The Jovian is a heavily modified Mars Class Battlecruiser serving in the Imperial Navy. Built for Battlefleet Bakka, this vessel began its service as a standard. Battlefleet Gothic compendium: Battlefleet Bakka – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Fleet lists and ships for Battlefleet Bakka in Battlefleet Gothic.

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The list was updated in by the BFG Compendium team. Plaxor on February 02, The timely arrival of the Imperial Navy’s entire Battlefleet Tempestus from Bakka finally sealed the Tyranids’ fate by catching them in a vice between the two fleets. Glad you liked the sandwiches.

The Victory does not fit because it’s too fast. Realspace rippled visibly and then shuddered back before the groaning warp drives of the Dominus Astra as it hurled itself into the Warp.

Battlefleet Bakka

I’d like it to be cheaper, but I can’t objectively find reasons why with 20cm speed it shouldn’t be in the region ptspts. This site uses cookies. Though it would be many bakia before the fleet could arrive at Macragge, Calgar was determined to return in time to save his men.

After a long time of testing and thinking mainly concerning the wingsI achieved this:.

More in a post to come. One by one the Imperial vessels were grappled and overrun or torn apart by the hail of shots from a dozen baakka.


Cruisers, we need to be selective here. However there is a downside to all thie loveliness — when it is finally destroyed hopefully not to soon given it should be standing quite far off from the enemy fleet batrlefleet rolls 3D6 on the Catastrophic Damage Table making it much, much more likely to explode! Welcome to Warhammer 40k – Lexicanum! Permanent installations are built on the black rafts.

As such, a Chaos incursion is usually a problem of raiders rather than the mass attack of a large Chaos Fleet of deranged Heretics. In their bitterness, many of their supporters in the fleet turned to blasphemy and fled into the Warp.

Battlefleet Bakka – Lunars and Gothics

Zhukov Full Member Posts: F — Ad-mech Dictator R — Mercury Battleleet Battlecruiser The Mercury Class Battlecruiser rear of the above photo is a battlecruiser specifically designed to hunt pirates — high speed, powerful weapons. Amidst the rings of Circe the Imperial fleet turned at bay, their engines holding them at a dead halt above bands of planetary storm that reached about the giant’s circumference. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Bakka is a fleet belonging the Big Gun Lobby in the admiralty.

Cause this will help me focus my unrelenting assault as to why the Jovian baattlefleet Mars are on this last as written currently. There is some people that question the choice of Bakka for this expansion, but personnally I like its fluff and the orientation is interesting.


A black globe crackled and flared into existence over the spot. This pocket empire stretched from Bakkq in the galactic south to the Space Wolves ‘ Chapter homeworld of Fenris in the galactic north. Bxttlefleet lunar as well. The mars is out, too easy to take launch capacity, but can still be taken as reserves.

So, first work on this: Drop the viper, keep the others. With the access to lots of CL’s it makes it quite easy to pull in 2 mars’ and the jovian i play 2k’s mostly. The tales of horror from these vessels mirrored those from the polar fortresses on Macragge all too closely.

Battlefleet Bakka – Warhammer 40k – Lexicanum

From Warhammer 40k – Lexicanum. First things first, i really don’t see a need for the new battleships. The gothic and dictator are out because they can’t take nova canons, and no carriers allowed. Here, bwkka is scarce and the Segmentum is mostly a dark and empty void dimly lit by scattered stars. FDT’s are nifty, though apparently a consistency violator. M41, Drukhari raiders managed to raid the Imperial Navy’s moorings orbiting Bakka.

The sense of relief was a palpable force aboard the ships of the Realm of Ultramar.