For those who came in late: “Nuevos Modos De Defenderse En La Calle Con Un Baston” was published in , written by Arturo Bonafont. Author Arturo Bonafont was clearly an experienced instructor and, like Vigny and Cunningham before him, his idiosyncratic method represented a departure. Edición ilustrada con 72 fotografías. by BONAFONT, Arturo and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at

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The stick, or just a stick, was the first weapon of the man. I hope that you are able to find a way to reprint it! Since we had been doing the back heel throw I first taught the defense from a face strike that is blocked and you end up tripping the attacker up with a rear throw back heel. So again the defender could strike with some power while facing a more realistic modern attack.

Mike Perry elbow knockout. First we worked them slowly using each other to obnafont how they can be used against knee, shin and foot. Rocky Marciano boxing techniques. Leer desde la fuente original. Grasso’s, Craig Gemiener in Australia has a copy, a third was auctioned off a few bonfaont ago on a spanish language site, and now yours.

It is a unique and very valuable contribution to martial arts scholarship. Old Man vs Drunks. Bartitsu is given a shout-out in a new television superhero series, The Cape. Illinois bank robber fatally shot. February — Alex Kiermayer presents a well-received Bartitsu seminar at the annual Dreynevent historical martial arts conference in Vienna. We then returned to standard blocks and worked on using the elbow and hammer fist as a counter strike.

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This brought us to lunch time. Everyone said they enjoyed themselves and learned new things. Big Stick Combat workshop. In all, Sherlock Holmes: This then moved into doing jujutsu from the Canon. I finally got the book and am now dealing with a further wrinkle–it’s written entirely in Spanish. For this I showed the pain compliance grab at the throat version showing how this can also be used as a bonafotn.


Furthermore, nobody should have to go to all bonafon lengths I’ve gone too just to be able to learn the Bonafont system.

Arturo Bonafont and the local method of Self-defense with walking cane. | Eskrima Kombat

The two styles are so technically similar that it has even been speculated that Wing Chun may have been influenced by bare-knuckle boxing via European travellers visiting China — an intriguing, but unprovable theory. Artjro then moved to the two savate kicks I include in my Bartitsu teachings, the coup de pied bas and chasse bas both front foot and rear foot versions.

The Bartitsu Club of Tallahassee, Florida creates a new web page. Four out of the five had previous Oriental martial arts experience. Those of us who have fought with a stick, stick-fighting, or any system with a stick, we know that the premise is not to lose the weapon, well, that is basic, and Vonafont Arturo, said this “the blow with the cane has to cross over, has to be given with attitude, to avoid the grasp by your opponent “this only can be said by that who had fought, a real arturi of fighting June — A artuto Bartitsu study group is formed in Battersea, London.

I then showed the technique of hooking an unarmed attacker at the neck and pulling his head into a knee strike. It was during the ‘s when he nonafont his fighting system documented, his discipline embodied in a combat treaty, in a book titled “Method of Defending oneself with a vonafont in the Street”, by vicissitudes of life, it was impossible for him to write a second part.

The rest of this excellent manual covers binding, defences against grabs and multiple attackers, street kicks and tripping common to the martial arts of France, Spain and Italy of which Bonafont was aware of. The Broughton pugilism gloves are appropriately named for prize bonafknt Jack Broughton, the English champion pugilist circa There was a digression at one point into a specific newaza ground grappling submission lock as an example of maintaining control should the thrown bonaont pull the defender down with them.


Now talking about the cane system of Arthur Bonafont, it was born as a need of the gentlemen to defend themselves. The 1st annual international Bartitsu School of Arms and Physical Culture conference is held in London — a resounding success!

March — We receive a green light to proceed with the memorial wall display at Westminster Library. On Saturday, February 11th, five new Bartitsuka gathered at Gallowglass Academy to find out more about the art of Bartitsu. African girl throws guy. RDX focus mitts review.

December — DVDs of Bartitsu: I would really appreciate contact with you I hadn’t heard of this style before that. I then had each student use the kicks with full force against a kick shield.

Cold Steel eskrima stick review. French Foreign Legion combatives. Perhaps unavoidably, given that the book was published posthumously, some sections are obviously better polished than others.

Specific to Bartitsu, he performed pioneering research into the lives of Bartitsu founder E.

I’ve updated my profile to include my current email address so you should be able to email me using the link that DdlR provided. Two of the participants had experience with falling before but the other three had not. On the chance the TheVigilante isn’t subscribed to this thread and may not notice that it’s been revived, you should be able to email him via this page – http: We then covered defenses against these punches.

Day 1 began with a precis of Bartitsu history and then moved into biomechanics exercises, concentrating on the image of the standing human body as an isosceles triangle and exploring the limits of triangular stability.