Bhaskara is also known as Bhaskara II or as Bhaskaracharya, this latter name meaning “Bhaskara the Teacher”. Since he is known in India as Bhaskaracharya . Bhaskara II is a famous Indian mathematician. He also goes by the name of Bhaskara or Bhaskaracharya, which means Bhaskara the Teacher. Bhaskaracharya (Bhāskara the teacher) was an Indian mathematician and astronomer of 12th century AD. He is refered as Bhāskara II to avoid confusion with.

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bhaskarz He placed the cup in the water so that it would sink at the exact time Lilavati was supposed to get married. Universities of Ancient India.

There was a problem with your submission. This advance allows astronomers to accurately measure planetary movements. It used rings matheatician hoops to depict the equator and the tropics. In one of these visits to the water clock, a pearl loosened from her neck and got stuck to the hole of the water-clock.

He was born in Bijapur in Karnataka.

Bhāskara II | Indian mathematician |

He was born near Vijjadavida Bijapur in modern Karnataka. In chapter 7, he gives a remarkable approximation formula for sin xthat is. In addition, the book covers an epicycle model of the planets. Bhaskara wrote a number of books bhaskaga the work that has had the most influence in the mathematics field is the Siddhanta Siromani Crown of Treatises.


Then find the correct latitudes of those two places and difference between the latitudes.

Bhāskara I

This device could vary from a simple stick to V-shaped staffs designed specifically for determining angles with the help of a calibrated scale. The book deals with definitions mathematicixn terms as well as looking at the properties of zero. It has been stated, by several authors, that Bhaskara II proved the Pythagorean theorem by drawing a diagram and providing the single word “Behold!

In his book Lilavatihe reasons: He was the first person to realize this.

Bhāskara II

He also developed spherical trigonometryalong with other interesting trigonometrical results. The book was written in A.

However, these numbers, prior to Bhaskara, were written not in figures but in words or allegories, and were organized in verses.

Bhaskara wrote Siddhanta Shiromani at the age of 36 in AD. Bhaskara was a natural born teacher and mathematician.

Bhaskara II – Famous Mathematicians

Bhaskara II was a 12th century Indian mathematician. Bhaskara is considered the most important scholar of Aryabhata ‘s astronomical school.

Bhaskara realized that when dividing one by a fraction, the smaller the fraction gets, the more pieces are created.


This consists of various bgaskara calculations and remains, to this day, a reference book in the making the calendars based on astronomical happenings analogical to horoscopes and numerology based systems. Bhaskara based his astronomy on the earlier work by Aryabhata. Similar to our current decimal system, these words were aligned such that each number assigns the factor of the power of ten corresponding to its position, bhsakara in reverse order: The only way to prevent the death was to make sure that the marriage happened exactly at a specific time.

The comments referred exactly to the 33 verses dealing with mathematics. Do You like us?

Calling You for Fun Sakshi Kaushik 0. He put the device in a room with a warning to Lilavati to not go near it. Credits New World Encyclopedia writers and editors rewrote and completed the Wikipedia article in accordance with New World Encyclopedia standards. Moreover, Bhaskara stated theorems about the solutions of today so called Pell equations.