The Asthma Therapy Assessment Questionnaire (ATAQ) for children and adolescents was developed to assist clinicians and health plans to. Asthma Therapy Assessment Questionnaire. The ATAQ is a brief, self- administered tool, developed to identify individuals (18 y and older) with. The Relationship of Asthma Control Categories Defined by the Asthma Control Test (ACT) and the Asthma Therapy Assessment Questionnaire (ATAQ).

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Clinical profile, health-related quality of life, and asthma control in children attending US asthma camps.

ATAQ – Asthma Therapy Assessment Questionnaire

Asthma control test and asthma quality of life questionnaire association in adults. Eur Respir J ; 26 5: For instance, in the United States, studies have included mostly white patients.

Correlation between the Korean version of asthma control test and health-related quality of life in adult asthmatics. Quality of asthma care: The cACT has been validated more than any other asthma control atwq tool for children with asthma, and, therefore, it has been designated as a core outcome for NIH-initiated participant characterization and for observational studies.

The LASS had a high internal consistency in both adult and child populations. The authors reported a test-retest reliability of 0.

Also, a review by Halbert et al 10 highlighted the discrepancy between the content of most of the tools and the national and international guidelines.


An ATAQ score of 1 questkonnaire greater was used as an established cutoff value for uncontrolled versus controlled asthma. However, a trained interviewer is required to administer the questionnaire to children 6—10 y old.

The Asthma Therapy Assessment Questionnaire (ATAQ) for children and adolescents.

NguyenRebecca D. J Occup Environ Med ; 51 7: Chin Med J ; Am J Manag Care ; 13 Measurement of asthma control according to global initiative for asthma guidelines: J Asthma ; 43 7: Thus, clinicians not only need to review the results of the psychometric properties of tools, but they need to also consider whether the tool was evaluated with a similar population and in a similar setting as their intended use.

The ACQ is another multidimensional, standardized, patient-centered test and is the most widely used asthma control assessment tool in clinical trials. Nathan et al 9 reported high internal consistency of the ACT score with specialists’ ratings among subjects with controlled asthma as well as subjects with uncontrolled asthma 0.

The cACT was developed in to assess asthma control in children 4—11 y old.

The standardized and mini versions of the PAQLQ are valid, reliable, and responsive measurement tools. Ann Allergy Asthma Immunol ; 93 5: Despite the fact that measures of lung function are infrequently performed because spirometry equipment is costly and is not always available, 79 these measures are considered an essential criterion of asthma control in both the GINA and NAEPP EPR-3 guidelines.


Respir Med ; 99 5: Accuracy is the ability of the tool to distinguish between different patients’ categories ie, different levels of asthma control against a criterion measure.

Asthma Control Assessment Tools

Overall validity of the ACT has been assessed more than any other asthma control assessment tool. Lara et al 73 assessed the construct validity of the children’s version of the LASS score in a sample questionnaife Latino parents of children with asthma.

J Allergy Clin Immunol ; 2: An English and Spanish pediatric asthma symptom scale. Prim Care Respir J ; 21 1: National Asthma Education and Prevention Program. Childhood Asthma Qudstionnaire Test and airway inflammation evaluation in asthmatic children.

Respir Med ; 9: Qual Life Res ; 5 1: A cross-sectional mail survey with telephone follow-up was conducted with parents of children aged years being treated for asthma and enrolled in three managed care organizations questionnaird the Midwestern and Northeastern United States.