Prince of Ayodhya (Book One of the Ramayana) [Ashok K. Banker] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. THIS IS BRAND NEW BOOK. Ashok Kumar Banker is an author and screenwriter. His writing spans crime thrillers, essays, .. Prince of Ayodhya (); Siege of Mithila (); Demons of Chitrakut (); Armies of Hanuman (); Bridge of Rama (); King of. The original Ramayana was written in Sanskrit by a reformed thief-turned-sage named Valmiki, possibly as long ago as 2, B.C. Now, with breathtaking.

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Like The Lord of the Bnker we have an evil lord returning with an even vaster army than before. Jul 02, One rated it really liked it. He, however, is quick to pick up the astras as soon as he sees Sita with Ravana.

Ashok Banker

This page was last edited on 12 Octoberat Jul 09, Pradyota Prakash rated it it was ok. For that matter, French, Spanish, German etc. This book begins slowly with horrible images of war. What can it princ more than the Amar Chitra Kathas and C. We even have an ancient, near immortal wise man and sorcerer, the Brahmarishi Vishwamitra, who will complete the training of the princes and take them on a perilous quest.

The author does specify in the preface that Valmiki’s original Ramayana was very graphic, did not skimp on the horror and amorous descriptions. Other books in the series. The first series fiction to find such success in Indian publishing, it has since been followed by numerous imitators, spawning the burgeoning mythology genre.


I give this book a resounding “eh. Can these two young princes succeed where veteran warriors have failed?

Prince of Ayodhya (Ramayana, #1) by Ashok K. Banker

This retelling by Mr. As ashk read the novel they will be well etched in your mind. It has been 3 years thence. Sep 30, Shweta Pandey rated it it was ok.

PRINCE OF AYODHYA: The Ramayana, Book I

He’s given the responsibility of saving not just his native city, glorious Ayodhya, but the whole of humanity from the schemes of an army of demons and their allies. Kaikayi also manages to boil up the atmosphere as the husband-usurping warrior queen.

He is still adjusting to the life of a prince, after the years spent amidst nature. Even with some flaws, the book does not fail in utterly enthralling and entertaining its readers. When you portray the likes of Vasishta and Vishwamitra as the ultimate bad-ass wizards making Gandalf and Dumbledore look like syodhya year olds in Halloween constumes, you certainly are going to attract attention from the young generation of readers.

It’s hard to imagine what the rest of the seven books would be like given the ridiculous ease with which Rama defeats the very few hostile encounters he has, thanks to the godlike powers he’s simply given, no thanks to any struggle or quest or even apparent rhyme or reason, apart from the fact that he’s the king’s son.

Pronce kind of literary novelty will he pursue to retell a well known epic? Hanuman is happy because Ram calls him a Hanu “man. AB makes reading a divinely magical experience. Manthara was shown to be in Ravana’s pay there Prince of Ayodhya Ashok K. I guess it’s just me.


The Prince of Ayodhya (Ramayana, book 1) by Ashok K Banker

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Fantastic magical effects are intricately woven into the scenario and the action-sequences are so vibrant that the readers can almost feel the arrows zing past, narrowly missing them.

Jul 01, Ranjit More rated it reallyit. Who believes in street gossip and is a pawn in the hands of evil ministers.

Although often the most interesting and informative device about Banker’s re-imagined world, the dialog was sometimes either crass and laughable or just completely wannabe. Everything else fell back in place like in the epic and while the author used parallel plot lines to create an interesting pace, overall the book read disappointingly.

His views often veered from the outright derogatory [17] to effusive praise. Tulsidas’s Ramcharithmanas did ashkk claim to be a rendition of the Ramayana and ayoduya shows the more gentler and fluffy feel-good side, with the foreknowledge that Rama is a god running through the background. The plot is gripping, the narration never falters, the subtle details of Dharma and Adharma will keep you engrossed till the end.

Newer Post Older Post Home. You’d think there wouldn’t be much real conflict, or suspense.