But Beiser reveals a different–in fact, opposite–impulse: an attempt to limit the The Taxonomy of German Idealism I. KANT’S CRITIQUE OF. Frederick C. Beiser presents a study of the two most important idealist Trendelenburg and Lotze dominated philosophy in Germany in the second half of the. Sator said: The most impressive book on German idealism I have ever read. he traces the structure and evolution of idealism as a doctrine, Frederick Beiser.

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Continuity with Critical Doctrines 7. For them, our consciousness encounters the absolute as something that it cannot understand as fully identical with itself. Brooker rated it really liked it Aug 21, Quee rated it it was amazing Mar 27, Here again the naturalist and realist aspects of German Idealism are stressed, and the overall positive scientific effect of Schelling’s Naturphilosophie is documented.

On Beiser’s German Idealism

The only thing that could possibly be nitpicked, is that there is nothing devoted Great way to get started in German idealism. Kant’s Idealism in the Opus postumum 1.

Part III is perhaps the most controversial part of the book. The Priority of Skeptical Idealism 2. Youth and Education Zittau and Leipzig, 3. The Kantian-Fichtean Interpretation 4. Lectures on Transcendental Idealism. Models of Knowledge 4. Rich rated it it was amazing Dec 08, This book is not yet featured on Listopia. See also my Interpreting Kant’s Critiques Oxford: One of the very few accounts in English of German idealism, this ambitious work advances and revises our understanding of both the history and the thought of the classical period of German philosophy.

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Jason Bowden rated it it was amazing Mar 29, The Struggle Against Subjectivism, Review. The Aesthetics of Absolute Idealism.

These are familiar charges. The Metaphysial Interpretation 3. The Dark Night of the Absolute 1. Philosophy in Literature 3.

This all comes through in what seems like a very thoroughly reasoned and well balanced presentation. Philosophy versus Poetry 2. The Mental and Physical as Potencies. Empirical Realism in the Aesthetic 5.

But Beiser reveals a different–in fact, opposite–impulse: Fichte and the Thing-in-Itself 4.

Late German Idealism – Paperback – Frederick C. Beiser – Oxford University Press

Empirical Realism and Empirical Dualism. The Elements of Magical Idealism 5. Monthly downloads Sorry, there are not enough data points to plot this chart. Problems of Interpretation in the History of German Idealism.

The most impressive book on German idealism I have ever read.

German Idealism: The Struggle Against Subjectivism, 1781-1801

Science Logic and Mathematics. It agrees with Beiser that, contrary to still common presumptions, the philosophy of Kant and the later Idealists is primarily ggerman against, rather than toward, a position of subjectivism.

I Kants Critique of Idealism. Jan 06, Michael Ledezma rated it it was amazing. Beiser and German Philosophy, — Late German Idealism is the first book on this significant but neglected chapter in European philosophical history. Scott Taylor rated it really liked it Sep 14, Sign in Create an account.


Sign in to an additional subscriber account. One might contend, for example, that charges concerning subjectivism in these philosophies are so manifestly offbase that the main works of the period do not warrant entertaining a subjectivist interpretation even as a serious hypothesis. Empirical Realism and Empirical Dualism 3. Rather than even attempting to summarize the full range of ideas in this enormous work, I will very briefly note some of the main points in its four parts, and then focus on a few central philosophical issues concerning the problem of subjectivism.

This entry has no external links. Richards, The Romantic Conception of Life: I actually quite enjoyed reading this, with the only part becoming burdensome being the explanation of Schelling’s philosophy of nature, which is fairly obscure and outdated nowadays, even if it did play a leading part in the development of absolute idealism.

A Botched Reconciliation 5. The Strategy for the Defense 3. He also studied in Germany and lived in Berlin for many years, receiving stipends from the Fritz Thyssen Stiftung and the Humboldt Stiftung. The Legacy of Idealism by Terry Pinkard.