The Koran Interpreted has 19 ratings and 6 reviews. Christian said: The experience reading the Koran was worthwhile, albeit slightly boring and tedious.. . The Koran Interpreted A Translation by A. J. Arberry, taken from the original etext .. scientific meaning of the term; and the interpretation of the Koran inevitably. Translation by by Arthur Arberry (). the month of Ramadan, wherein the Koran was sent down to be a guidance to the people, and as clear signs of.

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It is the duty of all men towards God to come to the House a pilgrim, if he is able to make his way there. All these versions are interesting and merit study; here however it is proposed to limit consideration to two only. As for those who disbelieve in God’s signs, for them awaits a terrible chastisement; God is All-mighty, Vengeful. Islam List of Islamic texts. And help abrerry against the people of the unbelievers.

However, I have noticed that Arberry is frequently quoted, so my reaction to this work interprwted not be typical.

Koran interpreted

God sees the things they arbrery. Then she referred them to him; they said: Moreover if thou see any man, and he question thee, say, Verily, I have vowed a fast unto the Merciful; wherefore I will by no means speak to a man this day. Whereupon the child said, Verily I am the servant of God; he hath given me the book of the gospel, and hath appointed me a prophet. As for thee believers, they know it is the truth from their Lord; but as for unbelievers, they say, ‘What did God desire by this for a similitude?

Yet the superiority of Sale to Ross is evident in every line; not only had he a good grasp of the Arabic language, which his forerunner lacked totally, but his English style is more elegant and mature. Why, when an affliction visited you, and you had visited twice over the like of it, did you say, ‘How is this? And hath made me blessed wheresoever I may be, and hath argerry upon me prayer and alms-giving so long as I remain alive, 32; And hath made me dutiful toward her who bore me, and hath not made me arrogant, unblest.


And hath made me blessed wherever I am, and hath charged me with the Prayer and the Almsgiving as long as I live; No part of the matter is thine, whether He turns towards them again, or chastises them; for they interrpreted evildoers. If God helps you, none can overcome arberru but if He forsakes you, who then can help you after Him?

Some of the thr include commentation offensive to Muslims, and almost all employ a style of language which Muslims at once recognize as unworthy. Those are God’s bounds; do not transgress them.

And do you take My load on you on that condition? Rectitude has become clear from error. For God gives life, and He makes to die; and God sees the things you do.

Inscribe us therefore with those who bear witness. Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone. And We outspread the cloud to overshadow you, and Yhe sent down manna and quails upon you: Meanwhile in the Arabic text of the Koran was at last printed and published in full at Hamburg under the careful editorship of Abraham Hinckelmann.

Yet they are not all alike; some of the People interpretee the Book are a nation upstanding, that recite God’s signs in the watches of the night, bowing themselves, 3: Those unbelievers of the People of the Book and the idolaters wish not that any good should be sent down upon you from korna Lord; but God singles out for His mercy whom He will; God is of bounty abounding.

Margoliouth, who edited Rodwell’s translation for Everyman ‘s Library, was much taken by its merits, which are indeed considerable. But whoso disobeys God, and His Messenger, and transgresses His bounds, him He will admit to a Fire, therein dwelling forever, and for him there awaits a humbling chastisement. Such men might never enter them, save in fear; for them is degradation in the present world, and in the world to come a mighty chastisement. Those who were given the Book were not at variance except after the tue came to them, being insolent one to another.

The Koran Interpreted by A.J. Arberry

Forbidden to you are your mothers and daughters, your sisters, your aunts paternal and maternal, your brother’s daughters, your sister’s daughters, your mothers who have given suck to you, your suckling sisters, your wives’ mothers, your stepdaughters who are in your care being born of your wives you have been in to — but if you have not yet been in to them it is no fault in you — and the spouses of your sons who are of your loins, and that you should take to you two sisters together, unless it be a thing of the past; God is All-forgiving, All- compassionate; and wedded women, save what your right hands own.


As for the unbelievers, their riches will not avail them, neither their children, aught against God; those — they shall be fuel for the Fire like Pharaoh’s folk, and the people before them, who cried lies to Our signs; God seized them because of their sins; God is terrible in retribution.

Lawful for you, beyond all that, is that you may seek, using your wealth, in wedlock and not in licence. Peace on me the day I was born, and the day I die, and the day I shall be raised alive! And they say, ‘Our hearts are uncircumcised.

The Koran Interpreted

God loves not the aggressors. Surely the people standing closest to Abraham are those who followed him, and this Prophet, and those who believe; and God is the Protector of the believers. References to this book Darvish Linda L.

Arberry is also notable for introducing Rumi’s works to the west through his selective translations and for translating the important anthology of medieval Andalucian Arabic poetry The Pennants of the Champions and the Standards of the Distinguished. Shake also to thee the palm-trunk, and there shall come tumbling upon thee dates fresh and ripe.

And if you are in doubt concerning that We have sent down on Our servant, then bring a sura like it, and call your witnesses, apart from God, if you are truthful.

Guide us in the straight path, the path of those whom Thou hast blessed, not of those against whom Thou art wrathful, nor of those who are astray. Nemo Khan marked it as to-read Jan 03, If he divorces her, then it is no fault in them to return to each other, if they suppose that they will maintain God’s bounds. O bitter regrets for them!