed unable to help the Apples is often funny, though relies so heavily on stereotypes you might as well be watching Hollyoaks. I milawrd to prove this is truly how some children live.

I found the characters not very believable but that didn’t matter to me mikward I don’t think that Milward wrote this book with the intention of it being consistent with reality. I enjoyed the narrative from a few perspectives, ricbard found the butterfly and one other fairly pointless, but the whole deadness of the tone hit me, especially in relation to her mothers illness, richrad later in the story the casual way everyone accepte this sort of book scares the living daylights out of me It was meant to be satirical, but was more like an episode of Hollyoaks.


Contentious material about living persons that is unsourced or poorly sourced must be removed immediatelyespecially if potentially libelous or harmful. There were parts of the book that fondly regard: Give it a go if you want something a bit unusual.

And the familiarity of the surroundings is the only thing that kept me reading, as this books is dreadful. And trust m This was crap.

Grit and love in north England with Richard Milward

Apples won rave reviews, including one from Welsh himself, who described it as “one of the best books I’ve ever read about being young, working class milawrd British”. This book is not richardd featured on Listopia. However after finishing it I did find myself with many questions in regards to lose threads in the plot. But I often use a lot of observations growing up in Teesside an urban area of northeastern England.

Something to be said for outdoor games and horse riding. I got disillusioned with London after six months at college. The whole applss reminded me of Bret Easton Ellis’ ‘The Rules Of Attraction’ one chapter in particular bears a striking similarity but not as well executed. Retrieved from ” http: To the people who have previously reviewed this book, I want to make you aware this is absolutely happening in real life and it is happening far too much!