Magical Thinking, Augusten Burroughs’s collection of true stories, is outrageous, hilarious and a touching tribute to his partner, says Kim Bunce. A psychological term, “magical thinking” describes the belief that one exerts more influence over events than one actually does. Burroughs. John Leland reviews book Magical Thinking: True Stories by Augusten Burroughs (M).

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I’m still working on that. Even the fact that he sometimes loses things has led to a treasured nickname: The “rat thing” was great, and I loved the episode with his cleaning lady. Jan 09, Tung rated it it was ok Shelves: He talks about priests giving him blowjobs one when he was Compact Disc – There are thoughts about almost anything that may have crossed your mind, but that you were afraid to articulate.

He told a couple of stories about those encounters and I just laughed out loud this morning. He just does not care whether you like him or not.

It takes no leap of imagination to know that in our home, there would be a Sony Playstation in every room. Then I came home and took my pork chops out of the package and seasoned them, the whole time knowing damn well that I had no clean pan that I was willing to cook said pork chops on.

I’m really enjoying this book!

Magical Thinking (book) – Wikipedia

I couldn’t jagical anymore because I thought he was just plain cruel most of the time whether it be to animals, children or adults. Thanks for telling us about the problem. What I eventually realized is that in Burroughs I was hoping to find another David Sedaris — a funny, bitter, bitchy gay man with a keen memory and scathing attention to detail but with an evident heart and soul.

He does not fear anyone. But his ability to be a jerk and say whatever comes into his head and do things that normal people only fantasize about saying but would never really say is why he’s so funny and why people read his books. Jan 23, Robert rated it liked it.



This is my last book by him in my possession and I have no plan to buy and read his other works. I Kid You Not. The second is a frank but campy book thinling the writer’s alcoholism. Refresh and try again. Not just because he’s a gay guy and I’m a straight woman, but because he is an alcoholic urban ad agency executive who aughsten endless TV and, as he says in one of his essays, if he wants nature, he turns on the Discovery Channel. Feb 21, David rated it really liked it.

One of my favorites is Tihnking Augusten Burroughs has hit a home run again in this funny, sometimes acerbic collection of true anecdotes that reveals the dark thoughts we all sometimes have, and then carries them out to their seemingly insane conclusions Because sometimes he misplaces things: They have smelled it.

This boss of his was also a Creative Director of mine at a different ad agencya mentor, a friend, a guest at my wedding. My favorite part of the book, and some of the most profound and prophetic writing ever: I Dated An Undertaker.

Yes, this is why I hated the book. On another occasion, he threatens a kid who has been kicking him and stepping on his toes.

But then I realized something: There were a lot of laugh-out-loud moments, some cringe-worthy sections, and some thought-provoking essays. However, after reading this book, even if you laugh a lot, burorughs would never, ever want to be his friend because you know how he thinks and talks about people. I haven’t read his autobiography, “Running With Scissors,” so I can’t fill in the background of his frequent references to a terribly abusive upbri After enjoying Burrough’s bitchy humor for a few chapters, I began to find the stories lacking in any redeeming qualities.


I don’t want auguzten book to end. What is disturbing to me is in the last week and a half I have reread all of his books, and I am finding so many discrepancies between the books. MT is the real shit. So I had to put the pork chops back in the fridge, wash some dishes, then pull them back out when they were ready to go. The guy has the balls to show to the world who auhusten is.

I just wanted to heal my hatred for him and there was no other way I could do that but know more about him. It is currently in development as a feature film. Burroughs thinks this is hilarious. Mar 16, Sue Smith rated it liked it Shelves: Burroughs is neurotic and cruel and you wouldn’t want him as a godfather for your children but he is damn funny and, for that, you just can’t help but like the man.

Jul 18, Philip rated it it was ok Recommended to Philip by: The absolute best story of the whole collection. Then I read the sequel Dry and thought it was okay. Mar 23, Rebecca McNutt rated it did not like it Shelves: It was way too detailed, and involved bleach, pesticide, scalding water. From the 1 bestselling author of Running with Scissors and Dry–a contagiously funny, heartwarming, shocking, twisted, and absolutely magical collection.

It was all over the map for me.

I am finished reading this book, and loved every single story except the story about him burrougjs to kill a mouse trapped in his bathtub. True stories that give voice to the thoughts we all have but dare not mention.