The Argonautika: Expanded Edition. Apollonios Rhodios. TRANSLATED, WITH INTRODUCTION, COMMENTARY AND GLOSSARY BY Peter Green. Copyright. Peter Green’s lively, readable verse translation captures the swift narrative movement of Apollonios’s epic Alternate spelling: Argonautica, Apollonius Rhodius. Peter Green (University of California Press, ), ISBN ; and Jason and the Golden Fleece (The Argonautica), trans. Richard Hunter (Oxford.

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It was funded from the sale of rock-tossing catapults left behind after a siege and, like Talos, was associated with the sun. In fact, it was used recently in such a course taught here at the University of Washington and I was told by the instructor that some of the students chose to work on the Argonautica for their special project instead of the IliadOdysseyor Aeneidinspired no doubt by Green’s spirited rendition.

He crouched down low at Jason’s feet, fitted the arrow-notch to the bowstring, and stretching the bow wide in his two hands shot straight at Medea. The Argonautika, the only surviving epic of the Hellenistic era, is a retelling of the tale of Jason and the Golden Fleece, probably the oldest extant Greek myth. By the time the Colchians have picked up his pieces, the Argonauts are well away.

The object of her affections is unworthy of them, a rather ordinary man eclipsed by a crew of fantastic heroes with supernatural powers: James Davidson teaches ancient history at the University of Warwick. Reading the Argonautika in the original is like watching a penguin take to water. East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion. Having gotten the above out of the way, I can only say that Peter Green does an excellent job of trying to bridge the gap. Medea Greek mythology — Poetry. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


So, while he and Callimachus might have had a contentious parting of ways, their scholarly and poetic tastes and originality in pushing the limits of the genres in which they worked suggest that they were in the same camp, but fighting different battles.

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University of Queensland Library. In addition to telling of the prince’s quest, the myth also hints at accounts of early exploration and colonizing ventures, since the Argonauts returned home via Italy and Sicily after navigating several of Europe’s great rivers, including the Po and the Rhone. Haec se carminibus promittit solvere mentes quas velit, ast aliis duras immittere curas, sistere aquam fluviis et vertere sidera retro, nocturnosque movet Manis: Customers who bought this item also bought.

: The Argonautika eBook: Apollonios Rhodios, Peter Green: Kindle Store

Repartem-se e rodeiam nesse instante As naus ligeiras, que iam por diante University of California Press, Alexander of Macedon, — B. Cymothoe simul et Triton adnixus acuto detrudunt navis scopulo.

The New York Review of Books. Until recently, there were only two translations of the Argonautica in English: Zeus of the Strangers guards all guests and suppliants: The subject is not Jason or the Argonauts, but their route. VirgilAeneidBook XI, lines — tr. The generous commentary in the hardback edition and the detailed and fully cross-referenced Glossary, included in both the hard- and paperback editions, with a slimmer version accompanying the audiocassettes, provide a wealth of information for the reader eager to navigate the numerous mythological, historical, literary, and geographical references in the poem.

He has also contributed poems to many journals, including to Arion and the Southern Humanities Review.

He gathers together a band of useful heroes to help him and invents the boat, even persuading Hercules to come aboard the new-fangled contraption. But even while they are making love, the lovers are elsewhere, dwelling on the bitterness of contingency and how it might have been. The Greekless argonauticq is now in a position to understand why Apollonius’ epic was so successful and influential in antiquity peteer perhaps even why pseudo-Longinus might have described it as “impeccable” Confused, distracted, through the rooms they fling, Like oxen maddened by the breese’s sting.


It is a very ancient tale, already much talked about when Odysseus met Circe in Homer, and has provided the material for numerous treatments grreen paint, poetry, opera and film. Jason seduces Medea by recounting the tale of Theseus and Ariadne, herself famously abandoned auf Naxosand Goldhill notes that the poem, as well as the Argois delayed by a long digresson on the origin of the Etesian winds.

With her spells she professes to set free the hearts of whom she wills, but on others to bring cruel love-pains; to stay the flow of rivers and turn back the stars; she awakes the ghosts of night; and thou shalt mark earth rumbling under thy feet and ash-trees coming ggeen from mountains. Wikiquote has quotations related to: This biography of a living person needs additional citations for verification. HomerIliadBook XX, lines — tr. At subitae horrifico lapsu de montibus adsunt Harpyiae et magnis quatiunt clangoribus alas.

There never was a magical, golden, talking ram, just some guy called Ramon. VirgilAeneidBook I, lines — tr.

This new translation joins that of F. He begins with a very useful analysis of the ancient lives and comes to the following conclusions: