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Basel, Henrich Petrus, I a little worming. To the right is a portrait of Varthema, the famous Eastern traveller.

The continent of America is not laid down, but Cuba is elongated and separated by a narrow strait from South America. On page the Author speaks of ” De nova Urbe ” and refers to Vespucoius as follows: At the end is appended a Relacion made in by Hernando de Ribera, whom Cabeca de Vaca had sent on a jeahne of exploration northwards up the River Paraguay.

His Latin version never appeared.

For the very same eclipse of the moon which is visible to us in the first hour of the night appears to the eastern nations about the third hour, whence it is evident that their night began before ours, the cause of this being the great protuberance of the earth. Xeres was an actor in, or a witness of, the remarkable events which he describes, and his narrative has the freshness and vividness of a story by one writing of what he saw. Map of the World, resembling the “Orbis Typus.


Printed in italics with one large diagram.

The date should be beforeas the elaborate cryptogram at the beginning gives the name of the then reigning Doge Giovanne Mooenigo whose period was from to according to Dibdin Aedes Althorp II. Venice, Nicolo d’Aristotile, detto Zoppino, Twelve years later the work was published with a dedication to Philip, the heir to the throne.

ᐅᐅ Dating alys perez chapter 33

It seems to me that King Alfonsus was not satisfied with promoting the Christian religion in his own dominions. He was entrusted by the Vidqs with the examination of pilots and sailing-masters for the West Indies, taught navigation, and was held in high esteem as a cosmographer.

Very fine woodcuts of ships and diagrams, also fine woodcut initial letters. Con otro tratado de micer Pogio Florentino y trata de las mesmas tierras y islas. With additional woodcut frontispiece. With two geographical diagrams of a ” tau ” world map, and the various zones; and a pleasing set of woodcut initials, white on a crible ground, with figures of boys and animals.

This work, which records the memorable events in Spanish history up to the time of Charles V, includes a long account of the reign of Ferdinand and Isabella, mentioning the American possessions, and the curious statement that “Pedro Colon” was sent out with a fleet to explore the Atlantic.

The full page map of America occurs on folio After a residence of 17 years they returned to Italy, inwith immense wealth. With a fine woodcut border to the title. The insanity of Queen Joanna, the cupidity of the Flemish courtiers, Luther’s Reformation, the expulsion of the Jews, the atrocious deeds of the Inquisition, the conquest of Granada, the battle of Pavia, etc. They furnished De Bry with some of his most gruesome pictures. It is true, this does not prevent his falling into errors, the errors of credulity founded on superstition, but that which arrives from the uncertain nature of the subject, where phenomena, so unlike anything with which he had been familiar, were now first disclosed by the revelation of an unknown world.


A Companion to the Great Western Schism (1378-1417) (Brill’s Companions to the Christian Tradition)

Letter from Father Nobrega, Pernambuco, With a fine woodcut on the title-page of a ship carrying a King and Queen, and various woodcut diagrams in the text. This is the first instance in which such a method of operation was ever adopted.

John’s day,from Porto Seguro. Previous discoveries in the New World had Continued over. Magnificent copy of the two vols. Its American importance lies in the chapter on Geography. His investigations led him to decide that the good parts of the map are of the fourteenth century, gathered on the spot, while the false parts arose from the misapprehensions of the younger Zeno, who put the book together. Venice, Michele Tramezzino I Sabin, in his collation of this work, does not mention the last leaf containing the colophon, nor the blank leaf which follows, necessary to complete signature P, both of which are present in our copy.

C1 meno belos criadoo bela cafa real be t5.

This is one of the early works issued by the celebrated Plantin Press, which had only recently begun printing.