I should preface this post by saying that I don’t intend this as a review of ” Battlegroup Overlord” and the rules. That is because, having only. Rating: Battlegroup Overlord (BO) is the much anticipated second campaign volume to the Battlegroup Kursk WWII rules that were released last. Free forum: Forum for the discussion of Battlegroup Wargame Rules plus battle reports and pictures of your armies. Battlegroup Overlord Questions.

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Luckily the M4 platoon command rushed too close to the town leaving the infantry support far behind. The 57mm bounces shell after shell off the Tiger and German MG 42s move up to the rocks overlooking the town in support of the beleaguered Aufklarungs sections. I took ovrlord morale counter to unpin the Panther, leaving it free to fire next turn.

No adverts like this in the forums anymore. Nice game, lovely models! These Shermans don’t stand battkegroup chance against German AT but hopefully their speed will allow them to move around to the Jagdpathers flank and rear The game we played was a point game of Battlegroup which is still considered “smallish” so an open firebox could get you to that and beyond.

Hi Piers, thank you, and overlotd for providing some insight into the design thoughts.


Tabletop Gaming Den Sharing my gaming life. This supplement is up to the usual battleroup standard for this company. Major Von Strom knows the fatherland demands bold action and brings Gretal south east along the tree line and begins banging out 88 shells from the field near the center objective.

As for American experience, no units were upgraded, and when company command radioed higher with news of victory apparently all they got was an earful. Michael April 23, at As the Battlegroup set of rules are aimed at a wide audience, including first-time players, I would have expected the hobby part of the book to take precedence. First of thanks for the kind words.

Free forum : Battlegroup Wargame Rules

Follow me into the light my friend We are all away drinking eggnog and eating mince pies. There are 13 in total covering British, US and German forces. Before we get started: If you want an overlird hobby, try 15 or 20mm. I ended up using tactical coordination 3 times during the game and key units were pinned by mortar fire.

The Sherman at the crossroads lined up 2 shots on the Tiger, and amazingly penetrated its front armour, leaving it a smoking wreck.

Battlegroup Overlord

Mark Boam 21 Sep, 0 comment s Categories: The Jagdpanther withdraws further back. Does it get cheaper than this? Hattlegroup von Strom was called off to another part of the line and thus anit tank duties were tasked out to a single Jagdpanther “hunting panther” tank destroyer.


Don’t talk me into another set of rules Indeed Warsmith.

The table at the end of the game Conclusion and Experience Tucker Strombones We are figuring out that mobility is a useful tool in this game. You can pick units from the various components of btatlegroup army, depending upon your core i.

Meeples & Miniatures

Attached 57mm AT Gun with jeep tow. It is knocked out by a Sherman’s 75mm cannon. The Panzer IV moves up to the hedgerow to engage the Shermans advancing on him while the rest of the infantry advance to link up with the recon units. The bsttlegroup overviews are in stark contrast with each other.

Monday to Friday 8: Dakka, My buddy and I have just recently made the jump to the Battlegroup rule set by iron fist publishing and haven’t looked back. This book is an expansion to the original Battlegroup Kursk book, and so does not contain the main Battlegroup rules — it only has specific new rules pertaining to the particular campaign, such as rules for landing craft, amphibious assaults, beach obstacles and bocage.