Garmin G versus Avidyne Entegra. You’re here because you want to know which glass cockpit is better and/or easier to use: the Garmin G or the. The Entegra Release 9 from Avidyne is a total upgrade of the existing Entegra avionics suite to be found in your aircraft. During the upgrade your old PFD & MFD. Blame the folks who made the nearly inch span of SR22 panel occupied by Avidyne’s certificated, TSO’d Entegra EFIS panel: a primary.

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Congratulations, you now know how to use the Entegra Release 9. If you yourself are a technology-savvy consumer you will certainly find yourself looking for products that offer a growth path to the latest and greatest advanced features and functionality as and when they become available, providing you with the highest possible level of capability for the greatest value. The vertical speed indicator is to the right of the altitude indicator. Thus, there’s entetra redundancy. Perhaps the toughest part of adapting to an Entegra EFIS system will be getting used to seeing blank screens and empty panel space prior to engine start.

The more you know about glass cockpit technology, the more you’re going to like the technology according to a FSU study. Avidyne has done many things well with their venture into the glass cockpit arena brief side note: Every drop-down menu that you encounter is designed to be context sensitive, with choices displayed in an exceedingly useful prioritised order.

And that will make it harder for even the most tradition-bound among us to ignore the benefits of lower weight, higher reliability, increased capability and improved situational awareness available from EFIS hardware like Entegra. Avidyne was first to certify big glass avieyne light GA with the launch of Entegra in Cirrus aircraft.

The Entegra Release 9 FMS has access to some serious navigational power thanks to an all-digital software controlled design. The FMSw features an easy-to-use drop down menu system that makes airway flight planning easy. However, there are aviydne tones if you wander off the selected altitude.

Everything on the PFD screen reacted at least as quickly as the comparable instruments in a conventional panel and some seemed to respond even more quickly. She came away a believer, thanks to watching the big-screen action from the back seat of the SR The Avidyne target altitude can be set with 10 foot resolution versus foot resolution on the G My unbiasedness went out the window somewhere in the previous section.


Situation awareness is always a priority, and the more you have the better.

The HSI along with the bezel keys are all in the lower half of the display, with sntegra being the background color here. Planned alternative routes can be inserted into the flight plan by the pilot, as can instrument approaches to the alternate as part of the primary flight plan.

Following Cirrus’s February approval, Lancair in June finished certifying the Entegra system in the Columbiathe new all-electric version of the Columbia we reviewed three years ago as one of three composites flown in our ” Plastic Planes ” series.

Compared to the maze of wires and connectors required to tie together the conventional panel, the fewer and simpler connectors needed for Entegra greatly simplify installation. A History of Upgradeability and Performance Since and the first Avidyne Entegra all-glass flight deck for general aviation, Avidyne has continually released the most up-to-date avionics systems available.

And the mark set by the Entegra is a high one. At least I won’t have avidyme explain why to my bride and business partner.

PA46RT: Avidyne Entegra R9 – NexAir Avionics

The TAWS is nice to have, but not a necessity. Avidyne Entegra Advantages The typical Avidyne system has four pieces of glass: Use dmy dates from July Articles with a promotional tone from January All articles with a promotional tone Aviyne articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from November FlightMax EX displays route, weather, engine parameters and more.

Here’s a summary of certified aircraft and the Glass Cockpits that they offer:. You lose the Sandel — don’t need it anymore — along with all those air- and suction-powered gyros, mechanical air-sensor instruments, engine gauges and more.

The trend indicators help you see where you’re going to be six seconds downstream, providing a tool to smooth your handling and fly more precisely, while reducing your workload whether changing or maintaining an airspeed or altitude. From Wikipedia, the entegfa encyclopedia. The instrumentation display on the PFD is unique.

The two instruments most critical for instrument flight — the attitude and directional gyros — give you somewhat more to see than the standard ATI-size gyro. Any different display options to be found within a page are represented as tabs and pressing the same key in your desired direction will take you through the tabs. Speed bugs on the airspeed tape show you Vr, Vx, Vy and best glide speeds, making it easy to remember and maintain a given airspeed.


Columbia and Beechcraft have fully integrated autopilots, while for others you must set target altitudes and read status information on the autopilot–though you do get warning tones if you deviate from your target altitude.

Using the FMS Vectors technology, the FMSW can calculate the transition from the en route GPS phase of flight to the ILS intercept, before drawing a curved intercept flight path onto the display and even providing wind-corrected roll steering commands to the autopilot. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Entegra Release 9 system was designed with a fully redundant dual-databus architecture that eliminates traditional “Reversionary Modes.

The Entegra Release 9 from Avidyne is a system truly designed to eliminate any unnecessary complexity, reduce head-down time, provide a new level of redundancy and, most importantly, to dramatically improve the safety of all onboard your aircraft.

The nice thing about a G setup is the way everything is integrated within the actual system. And yes we have the answer!

You can display the HSI as a full degree indicator, overlaid by the course needle, CDI needle, digital course display, navigation waypoints, a flight path indicator and a wind arrow that shows relative wind direction and speed — mighty useful flying in the muck.

Avidyne’s Entegra Release 9 | Flying Magazine

Photo by Steve Koch. Since each IFD is fully capable of performing the functions of the other, no unfamiliar or limited enregra modes are required [ citation needed ].

Avidyne announced in April, a free simulator for the Entegra which can be downloaded from their website. Within this system single-point failures remain as single point failures instead of adversely affecting other highly important and otherwise operational functionality.

You are likely to find that the system will actually display your required waypoint based on your initial suggestion. entegar

The Garmin G1000 Integrated GPS vs. The Avidyne Entegra

Very compact and extremely lightweight — the entire Entegra box, with everything, weighs only 12 pounds — Avidyne’s ADAHRS sensor combines a 3-axis solid-state gyro and accelerometer system with a flux-gate compass to replace the traditional vertical and directional gyros.

Click photos for larger versions. The data that you want will be at the touch of your fingertips. There are a few online simulators that you can play with, too Avidyne Trainer.