Misha Glenny (Goodreads Author). · Rating details · 1, ratings · 88 reviews. This unique and lively history of Balkan geopolitics since the early. Neal Ascherson relishes Misha Glenny’s impressive study, The Balkans , which lays the blame for the perpetual strife in that region. Misha Glenny and Mark Mazower take very different approaches to the modern history of the Balkans.

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Savages are unleashed on helpless woman and children, who are raped and slaughtered for the pure joy of mihsa, and this repetition throughout the book makes for a difficult read at times, yet, these things can not be deleted or glossed over by the writer because they represent the facts of the history of the Balkans. My favorite historian list just got another entry. Feb 25, Christian Olson rated it liked it.

Sep 30, Blakans Heaton rated it it balkasn amazing. The author must have done an insane amount of research to get all the regional histories and perspectives. It took me many months to read because I had to take breaks. Founding a Balkan State. I both enjoyed and struggled with this book. Caucescu created a police state but was loved and wooed by the West.

In he won a Sony Award for his coverage of Yugoslavia.

I started reading this book because I don’t know a lot about the history of eastern europe. Glnny also didn’t give sufficient mention on how th West sold them out to th communists. Macedonia and the Macedonians. Then again, the author is right, and the Balkans are often characterized as an area that is permanently uncivilized.

Again and again, small Glennyy nations were used as the proxies of bigger nations and then abandoned to the consequences.

Misha Glenny

We genny your feedback. Still, probably the best book on the subject. All these years or so are pretty gruesome. No other book covers the entire region, or offers such profound insights into the roots of Balkan violence, or explains so vividly the origins of modern Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, and Albania.


Sometimes balksns are repetitio Misha Glenny has undertaken a monumental task, to provide a readable, one volume history of glsnny amounts to 13 countries over the relatively short period from Keeps you anchored in spite of the tsunami of info. Mazower starts by looking at the treatment of minorities, with mjsha and ethnic repression driven by nationalism but taking on new forms during the Nazi-controlled interval of the Second World War.

Praise “The first comprehensive history of the relationship in the modern era between the great powers and the various Balkan peoples. Glenny offers unique insight obtained at least in part during his time as a correspondent for the BBC. Thesis aside, the sheer amount of knowledge that Glenny backs into his book is impressive, to say the least.

Uncorrupted self-determination is, unfortunately, still an unfamiliar experience to many. Whereas a typical history would base mihsa on the view-from-above or on the all too obvious perspective of an outsider, Glenny first drills down to the small scale, involving vivid first-hand experiences, and extrapolates his general descriptions and conclusions from there.

Misha Glenny is a great reporter with specialist knowledge of the area.

No other book covers the entire region, or offers such profound insights into the roots of Balkan violence, or explains so vividly the origins of modern Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Bal,ans, Bulgaria, R This unique and lively history of Balkan geopolitics since the early nineteenth century gives readers the essential historical background to recent events in this war-torn area.

The narrative is studded with sharply observed portraits glebny kings, guerrillas, bandits, generals, and politicians. Return to Book Page.

The Balkans: Nationalism, War and the Great Powers, 1804-1999

Orthodox Serbs here went to battle in company with Turkish landlords. A broad, detailed overview of years of Balkan history, this is an excellent examination of the [very rational] interests, identities, and competing ideas that have animated conflict and cooperation alike in the region. January External links: In centuries of Balkan tribalism exploded into the Kososvo glneny which sucked in many nations in an attempt to prevent things escalating and,subsequently, demonstrated how inhumane we can be if the opposition is seen as sub- The post-Imperial history of Africa is a demonstration of the perils of imposing artifical boundaries across tribal lands.


He describes how most of the countries had peasant foundations and they were urbanized without the social building of education and job opportunities. Sep 25, Pages Buy. On the Religious Frontier. There also wasn’t always a clear flow of logic in the sub-sections in each chapters.

Inside the Balkan nightmare | Books | The Guardian

The influx of refugee Bosnians into our East Rogers Park neighborhood in Chicago and my own former sister-in-law’s mixed Yugoslav identity Serb and Bosnian –one now being instilled in my niece–has led me to read many books about the history and politics of the Balkans.

Sep 05, Graham rated it really liked it Shelves: It boils down to two main reasons: Is this because the Balkans really are an ancestral sulphur-pit welling up an endless flow of hatred, chaos and sadistic cruelty?

Much of the suffering over the past two centuries – much, but far from all – is the result of outside meddling – by those Great Powers, that community.

The second chapter focuses on the Ottoman Empire down tocovering such topics as the millet system where communities were organised by religion and given considerable autonomythe Tanzimat and other reform movements, and the growth of Ottomanism and Turkish nationalism. In The Balkans Glenny provides a lively narrative account of the last two misga of Balkan history. Little or no ethnographic background is provided: