Find great deals for Behringer Eurorack MX a 6 Channel Mixer MXA Incl Power Supply & Manual. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Find great deals for Behringer Eurorack MX a Mixer W/ Power Supply. BEHRINGER EURORACK MXA 6 Ch Mic/Line Mixer w/Box, Manual & Power . View and Download Behringer Eurorack MXA user manual online. 6 channel ultra-low noise mic/line mixer. Eurorack MXA Mixer pdf manual download.

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The Audiophile’s inputs are RCA unbalanced mono allowing the signal coming out of the Eurorack to go directly where it’s supposed to go, and sending the ground hum to the ground of the card.

Just didn’t want you to caught by surprise. I’m glad I kept that little Behringer. If you try, you still hear it at both ends, but the meters are nonfunctional. Block When you block a person, they can jx602a longer invite you to a private message or post to your profile wall.

Write a user review. I would make the same choice without hesitation, especially when considering its price and its rating of time, it offers a truly pro quality. But even with the sound geek jargon, the manual conveys the pride and excitement of the Behringer team and I felt like they really want me to be happy with euroack products. This process will not work with the Delta eurrorack or the Digi It’s about the same amount of noise, just in different frequencies, and undetectable at normal playing or recording volumes.

I’ll run some cross checks tonight to verify it’s op status. I had originally failed to mention that the club has a 12 channel board with a network of these powered speakers, inside and outside. Though it is technically a six channel mixer two mono, four stereoits routing feature enables you to use the stereo aux return and the tape in as two more stereo channels. Cool ST, Im glad Euroracj am able to see the picture here.


The pots feel to be pretty good quality. Personally, I don’t like the plastic sides, but that’s a matter of opinion. The only thing I don’t like is the instruction manual. If the output was balanced, I wouldn’t have any problem with this, however, since the Eurorack is completely unbalanced, this makes it very bad. Comments to this Manuals Your Name. All other servicing should be referred to qualified service personnel.

Isn’t the Eurorack great! If you are not using outboard gear, set the Aux of the channel you are using to -Infinity. We’re just three in the band, so we can get away with it, but it probably wouldn’t have enough inputs for a bigger band. I’m sorry you eurorackk read this article sooner and 2.

Don’t show me this message again.

About the only thing we’re still trying to figure out is how to get two instrument inputs mixed with miked drums – but vehringer no drums from the amp – and sending that to the CD recorder. What do you expect? This little board is a powerful tool for my music and there will be a learning curve for me.

The time now is Simple is better so if you don’t euroracm to control the mix you don’t have to carry much except for the DI. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. Sign In or Register. Oddly enough, it’s pretty easy to use for referernce. But it does sound farely good for its size.


Some knobs feel cheap. We’ve used it for practice sessions and put it through the paces.

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If you’re shopping for a good phantom power preamp, you can’t touch a good one beehringer this price. Though a three piece might be ok! Pro quality in an ultra-compact mixer Euroarck by most recent most useful. Thanks, Will check it out this evening. Well, for starters, ALL of it’s outputs are unbalanced! Table Of Contents 7. I think that if the house board was set to a “neutral mix”, my local control should be sufficient to control any changes, just eurorak I would do with just the Bose, in my normal gig configuration.

SOUNDS The sound is incredible for the price, I record mainly vocals and acoustic guitars through it, mixing the pick-up and the miked sound for the guitar and generally a straight mic for the vocals.

User reviews: Behringer Eurorack MXA – Audiofanzine

Fall seven times; stand up eight Music at https: Every Mackie-head that I talked to told me “no way, this is a cheap board from a budget company”. If a reasonable input level is selected, auditioning a single signal should result in a reading of around 0 dB on the main mix metersprovided that both channel and output level controls are set to unity gain 0 dB. Set the Gain of the channel you are using to