The covenant is the home of magi and the heart of an Ars Magica saga. Much more than just a base camp, its prosperity determines the power and safety of the . What is the Vanilla Covenants Project? The project was established to provide detailed sample covenants for players and story guides for Ars Magica, which is. This site is the central hub for an Ars Magica saga played over Hangout.

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The edit history of this page before August 6, is archived at Legacy: Across Mythic Europe they inhabit all manner of structures; a ship, manor house, castle, underground warren or ancient ruin. Magical Armory The covenant also has a magical armory, including assets in reserve or in possession of covenant members.

It counts as an additional building. To list only a few of them: Uisneach is home to the Cat Stone, or “the Stone of Division,” a massive and crumbling boulder which is an Magicca Connection to each province in Ireland and which may have other mythical characteristics.

It’s also important to note that Boons and Hooks change over the course of the Saga, sometimes drastically. Atypical covenants may be larger or smaller, or the magi might not live together, or it may vary in innumerable other ways from “typical” at the discretion and preference of the troupe playing it.

You are commenting using your WordPress. This Winter covenant is a place so strange, that it is slowly drifting away from the normal flow of time. Semi-precious stones are not only used for ornamentation, they are also ground up and used for ink, medicine, and more. This sinister covenant is infamous among magi, and only partly because it has the largest library clvenants Christendom. Coleman Cahir mac Aland.


Vanilla Covenants Project

According to the Hibernian Peripheral Code, ar covenant lands are defined by “all the land a magus can encircle between sunrise and sunset, without enchanted items or spells. Nigrasaxa is a free mini-saga for ArM4 that contains a starting covenant that can be used in Cocenants Edition with some manual conversion. Rules for creating a covenant can be found in Chapter 6 of ArM5. The Irish are less trustful of magi due to the Gift, and have made do with what humble belongings they brought with them.

You can also find numerous fan-created example covenants in the Regional Tribunal pages:. Located in the middle of a bizarre faerie forest, this Spring covenant is on the brink of total chaos. Uisneach is about a day’s ride west of the town of Trim, which is the seat of power for Walter de Lacy, Lord of Meath. The covenant plays an important role in most sagasproviding not only a setting for story events but also a common interest for all the magi.

A Covenant usually includes several Magicoveenants especially skilled or trusted persons called Companions magicz, and guardians and servants, covenfolkthe most trusted, valuable or skilled of which are called called Grogs.

Built literally in a day, it inspires awe and maggica. Jason Tondro, May 14, Crom Gleannlocated in Wales. The magi came to Hibernia with no knowledge of vis sources. Such a Covenant is called the ” Domus Magna ” of that House. The covenant thus provides the “home base” of the characters, and adventures can revolve around its interests.

Covenant – Ars Magica: The HBO Series

The English faction is actually slightly more loyal to the magi, because they come from covenants in the Alps where they were issued expensive equipment and got used to dealing with wizards. A spreadsheet for the Covenant’s finances can be found here. Indeed the very baseline of “what is typical” can be set per-troupe, per-saga: The Hill of Uisneach is home to three faerie mounds, covenant of which houses a noble Tuatha and his or her retinue. A Summer covenant, it actually rules an entire fiefdom and deals extensively with the medieval nobility.


Locating vis sources will be a major task for the covenant in its first few years. Scapa Flowa Covenant in the Orkney Isles. Sorry, your blog cannot magkca posts by email. Guidance on governance and covenfolk. It qrs frequently used for the swearing of oaths. Everything you need to bring your covenant to life lies between these covers.

In both cases, the mechanics are somewhat out of date and would need conversion especially for Mistridgebut the ideas remain quite usable. The Irish want to do things in the traditional Irish fashion, while the “English” are European and see the Irish as well-intentioned, but poor and simple. Faerie Court -1 Hook: This is one of Ireland’s most potent mystical sites and was home to at least one former covenant, now vanished. Between them, they can probably scavenge about 7 mythic pounds.

Heirs to Merlin – The Stonehenge Tr Site of Power -3 Hook: A Covenant is a gathering of Magitypically in a place of magical power. Governance The charter of the covenant can be found here. References The main status post on the official forumswith links to the current materials being collected from a wide variety of authors. The rest counts as a very minor additional income source.