When The Prophet married her, both daughters came with her mother to live in the house of the Prophet. Hazrat Fatima (sa) was born five years before Bethat. All Can anyone tell me ke MOJZA BIBI FATIMA ka haqeeqat se koi taluq hai ke nahi ek risala type ka hai aur mai ne dekha hai aurton ko ke.

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Dekha gia tau maalum hua kay rooh aaroos qafus-e-ansari se pervaz ker chukee hai. Already have an account?

When I entered the Baqii the sight which I saw was as if it were a town which had been raised to the ground. By IslandsandmirrorsFriday at Haalat behooshi may daikha kay wohee Pak Naqaab posh Mauzamma jo pahaarr per nazar aaee thein phir tashreef laaeen aur fermaney lagin kay aiy larkiyoon tum nay mannat manni thi kay jub tum apne waldain se milogee to Janab Saiyada A.

When the widow returned to her town, why were other people punished for not listening to the random tale? The first king pondered over the matter and eventually agreed.

Jub sunaaran ki ankh khulee to waqai sunaran ne dekha kay larrka Khuda ke fazal —o- karam se hunsta khailta zinda salaamat challa aaraha hai aur Ijaz-e-Janaabe Saiyada S. Isliye woh yahudi jojza Rasool-e-Khuda S.


Har ek se pooncha magar koi suraag na mila. He stayed in Makka for another 3 days to give bbi the deposits to the Makkans who entrusted these to the Prophet for safe keeping. How a daughter, a wife and a mother should behave in their ordinary lives. Mein aapke Rasool ki baitti hoon. Aandhi bund honay kay baad rafta rafta tammam logg jamma hogaey.

Bibi Fatima Ki Kahani – Emotional

The Reading of this Hadith brings blessings to the household. Wazir pani ki talaash mein itafiqan ussi paharr per ponhanch gia jahan per daunno larkiyan thein. Upon awakening she recited the Holy kalma and sat up.

bkbi Wahan per sub kuch mojood that. There was so much respect in the heart of the Holy Prophet for Fatima sa that whenever Fatima sa arrived in the fatoma of the Prophet, the Holy Prophet stood up to respect her.

A modern writer describes the scene as such: Issi wajhaa se ye azaab nazil hoaa hai. Salaam Alikum to all, I am just wondering where to find this Kahani in English and Gujrati my book is all torn apart if anyone could help me out I would highly appreciate it Register a new account.

Risaalat Maab Hazrat Mohammad A.

Mojza BIBI FATIMA – General Discussion – IslamiMehfil

Take it as an enhancer for your duas. All was a wilderness of ruined building material and tombstones, not ruined by a casual hand, but raked away from their places and ground small. Janab e Sayeeda asked her father what she should do over the matter, to attend the wedding ceremony or not to attend the wedding ceremony. The king believed the two girls wholeheartedly and vowed that he himself would listen to event of Janab e Sayeeda.


The Story of Hazrat Fatima (sa), daughter of the Holy Prophet

You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. The widow left her little boy close to the well and began to fill her water bucket. They pleaded with the king to once again have the matter verified by sending another messenger to their kingdom.

When the widow filled her vessel with water she headed home, she expected that her child had toddled off home and would find him there. Salaams thank you i thought so. Sargardaan aur pareshaan phirtee rahi.

I thought I fatiima just share this picture. Posted December 4, Sign in Already have an account?