Azoic dye definition is – any of a group of water-insoluble azo dyes formed by coupling of the components on the fiber —called also ice color, ingrain dye. The dyes containing azo groups – N = N – are called Azoic Dye. These are not ready made dyes but are produced by reaction of two. Structure, Chemical Name, CAS, MF. 4-Chloronitroaniline · , C6H5ClN2O2. 3-Chloromethylaniline · , C7H8ClN. 2-Amino

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It is used for coloring small amount of textile materials dyeing.

Azoic dyes

Now this liquor and sample are to come in an oxidizing action in the presence of air or an oxidizing agent. Normally two baths are needed for dyeing: Dyes for Protein Fibers. Application time has needed more here. The required color can be changed by altering of the diazoic and coupling components.

This type of dye is mostly used for lighter shade dyeing.

Dyeing of cotton fabric with azoic dyes. Name of the experiment: It is perfect for small scale industry. Classification of Nepthol Dyes. Function of different chemicals used in Napthol Dyeing. Here dyeing operation is completed by two bath arrangement. These dyes cannot be applied directly on the fibers as dyes. Ultimate color product is insoluble. Test method of Azoic color. Azoic dye is not popular as reactive dye or disperses dye. Then add slowly in it, the rest hot water and stir mix constantly.


From this reaction the required insoluble AZO dye is produced. With Azoic Dyes all types of fabrics can be dyed.

Azoic Dye | Definition of Azoic Dye by Merriam-Webster

Alkali resistance is poor to good. Developing Bath 2nd bath.

Napthol dispersed in alcohol, T. What made you want to look up azoic dye? For this reason this dye is called Magic color. And the fabric dyee naphthaled. This practical will help us in our study life as well as job life. Then squeeze and dry. Two steps are required by dyeing with azoic color.

Newer Post Older Post. Have your cake and eat pie too. Each and ryes Spam Comment will be deleted soon. Pages Home Details Sitelisting two. So stay away from Spamming. Subscribe to America’s largest dictionary and get thousands more definitions and advanced search—ad free! Azoic Dyes are found mainly in three colors and these are red, brown and yellow.

Addition of salt increases substantively. Dyes for Synthetic Fibers. The naphtholated fabric is then printed with base printing paste by block and screen printing method.


Two bath of individual recipe is used for dyeing with azo dyes. As the first coupling component is Napthol color. Insoluble azo group present in it. These dye stuffs always contain Azo groups in its chemical structure. Dictionary Entries near azoic dye azo dye azofication azoic azoic dye azoimide azole Azolla. To protect from sunlight, we can use Al — sulphate. Azooic operation is completed by two bath arrangement such as developing bath and impregnating bath.

Azoic dye also named as Napthol, Branthol, Magic and Ice color.

In Greek, a means not and zoe means to live. Because of high degree of brightness, ease of application and excellent fastness properties except rubbing fastness which can be improved by using certain auxiliaries azoic combinations naphthol and bases are widely used in printing on cellulose fiber fabrics. Why Azo Dye is so called? And is one way more correct than the others?